White people are freaking out and getting all bent out of shape over a terror attack in a western country that killed 5 people, and yet when black people, trans people, and people in the Middle East are continually, SYSTEMATICALLY attacked and murdered, it’s just an “occasional thing” or “the way the world works”.

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what do you talk about on a first date?

systematic injustice, political theory, religious speculation, & the far-off yet inevitable defeat of western capitalistic ideals

there is no systematic oppression of asexual people. there is stigma. identifying as ace is not devoid of its challenges but literally none of them are comparable to those faced by sga or trans people in the grand scheme of things, and thus ace people will never need the resources that g/b/p and trans people have spent decades building for themselves. 

be as proud ace as you want but when you want to move into a political house that was built on the bodies of gay people the government killed don’t be surprised that theres backlash my opinion as a public health-adjacent person is:

It’s not “our” responsibility, as a society, to make anyone healthy. That line of thinking leads immediately to systematic surveillance and control. It requires a universal metric of health and a system for forcing people to conform to it.

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to the resources that they need to be well, and to protect each other against forces that would undermine our wellbeing. 

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Sorry, the reason why I'm so intense about the Zarkon thing is like, if the rest of the Galra who benefit from the crimes of their species get a free pass simply because they aren't in charge, it reminds me a lot of white people who say "what? I don't own slaves, I didn't displace the native americans! That happened before I was born, why are u so mad about it?". They still benefit from systematic racism and should still work to abate it.

galra privilege = white privilege 

If the leeches and parish priests had only meager education, there were other practitioners in medieval society with even less formal training. Most societies have informal healers and diviners recognized as such by their clients but not by any sort of certifying authorities or official teachers. Different people can adopt this role. Folklore researchers in modern times have found that the rules regarding the practice of popular healing can vary widely from place to place even within Europe. In some areas the healers are mostly women; in others they are predominantly men. Sometimes the secrets of healing  can be passed only from women to women or men to men, but in other regions the gender must alternate between transmission. In some places the healers are thought to possess inherited powers, and if charms are passed to people without these gifts they will have no force, but elsewhere there are recognized procedures for acquiring the powers without inheritance. We have no reports from systematic field workers in medieval Europe, but the situation then is not likely to be have been less varied.
—  Richard Kieckhefer, Magic in the Middle Ages. (P. 59.)

noah fence but why can pretty much everybody understand axes of oppression, levels of of social acceptance, what systematic oppression actually is, and what terms like ‘coding’ and ‘gatekeeping’ mean But the aro/ace tumblrs

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Hi, regarding your post about cis heteroromantic aces, were you saying they're not lgbt+ or sth? Bc i'm not completely sure what you meant. Do you think they don't "deserve" to be lgbt+?

im sorry but i have no idea what you mean if you’re referencing a post i made it was probably something from years ago

i don’t think being lgbt+ is a matter of ‘deserving’ – it’s an artificial social category, not a moral judgement or a reflection of their personal caliber, and lgbt+ ppl are not better or worse than straight cis people. i do kinda question what benefit the hypothetical cis heteroromantic ace derives from identifying as lgbt+? and i don’t think there’s a… history of systematic oppression against cis het-r/ace people

but also i don’t care i am old and tired and if said person was like “i want to be here” i’d say “cool whatever” hell they can take my ticket to the lgbt ball i have more than i can hold

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RIGHT. I can understand why people don’t think that representation matters but the least that they can do is read up on Why it matters instead of assuming that everyone who’s talking about it is wasting everyone’s time

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What made you a Leftist?

The reality of society combined with my Christianity and compassion for the least of my brothers led me to the conclusion that the way in which we organize our world socioeconomically is inherently oppressive, exploitative, and idolatrous, and that a systematic change is needed to meet the needs and interests of humanity as a whole.

music stim things:

• bouncin on ur toes bc u cant dance but u Also cant Not Dance

• systematic tapping ur fingers and hands like ur really the song mixer and this is a launchpad video

• my Hands…………………. The Conductor

• i wasnt thinking the right thought at the right time when the song did the thing now i gotta start it all over

• my tongue got tired from secretly singing along Inside My Mouth

• im so full of emotions now??? just from hearing this one really good note??? my chest feels like really happy balloon now AaaaAAAAAA???

• when u got ur headphones in and it hits the Good Frequency™ and everything is just Fantastic

female experiences:

  • being told it’s normal if your clothes hurts you and you have to endure it
  • being told it’s normal if sex hurts you and you have to endure it
  • not finding basic information about your biology and sexual organs through most of your life
  • being told that pain is a normal part of your life
  • being told that if you are a “good girl” you’ll endure it without complaint
  • being told you should be grateful for the rights you have and finding out in the past you wouldn’t even have these rights
  • getting brutally shut down if you try to stand up for yourself
  • getting forced into a role of serving men because “it’s woman’s job”
  • having your labor dismissed as worthless and stupid 
  • but you have to keep doing it anyway or you’ll get punished
  • anything you do is considered worth less and generally dismissed
  • realizing men’s work is praised and glorified even when they do harmful and environmentally destructive work for selfish purposes
  • realizing you can’t do anything about it and feeling less worthy even when you do more work and more necessary and useful work
  • having your compassion used against you
  • having your energy and emotional labor used by men who demand you to listen to them and comfort them and stroke their ego
  • being laughed at and invalidated and called slurs and insults when you try to talk about your own problems
  • being called selfish, dramatic, crazy, delusional and damaged when you expect basic decency and compassion
  • being treated like you’re insane and hysteric if you display any kind of anger at how badly you’re being treated
  • feeling infuriated at double standards and for how harshly you’re judged and punished while men can get away with anything
  • doubting your own senses and considering if you really are crazy
  • being ignored as a human being, your intelligence dismissed, only thing that seems to have any worth is your body but you get shamed, objectified, sexualized, used, violated, predated on and hurt 
  • hating your body and wishing it was a different body, one that nobody would hurt and violate
  • feeling completely helpless and alone

Canadian government found liable for native children taken from families in “Sixties Scoop”

  • A Canadian judge ruled Tuesday in favor of thousands of indigenous children — now full-grown adults — who filed a class-action lawsuit against the government for forcibly removing them from their families between 1965 and 1984 in what became known as the “Sixties Scoop." 
  • According to the Guardian, those children were adopted by nonindigenous families as part of what plaintiffs alleged was a systematic effort to erase their cultural identity.
  • "The ‘scooped’ children lost contact with their families,” Ontario Superior Court Justice Edward Belobaba wrote in his decision. “They lost their aboriginal language, culture and identity.” Read more (2/14/17 5:08 PM)

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