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u do know feminism means equality for all gender identities its just 'feminism' because women/ are the people being oppressed systematically?

No, Feminism is merely a movement that claims to support womens rights to be equal to men, for one, that isn’t “equality,” actions speak louder than words, and for another, women in the west have all the rights that men have and even a few more, they are not oppressed in the slightest.

Trying not to get caught up in the  Mayweather-Pacman postfight hype, but boxing has a unique history of racial politics associated with it and just seeing nonBlack “POC” expose themselves like this is just too much to pass up.

Keeping the systematic oppression in full view but understanding how Mayweather-Pacman shows exactly why Black people don’t have nonBlack POC allies.  When it comes down to it, they are just as racist, just as hateful and venomous as any White. So how could you be an ally exactly?

Which is why a say a Ritz may be Brown, but it’s still a cracca.

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can u give me like a pros/cons list of in the flesh?? I'm trying to decide if I wanna watch it!!!

Yeah!! First off full disclosure: I’m biased af and want everyone to watch it honestly


  • Canon mentally ill characters!!
  • Canon LGBT+ characters (Kieren is bi/pan and Simon and Rick are both super gay)
  • Talks about the oppression both of those things face like homophobic parents, stigma against mentally ill folk, systematic oppression, dehumanization, hate crimes, slurs
  • Also talks about abuse in the medical industry, sex workers and the unfair treatment of them, self hatred, peer pressure, extremist groups and people using them to generalize marginalized groups, and a lot more
  • Incredible & lovely female characters
  • Awful villains but with interesting motives and realistic personalities
  • Super great cast and characters including the literal cutest sweetest protagonist in the entire world
  • Zombie boyfriends??????? Zombie boyfriends.
  • You’re going to suffer but be really happy about it


  • There are only two seasons and season 2 ends on a terrible cliffhanger. We’re trying to get it renewed…
  • Not very much racial diversity at all, there are only two people of color I can really think of and one is killed off really quickly and the other is a villain (tho tbh I love her a lot)
  • Lots of triggering content! Parental and medical abuse, lots of death and suicide talk, mentions of drug addiction and overdose, and just characters (villains) who do disgusting things that some people might not be okay watching

So yeah!! You should watch it honestly!! It’s really good aaah. It’s okay if you can’t for whatever reason though xx

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

being offended isn’t the same as being disadvantaged tho

prejudice or “racism” as yall like to call it against white people will never be the same as the experience poc endure. jokes about white people on the internet will never endanger their lives. poc being rude to white people is not equally comparable to white people’s systematic privilege by oppressing and disadvantaging people of color.

There is no system of oppression in America that actively works to oppress and subjugate white people. Sorry to break it to you, but your individual suffering is just that, individual. The individuals acting against you do not have the institutionalized power to actively oppress you in every facet of your life, nor would their racism be upheld and supported by government, media, and legislation if they did. Because you’re white.

Reverse racism isn’t real because we live in a culture that supports and enforces whiteness as the norm and PoC as other. If you experience discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, it’s valid to be upset about it and want to talk about it. It is not valid to claim that it is reverse racism, and certainly not valid to claim that it is racism on par with anything like the institutionalized racism that PoC will come into contact with.

I’ve tried to avoid talking about this because in general I try and keep this blog as a place for positive energy, but fuck that for a second.

I don’t understand how anyone sides with the police over the protestors in Baltimore.

I don’t understand how you can see a group of unarmed citizens standing against what can only be described as a fucking militia of cops with riot shield and weaponry and decide to side with the cops.

Property damage? You want to complain about fucking property damage? A man had his spine severed with brute force and somehow a couple of broken windows at a CVS is more important to you than someone’s life.

Do you remember James Holmes? The psychotic white boy fuckstick who shot 70 people and killed 12 of them during a movie premiere? He was taken alive, and has been described as “mentally ill.”

Do you remember Jared Loughner? Who shot and killed 19 people near Tuscon Arizona? He was taken alive, and described as having “personality changes” and “substance abuse” problems prior to the MASS MURDER.

Meanwhile, Tamir Rice, a 12 year old child with a BB gun was killed moments after being spotted.

Meanwhile, Eric Garner, an unarmed 43 year old man was killed for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, AND was killed by a police officer using a chokehold which was made illegal in 1993 because it was considered deadly force.

Meanwhile, Rumain Brisbon, an unarmed 34 year old man was shot down by police officers after the reportedly MISTOOK HIS BOTTLE OF PILLS FOR A GUN


If James Holmes were black, they would have shot him down in a moment.

If he were muslim, they would’ve called him a fucking terrorist.

Don’t try and say this isn’t about race. When it comes to issues of police brutality, it’s basically always about race.

Don’t try and say protestors are being “savages” because there is nothing savage about reacting strongly to the unjust death of an unarmed man.

Don’t try and pull the fucking MLK card and say “Martin Luther King would be so upset if he were here right now” because he isn’t here right now. Because he tried to speak up, and to fight back, and they fucking shot and KILLED him.

Support the underdogs. The unarmed. The citizens. The people trying to fight for their right to fucking EXIST. 

These people are rioting and protesting and fighting back with purpose, with outrage and with pain in their hearts because they know that any one of them could be next Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin. Their kids could be the next Tamir Rice. 

I’d respond with anger if I felt that way too.

There’s good cops. Of course there are good cops. But even the good cops are part of an organization built on systematic oppression on POC, especially black people, and you have to understand that shouting “NOT ALL COPS” is not helping anyone. 

“Not ALL cops are racist and violent” but definitely e-fucking-nough are to respond violently to protestors and kill so many.

Stand behind the people who need you, who are trying to fight the system,who are trying to bring about another revolution.

Things black people say

It has come to my attention that the post I made “Things white people say” has offended some people. I must apologize because it would appear that I was being unfair. I should not have made a one sided post that only attacked white people. So in the honor of equality, I have made a post about black people. I present to you- Things Black People Say:

Yes I know my father… Why would you ask that?

I wouldn’t have come into this store if I couldn’t afford anything…

do NOT touch my hair

why is our culture constantly being stolen by white people?

my name isn’t ghetto just because it originates from Africa

My clothes  and the way I talk to not define me a “thug”

why cant I find a job

racism still exists

Black people can be prejudice, not racist

I’m unarmed! don’t shoot!

why did they kill my son? why did they kill my brother? why did they kill my sister?

Racism and colorism is a global issue

darker tones are always looked down on

white people want to pretend that the injustices don’t exist

they want to scream “not all white people” so they can be excluded from the problem

we will not be ignorant to the cruelty we face

we will stand and we will fight

and we will scream

my black is beautiful!

(BTW, if you are more worried about making sure that your precious reputation isn’t tarnished and pointing out all the places where racism isn’t prevalent than taking notice of the places where racism is literally killing people then you are a part of the problem and are really self centered. Also, you are probably racist and you just don’t know it since you cant see your privilege with your head so far up your own ass.)

Things white people say

We have culture

Racism is over

I dont see color

I cant be racist, I have black friends

It’s not about race

ok, but he was resisting arrest

I dont benefit from white privilege

black people think they are superior

Sorry you guys, but I really do not feel sorry for you. Y’all have had it good for way too long and get mad when someone else try’s to be happy. I am super glad that blackoutday made you uncomfortable because it just means we did something right


I’m so proud of my city, Baltimore. Proud of the many organizers who have been out there leading the people. Proud of our demand for justice. I refuse to police our anger. I won’t chastise us for lashing out. This anger is well deserved. We earned this anger. Thousands of years of systematic oppression and brutality will do this to a people. We’ve been peacefully knocking at the doors of justice for years. We knocked with smiles. We knocked with love. We knocked in suites and nice tailored dresses. We knocked and America refused to let us in. They killed us while at that door. So, what’s next? You bust your way in. America didn’t receive its independence through peace you know. • images by @bydvnlln

ok but doesn’t the 10pm-5am curfew in Baltimore mean that everyone other than the police working the night shift is now out of work for the week? like how are u going to financially cripple tens of thousands of ppl by making it a criminal offense to be outside in the city their tax dollars pay to upkeep?? this is literally the definition of systematic oppression like ur racism is transparent as fuck fuck y'all

We’ll “stop playing the race card” once we stop getting killed for looking at a policeman the wrong way. Black men are still being LYNCHED in the south, policemen are killing us for no reason and not even facing a trial, black CHILDREN have been shot but the policemen who shot them are not even being indicted, yet we are “playing the race card”?!?!? Systematic racism is stronger than ever and if you deny that, then you are part of the problem. How dare you. Black lives are more important than your twisted white feelings.

Police Safety for the Black American

In light of recent events, I want to make sure that all my fellow brothers and sisters out there are safe so here is a little list for you on police safety.

  • If a cop stops you don’t say anything rude to the officer such as “why am I being stopped” or “I haven’t done anything”
  • Do not make any aggressive movements such as raising your hands or looking at them
  • Do not reach into your pocket or bag or anywhere else where your hands are out of sight. This gets difficult if the cop asks for ID but its best you don’t pull out your wallet anyway as explained in the next bullet
  • Don’t have anything that may look like a gun; such as a cell phone, wallet, or your hand.
  • Don’t have a history of anything. Make sure you, your friends, and your entire family are absolutely perfect.
  • Don’t go outside at suspicious times such as the hours between 7pm-5am and 5am-6:59pm. You have a one minute interval to be outside.
  • Don’t be seen in an area where you shouldn’t be; such as a black neighborhood, a store, or a white neighborhood.
  • And most importantly DON’T BE BLACK

When some people hear the term “affirmative action,” they think it means a person of color is getting an undeserved advantage over a white person just because of their race. This race track analogy does a great job of putting the whole thing into perspective.

Hurrah! After 3 intense (but fun and educational) weeks of training, it’s my very first Upworthy post!