this is really gonna suck for my inbox but i still think ace ppl regardless of romantic orientation r lgbtq+. like, yes, ace ppl dont face systematic oppression. but some ace ppl faced corrective rape, some ppl got taken off their meds by their psychiatrist bc they thought it was messing with their libido. i remember when i came out as gay to my mom she acted like something was broken with me and she was desperately looking for a way to try and “fix” me,i kno the same thing will happen if i ever tried to come out as asexual to her. it rly sucks to see my and other ace ppl’s experiences so trivialized

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Anything with slaves? not like bdsm sex slaves, but like systematically oppressed slaves? there used to be this AMAZING bandom fic where some guys helped smuggle slaves and I was wondering if this fandom had anything like that. any time period. anything really.

im going to tentatively rec this post (with some blanket warnings to read tags), im not entirely sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but maybe there’s one or two? if not just come back and i’ll try again

Dear cis people: I wanna see y'all talk about how great life and peace are when your life expectancy is 36 years.

I wanna see you “calm down” about systematic oppression when teenhood IS your mid-life.

You wanna know why you don’t see many old trans people?

Because you killed them, as a society, and you’re still killing us. You’ve never stopped. Us trans people don’t mean shit to this society, so excuse us if we tend to have a bone to pick with the social order.

I got a lot of dreams. I wanna go into psych, I wanna be a rabbi, and I wanna go into politics maybe. I wanna adopt a kid, live a parter or partners, have a home and be fulfilled. Maybe write a book, do some art, be a lifelong advocate. The most unrealistic goal of mine, however, is that I’ll even live that long.

You don’t get to tell me to calm down when your life expectancy is three to four times longer than mine.

Sexism is perpetuated by institutional and social structures; by the individuals who dominate, exploit, or oppress; and by the victims themselves who are socialized to behave in ways that make them act in complicity with the status quo.
—  bell hooks, “Feminist Theory: from Margin to Center”

Y'all act like George W. Bush (who went to yale, harvard), Bill O'Reilly (who went to harvard), Glenn Beck (who went to yale), and Mitt Romney (who went to harvard), etc. are anomalies among prestigious universities.

These people are not unintelligent; these people are not uneducated.

Acquisition of higher education isn’t the same as not being willfully ignorant. You can be highly educated and say ignorant shit, it’s actually pretty common: hence this blog.

Stop putting your faith in our education system to rid our society of systematic oppression. Higher education actively encourages oppression.

“Here are some facts, laid out by music scholar John Vilanova when Taylor Swift won the 2016 album of the year in a field that included the widely praised rapper Kendrick Lamar. “In the last ten years, there have been seventeen nonwhite artists nominated for the Grammy Award for album of the year,” Vilanova wrote. “Of those seventeen, the only winner was Herbie Hancock in 2008. His album was a collection of covers of songs by the white folk artist Joni Mitchell.” Vilanova goes on to explain that the categories beyond the top four, which reflect genre and radio format distinctions, are racially marked. Lemonade, for example, won best urban contemporary album. She’s only won once in a major category, in 2009, for “Single Ladies.” Nearly all of her other 20 gramophones are in the R&B category.

“Many well-meaning people often have a hard time understanding what systemic racism looks like,” Vilanova writes. “This is what systemic racism looks like.” When artists of color only win awards that are not included in the telecast — the only artist other than Beyoncé to get behind the podium on Sunday was Chance the Rapper — that’s systemic racism, buried so deeply within the structures of an institution that it can be read as inevitable. Throughout popular music, it also takes the form of pervasive ideas. These include the notion that music made with “real” instruments and sung straightforwardly, like Adele’s softly tinged soul or Sturgill Simpson’s raucous country, require more skill and vision than those created within the synth- and sample-driven vernacular of hip-hop; the assumption that artists who stand still and sing, like Adele, are more “authentic” than those who dance, like Beyoncé, although dance and music have been inseparable at least since the Jazz Age; and the elevation of the self-contained singer-songwriter, a figure who’s almost always white, over those who work more collaboratively.”

– Ann Powers

The Problem With The Grammys Is Not A Problem We Can Fix

homophobic things bi/pan ppl need to stop doing
- implying that gay men and lesbians are closed-minded, creepy or predatory for only liking one gender
- acting as if being bi/pan is inherently more radical & liberated than being gay
- getting angry with gay people for not always prioritising cis m/f relationships in their activism
- demonising gay people and treating them like oppressors when they address the homophobia/lesbophobia within the lgbt community
- ‘’‘monosexual’’’ ‘’‘monosexism’’’
- pretending that gay people + lesbians are privileged for their hypervisibility and have the power to systematically oppress others on the basis of sexuality

biphobic things gay ppl need to stop doing
- perpetuating the lie that bi people are more likely to cheat on them (and refusing to date/associate with them because of this)
- perpetuating the lie that bi people “always end up in m/f relationships”
- pretending that bi people are no longer hurt by homophobia or biphobia the moment they enter a m/f relationship 
- claiming that bisexuality/pansexuality isn’t real or insinuating that identifying as bi is always a bridge to identifying as gay/straight
- ‘’bihet’’ ‘’straight-passing privilege’’
- pretending that bi + pan people are privileged and have the power to systematically oppress others on the basis of sexuality

If white people get this angry about Beyonce praising black beauty and black power during the Superbowl halftime show, just imagine how angry they would be if they were systematically imprisoned and disenfranchised, murdered by police officers who often get off by portraying their victims as inherently dangerous, and trapped in generations-long cycles of poverty. Just imagine.

“Dear White People:

What 👏🏿 you 👏🏿 not 👏🏿 gon 👏🏿 do👏🏿 in 👏🏿 2017 👏🏿 is 👏🏿 continue 👏🏿 to 👏🏿 tell 👏🏿 those 👏🏿 who 👏🏿 are 👏🏿 oppressed 👏🏿 how 👏🏿 to 👏🏿 demand 👏🏿their 👏🏿 freedom 👏🏿

Guess what? Your ancestors threw tea in the GOTDAMN ocean when they were fighting for freedom. Tea was government property, which means they destroyed property to get what the fuck they wanted. They did this while ENSLAVING my ancestors!

Get your hypocritical asses off this peaceful protest bullshit. It’s easy to say let’s be peaceful as you sit in your privileged bubble and benefit from systematic racism and oppression.

When have y'all ever been fucking peaceful?

When you stole us from other countries?
When you raped and beat women and men?
When you stole children from their mothers arms and sold them like property?
When you lynched and hung us?
When you allow state sanctioned killings?
When we PEACEFULLY marched and you turned dogs on and beat us?

Y'all have never been fucking peaceful, which is why you continue to use Black Civil Rights activists to perpetuate your bullshit ass call for peace. Why aren’t you using one of your ancestors as the symbol for peace?

Because y'all asses ain’t never been fucking peaceful.

Y'all asses can’t even be fucking peaceful when you lose or win a gotdamn football, basketball, baseball, and/or hockey game.

You don’t know what peaceful is so get off your fucking high horses and stop dictating how people chose to fight for their freedom.

#whatyounotgondoin2017 ”

- Danielle Slaughter/FB

Things white people say

We have culture

Racism is over

I dont see color

I cant be racist, I have black friends

It’s not about race

ok, but he was resisting arrest

I dont benefit from white privilege

black people think they are superior

Sorry you guys, but I really do not feel sorry for you. Y’all have had it good for way too long and get mad when someone else try’s to be happy. I am super glad that blackoutday made you uncomfortable because it just means we did something right