I’ve heard rappers say, “we now live in a sensitive age”.

No, we live in the age where the world is becoming more socially aware & teaching accountability as well as holding one another responsible to not perpetuate the same toxic mindsets and behaviors of those that came before us.

The same awareness that says and strives to put a stop to the systematic oppression of black people across the globe.

“People are too sensitive.”

No. Control yourself. If offending someone is the only way one can articulate themselves…. then they have a serious problem.

So actually yes, we do live in a sensitive age. A sensitive age where folks are making an effort to be socially accommodating to others around them.

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For translation: "acephobia doesn't exist. You're not systematically oppressed, you're just a bunch of special snowflakes. No one kills you for being asexual."

Straight Talk: Ya, it’s not like ace or aro people aren’t getting sent death threats or insulted or just idk, told they aren’t real by both the lgbt community and straight people. I’m also an invalidating piece of garbage.

Okay since people seem to be a bit confused about things.

Regarding the claim that we’re racist because we’re white and speaking over people: Neither mod actually said we’re white. XXX specifically stated that they do not say if they’re white or non-white because it doesn’t matter which they choose, someone always gets pissed off and yells. So they wait to see how the other person responds first. This is a fairly common defense mechanism for conditionally white Jewish people because they are constantly kicked out of non-white spaces for being “white” and yet apparently are not white enough to escape mass genocide and systematic oppression for their ethnicity. Cherry picking in order to claim they identify as white and admitted as such is really not cool and antisemitic as fuck. 

Regarding the claim that we’re transphobic because we used the wrong terminology: I’m trans. I read through all of the drafts before they’re published. Both mods have autism and therefore difficulty wording things, especially when stressed or passionate. Therefore things stumble and come out wrong, and sometimes neither of us are able to catch it if we’re both like that right then. Language policing is extremely damaging to disabled people when they already struggle with language. We make it well known on here that we are autistic and have language difficulties. Picking on individual sections of our posts while ignoring the actual content is disrespectful to us and tells us that you don’t actually care.

Regarding the claim that we support people using mental illness to take a free pass and ignore systematic oppression: You must not be very familiar with this blog. A strong focus is that people cannot use mental illness as a get out of abuse or oppression free card. Check out our tags page. Check out the people we’ve featured. Our position on whether or not mental illness is something that gets people out of trouble is right there, you’re just choosing to not go looking. And both mods flat out stated that alters presenting as a different race or ethnicity should not be involved in PoC spaces or speaking as authorities on PoC issues, and I’ve flat out stated that any issues should be worked out in therapy. Which is behind closed doors. Not on Tumblr.

I am so fucking sick of random blogs cherry picking elements of our posts and twisting them to suit their agenda so they can win some sort of pissing match. Seriously, I am so sick of this. Y’all only like us when you can use us as an authority, but the moment we reveal ourselves as actual humans with opinions, suddenly we don’t matter and we’re shitty. I’m so sick of people assuming we’re just information robots that they can quote at people in order to shut them down. I’m so sick of new blogs showing up that are aimed specifically at calling people out as fake, and then using us to do it while disregarding how we actually feel about shit. I’m just so fucking sick of it all.

-J (of SN)

infelixdidos ha risposto al tuo post :I was having a look at the tags on my post and I’m…

also like..i’m not going to pretend italians or eastern european suffer from any kind of systematic oppression in the usa because that’s not the case but i’m p sure being constantly associated with crime, poverty and laziness doesn’t help anybody with integration or getting a job or just living decently so if the americans could just…kindly…stop doing that that would be great

this has nothing to to with systematic oppression though. It’s about respect.

Y'all act like George W. Bush (who went to yale, harvard), Bill O'Reilly (who went to harvard), Glenn Beck (who went to yale), and Mitt Romney (who went to harvard), etc. are anomalies among prestigious universities.

These people are not unintelligent; these people are not uneducated.

Acquisition of higher education isn’t the same as not being willfully ignorant. You can be highly educated and say ignorant shit, it’s actually pretty common: hence this blog.

Stop putting your faith in our education system to rid our society of systematic oppression. Higher education actively encourages oppression.

Baltimore is now building a new youth prison. Which is absolutely absurd and angering since they are closing down schools at alarming rates and turning them into apartment buildings that only rich White folk can afford. 

I would know because my high school was one of them, but please peep this fucking shit.

If white people get this angry about Beyonce praising black beauty and black power during the Superbowl halftime show, just imagine how angry they would be if they were systematically imprisoned and disenfranchised, murdered by police officers who often get off by portraying their victims as inherently dangerous, and trapped in generations-long cycles of poverty. Just imagine.

Things black people say

It has come to my attention that the post I made “Things white people say” has offended some people. I must apologize because it would appear that I was being unfair. I should not have made a one sided post that only attacked white people. So in the honor of equality, I have made a post about black people. I present to you- Things Black People Say:

Yes I know my father… Why would you ask that?

I wouldn’t have come into this store if I couldn’t afford anything…

do NOT touch my hair

why is our culture constantly being stolen by white people?

my name isn’t ghetto just because it originates from Africa

My clothes  and the way I talk to not define me a “thug”

why cant I find a job

racism still exists

Black people can be prejudice, not racist

I’m unarmed! don’t shoot!

why did they kill my son? why did they kill my brother? why did they kill my sister?

Racism and colorism is a global issue

darker tones are always looked down on

white people want to pretend that the injustices don’t exist

they want to scream “not all white people” so they can be excluded from the problem

we will not be ignorant to the cruelty we face

we will stand and we will fight

and we will scream

my black is beautiful!

(BTW, if you are more worried about making sure that your precious reputation isn’t tarnished and pointing out all the places where racism isn’t prevalent than taking notice of the places where racism is literally killing people then you are a part of the problem and are really self centered. Also, you are probably racist and you just don’t know it since you cant see your privilege with your head so far up your own ass.)

I’ve tried to avoid talking about this because in general I try and keep this blog as a place for positive energy, but fuck that for a second.

I don’t understand how anyone sides with the police over the protestors in Baltimore.

I don’t understand how you can see a group of unarmed citizens standing against what can only be described as a fucking militia of cops with riot shield and weaponry and decide to side with the cops.

Property damage? You want to complain about fucking property damage? A man had his spine severed with brute force and somehow a couple of broken windows at a CVS is more important to you than someone’s life.

Do you remember James Holmes? The psychotic white boy fuckstick who shot 70 people and killed 12 of them during a movie premiere? He was taken alive, and has been described as “mentally ill.”

Do you remember Jared Loughner? Who shot and killed 19 people near Tuscon Arizona? He was taken alive, and described as having “personality changes” and “substance abuse” problems prior to the MASS MURDER.

Meanwhile, Tamir Rice, a 12 year old child with a BB gun was killed moments after being spotted.

Meanwhile, Eric Garner, an unarmed 43 year old man was killed for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, AND was killed by a police officer using a chokehold which was made illegal in 1993 because it was considered deadly force.

Meanwhile, Rumain Brisbon, an unarmed 34 year old man was shot down by police officers after the reportedly MISTOOK HIS BOTTLE OF PILLS FOR A GUN


If James Holmes were black, they would have shot him down in a moment.

If he were muslim, they would’ve called him a fucking terrorist.

Don’t try and say this isn’t about race. When it comes to issues of police brutality, it’s basically always about race.

Don’t try and say protestors are being “savages” because there is nothing savage about reacting strongly to the unjust death of an unarmed man.

Don’t try and pull the fucking MLK card and say “Martin Luther King would be so upset if he were here right now” because he isn’t here right now. Because he tried to speak up, and to fight back, and they fucking shot and KILLED him.

Support the underdogs. The unarmed. The citizens. The people trying to fight for their right to fucking EXIST. 

These people are rioting and protesting and fighting back with purpose, with outrage and with pain in their hearts because they know that any one of them could be next Eric Garner or Trayvon Martin. Their kids could be the next Tamir Rice. 

I’d respond with anger if I felt that way too.

There’s good cops. Of course there are good cops. But even the good cops are part of an organization built on systematic oppression on POC, especially black people, and you have to understand that shouting “NOT ALL COPS” is not helping anyone. 

“Not ALL cops are racist and violent” but definitely e-fucking-nough are to respond violently to protestors and kill so many.

Stand behind the people who need you, who are trying to fight the system,who are trying to bring about another revolution.

Things white people say

We have culture

Racism is over

I dont see color

I cant be racist, I have black friends

It’s not about race

ok, but he was resisting arrest

I dont benefit from white privilege

black people think they are superior

Sorry you guys, but I really do not feel sorry for you. Y’all have had it good for way too long and get mad when someone else try’s to be happy. I am super glad that blackoutday made you uncomfortable because it just means we did something right

Black People Killed by Police 2016 (As of July 4th, 2016):

Kawme Patrick, 25, Ohio
Tyrone Reado, 50, Louisiana
Lafayette Evans, 37, Iowa
Sherman Evans, 63, District of Columbia
Germichael Kennedy, 22, Nebraska
Donte Johnson, 30, Illinois
Ismael Miranda, 36, New Jersey
Jay Anderson, 25, Wisconsin
Deravis Rogers, 22, Georgia
Angelo Brown, 35, Illinois
Quencezola Splunge, 44, Mississippi
Isaiah Core III, 20, Alabama
Antonio Richardson, 46, Michigan
Rashaun Lloyd, 25, New York
Clarence Howard, 25, Florida
Antwun Shumpert, 37, Mississippi
Michael Moore, 18, Alabama
John Williams, 61, Kentucky
Lyndarius Witherspoon, 27, Mississippi
Keith Bursey, 31, California
John Brisco, 52, Texas
Willis Walker Jr, 49, Virginia
Henry Green, 23, Ohio
Demarco Rhymes, 35, Alabama
Willie ‘Meek’ James, 43, Virginia
Rodney Smith, 18, North Carolina
Michael Johnson, 21, Georgia
Osee Calix, 33, Arizona
Terry Frost, 20,Ohio
Vernell Bing Jr, 22, Florida
Michael Wilson Jr, 27, Florida
Joshua Beebee, 31, Nebraska
Kentrill Carraway, 22, Florida
Jessica Williams, 29, California
Jabril Robinson, 23, Georgia
Arthur DaRosa, 28, Massachusetts
Jaffort Smith, 33, Minnesota
Lionel Gibson, 21, California
Alton Witchard, 37, Florida
Deresha Armstrong, 26, Florida
Burt Johnson, 38, Wisconsin
Reginald Dogan, 53, South Carolina
Charlin Charles, 25, Florida
Ashtian Barnes, 25, Texas
Joshua Brooks, 26, Virginia
Demarcus Semer, 21, Florida
Jorevis Scruggs, 15, Missouri
Rico Johnson, 28, Maryland
Richard Bard Jr, 31, New Jersey
Kisha Arrone, 35, Ohio
Edson Thevenin, 38, New York
Robert Howard, 44, Maryland
Rodney Watts, 35, California
Pierre Loury, 16, Illinois
Quron Williams, 19, Pennsylvania
Diahlo Grant, 27, New Jersey
Lamont Gulley, 43, Michigan
Dazion 'Jerome’ Flenaugh, 40, California
Laronda Sweatt, 40, Tennessee
Kevin Hicks, 44, Indiana
Cameron Glover, 30, Indiana
Matthew Wood Jr, 43, Maryland
Kimani Johnson, 18, Maryland
James Brown III, 34, Virginia
Deriante Miller, 18, North Carolina
Jermon Seals, 22, Missouri
Dominique Silva, 24, Rhode Island
Alexio Allen, 30, Tennessee
Robert Dentmond, 16, Florida
Thurman Reynolds, 21, Illinois
India Beaty, 25, Virginia
Christopher Nelms, 30, Texas
Lamar Harris, 29, Illinois
Jacai Colson, 28, Maryland
Peter Gaines, 35, Texas
Marco Loud, 20, Texas
Keith Montgomery Jr, 24, Pennsylvania
Tyre Privott, 25, Virginia
Akiel Denkins, 24, North Carolina
Kionte Spencer, 18, Virginia
Greg Gunn, 56, Alabama
Cedric Ford, 38, Kansas
Travis Stevenson, 48, Louisiana
Marquintan Sandlin, 32, California
Kisha Michael, 31, California
Che Taylor, 47, Washington
Paul Gaston, 37, Ohio
Dyzhawn Perkins, 19, Virginia
Calvin Smith, 22, Louisiana
Calin Roquemore, 24, Texas
Ali Yahia, 29, Iowa
Sahlah Ridgeway, 32, New York
Peter Fanfan, 29, Massachusetts
Mohamed Barry, 30, Ohio
Shalamar Longer, 33, Pennsylvania
Eric Harris, 22, Louisiana
David Joseph, 17, Texas
Marese Collins, 23. Ohio
Antronie Scott, 36, Texas
Peter John, 36, District of Columbia
Charles Smith, 29, Illinois
Bruce Kelley Jr, 37, Pennsylvania
Randolph McClain, 33, Massachusetts
Christopher Dew, 29, Texas
Johnathan Bratcher, 32, Tennessee
Janet Wilson, 31, Michigan
Cedric Norris, 39, Oklahoma
Timothy Albert, 40, Louisiana
Crayton West, 52, Missouri
Henry Bennett, 19, Florida
Rakeem Bentley, 24, Michigan
Rodney Turner, 22, Oklahoma
Eric Senegal, 27, Louisiana
Germonta Wallace, 30, North Carolina

Please see the 2014-2015, at

1-This was put together on May 2nd using information from This is a good source because it only takes names from confirmed news sources.
1.1-About half of reported civilian deaths by police officers do not include the race. There are most definitely more that we do not know of.
2-Police are not required to report the people they kill, so we know that there has to be more than this that is not reported. Currently the best government data we have on police killings is from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting but these killings are self-reported by law enforcement and participation in the database is voluntary – only about 750 agencies contribute to it, a fraction of the 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States.
3-This passes no judgment on guilt or innocence, just a full list. I am sure some of these names are actual criminals, but the world will never know other than taking the police’s word. Police are not the judge, jury and executioners and these people should be alive to face their crimes or prove their innocence in a court of law. (We have also learned from Walter Scott that police lie on the reports and plant evidence)
3.1-IF they were criminals, does not excuse the police from violating these people’s Fifth Amendment Rights. They were deprived of life without due process of law. Many of these people are shot in the back (which is against the law according to Tennessee v. Garner of 1985) or unarmed (see below). The major problem is we have violent White criminals like Ted Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, James Eagan Holmes, Jared Lee Loughner, Dylann Storm Roof, Robert Dear, Jason Dalton and other who are all terrorists who collectively killed hundreds of people and were apprehended without being shot. Meanwhile, black people are being shot for non-violent crimes like jaywalking, having a busted taillight and so on.
3.2-Police should be able to deescalate a situation and use non-lethal force. They carry stun guns, billy clubs, etc. and wear bullet proof vests. If they are too afraid or too trigger happy, they should not be on the force.
4-This does not include police brutality cases like Floyd Dent, Martese Johnson or so many more.
5-This not include people like Travon Martin or Jordan Davis, who were killed by “stand your ground” laws by civilians.
6-This also does not include people like Lennon Lacy and Otis Byrd in what looks like lynchings
7-The list for 2014-2015 can be found at
8-yeah, yeah … not all cops. I am sure they have a hard job, but it does not excuse this list or especially how long it is. There were 127 total police deaths in 2014, including unrelated car accidents, heart attacks and even one 9/11 related illness. It is MUCH more dangerous to be black than a police officer.
9-Yes, there were plenty of white people killed by police. “All lives matter”, BUT black people are 3-4x more likely to be killed by police than whites. In 2014, 47% of black people killed were unarmed when only 16% of white people killed were unarmed. There are deep racial disparities that come from a system of oppression.

However, this list is important. Sure Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray get the headlines, but every name needs to be remembered.

Davontae Sanford has been in prison for nearly nine years for a crime he did not commit.

In 2007, Sanford, a partially blind, developmentally disabled 14-year-old child, was interrogated by police after four people were murdered on Runyon Street in his neighborhood. He was questioned twice without the presence of his parents or an attorney.

In the second of his two statements, he implicated himself as one of the shooters, but later “told a psychologist that he had made it all up because the police had told him he could go home if he would ‘just [tell] them something.’”

Two weeks after Davontae was convicted of the crime, another man confessed and gave unknown details of the murder and led authorities to one of the murder weapons.

However, hitman Vincent “Vito” Smothers was never charged in the quadruple homicide for which Mr. Sanford now wastes away in prison.

According to the Marshall Project, although Smothers denied Sanford’s involvement in the murders, prosecutors offered him a shorter sentence for all of the 12 murders he had confessed to if he promised not to testify in Sanford’s defense.

What more do officials need to be convinced that this is a horrible miscarriage of justice and that Davontae Sanford should not be behind bars? Please join me in asking Gov. Rick Snyder to grant Sanford clemency and free him from his unjust 39-year sentence.

Sanford’s trial lawyer had a long record of incompetence and has since been suspended from practicing in the state of Michigan. For reasons still unknown, Robert Slameka decided not to even challenge Sanford’s confession in court, even though it was clear that his age and disability, and the way it was acquired, should have raised blaring red flags.

Vincent Smothers is now serving time for having several murders. After having told police that he was responsible for the crime Davontae was being punished for, he spoke these words in an interview with the Associated Press:
“He’s not guilty. He didn’t do it… I understand what prison life is like; it’s miserable. To be here and be innocent – I don’t know what it’s like. He’s a kid, and I hate for him to do the kind of time they’re giving him.”

It is shocking that such compassion came from a man responsible for killing a dozen people, while the prosecutor and judge in Davontae’s case seem incapable of the same.

Please join me in standing up for justice. Ask Gov. Snyder to do the right thing and grant Davontae Sanford clemency. One day in jail for a crime you did not commit is too long, nine years is a nightmare. Let’s help end Davontae’s nightmare.

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