systematic landscapes

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01.  ——  systematically does a landscape outline of the view from his hotel room whenever he goes on a trip whether it’s business or leisure.

02.  ——  lived off a dangerous mix of coffee , weekly binge drinking and the occasional anti depressant pills he paid another student for.

03.  ——  while he is for the most part a good boy , he has done some technically illegal stuff as a teen ; such a trespassing , underage drinking , using fake ids…  it was a release from all the stress at home but nearly being caught by the police made him stop.

04.  ——  has a very strange idea of what    casual  ”  means.  will come with a white shirt under a cashmere jumper , chinos and leather shoes if you ask him for casual.

05.  ——  has a tendency to get very expensive   too much    gifts for a first date.

06.  ——  hates ginger but will accept it in something such a pumpkin spice though.

07.  ——  is terrible at realizing that things mean something.  because he was born in a rich environment , he has the   if you break something , just replace it   mentality ; unless it’s something that he has an emotional attachment too.

08.  ——  is absolute garbage at baking though he can manage cooking if he has a recipe to follow \ training.

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