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okay so i always see you reblogging songs (or mentioning in ask replies) that remind you of ereri.. what do you think is eren and levi's "song"?

AHHHHH AMAZING QUESTION ANON…. okay so i have a lot if you cant tell ahahahh but these are my top based on certain universes…. and i will include the lyrics that made me go YES THAT IS AN ERERI SONG bc yolo:


saturn by sleeping at last (this reminds me of a tragic canon ending where either levi or eren would be killed) BUT ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND IT MAKES ME CRY EVERY GODDAMN TIME… if you listen to any of these, PLEASE choose this one… i swear the feels are worth it

(2:25 - 3:42)

you taught me the courage of stars before you left… how light carries on endlessly, even after death… with shortness of breath, you explained the infinite… how rare and beautiful it is to even exist… i couldn’t help but ask… for you to say it all again… i tried to write it down… but I could never find a pen…i’d give anything to hear… you say it one more time… that the universe was made… just to be seen by my eyes.

human by gabrielle aplin

(0:24 -1:02)

cause we’re all broken… we all end up alone… show me that you’re human, you won’t break… oh love your flaws and live for your mistakes… beauty’s on the surface wearing thin… come closer show the marks upon your skin… show me that you’re human


something i need by onerepublic

(2:08 - 2:45)

you got something i need… in this world full of people, there’s one killing me… and if we only die once… i wanna die with you… i know that we’re not the same… but i’m so damn glad that we made it to this time… this time now.

explosions by ellie goulding

(2:21 - 3:08)

and as the floods move in… and your body starts to sink… i was the last thing on your mind… i know you better than you think… cause it’s simple darling… i gave you a warning… now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces… so watch them fall with you… in slow motion… i pray that you’ll find peace of mind… and i’ll find you another time… i’ll love you… another time.


okay this one is really hard to choose because modern au could mean anything…

but here have some songs that remind me of (freshmen)college!eren bumping into (senior)college!levi while trying to make it to class on time

out of my league by fitz and and tantrums (bc 99% of ereri aus involve a pining eren lets be honest)

(0:29 - 0:51)

——- you were out of my league… all the things i believe… you were just the right kind… yeah, you were more than just a dream… you were out of my league… got my heartbeat racing… if i die don’t wake me… cause you were more than just a dream.

san francisco by the mowgli’s 

(1:40 - 2:14)

——- i’ve been in love with love and the… idea of something binding us together… you know that love is strong enough… and i’ve seen time tell tales about that… systematic drug… yeah that… heart that beats as one… it’s collectively, unconsciously composed…do you feel the love… i feel the love… c’mon, c’mon let’s start it up… let it pour out of your soul.

okay now have some songs that remind me of heartbroken levi sitting at home wondering if he should get out of bed given that it’s been three days since eren packed his things and left

smother by daughter

(0:44 - 1:18)

——- i want all that is not mine… i want him… but we’re not right… in the darkness i will meet my creators… and they will all agree… that i’m a suffocator.

my sweet prince by placebo

(3:17 - 4:03)

——- never thought i’d get any higher… never thought you’d fuck with my brain… never thought all this could expire… never thought you’d go break the chain… me and you baby… used to flush all the pain away… so before i end my day… remember.

okay now have some songs that remind me of eren and levi living out the rest of their lives as happy old farts and passing away hand and hand on the front porch of their beach side home

you belong to me by the boxer rebellion

(0:16 - 1:08)

——- what could make this night… without you at my side… i catch myself instead… staring straight ahead… you belong to me… you belong to me… you belong to me… you belong… to me. 

stole you away by benjamin francis leftwich 

(2:34 - 3:28)

——- high strung lover your soul… it’s uncovered… by believing in the things you see… you spent so long running… but there’s nothing coming… turn around and run into me… i said i’d stole you away… i said i’d stole you away… next time i’ll steal you away… next time i’ll steal you, darling… will you stay.

there you go anon… i feel like this is sufficient ahahaha… but seriously i hope i answered your question… tbh i have an entire ereri playlist, but these are the ones that distinctly come to mind when im reading certain fics :3


I’ve been in love, with love, and the idea of something binding us together – you know that love is strong enough.

I’ve seen time tell tales about that systematic drug, yeah, that heart that beats as one

It’s collectively, unconciously composed.

Do you feel the love? I feel the love. Come on, come on, let’s start it up –

Let it pour out of your soul!

Fred Astaire ♥ Ginger Rogers