system: ps2

I got my ps2 emulator to work playing my ps2 discs directly (it’s rad af) and the first thing i just have to play is shadow the hedgehog 

it’s like when i was younger i completely missed how ridiculous this game truly was. It was frustrating at a lot of times, yes, but i never REALISED why it felt goofy more than edgy for me. Today I realised.

You can’t say that a gif of shadow spinning whilst holding a grenade launcher won’t make you smile every time.

Dark Cloud aesthetic

*Having your 70 space inventory filled almost completely with water and repair powders.

*Buying repair powders in loads of twenties.

*Finding a pool of water and ally cycling.

*Finding a pool of water and crying tears of joy.

*Limited Zones after getting a new ally.


*Having Steve being a helpful dick.

* Sounding crazy as you talk to yourself about getting 100% request.

*Is this a new weapon or a King Mimic?

*Hitting ‘x’ too fast and breaking your weapon and then hitting the reset button without question.


* Thirst Limited zones.