Since we haven’t seen any explicitly said Women Galrans I propose:
1.Galrans are gay men, their species are all men, capable of giving birth (cough keef is gay)

2. A great multitude of Galrans genders that dont abide by the ridiculous binary system earth enforces, He/him pronouns seem to be a common occurrence BUT who is to say they are all men? What if they as a whole go by he/him pronouns but really have different complex genders with different reproductive capabilities like who knows? (Please give me complex galran gender systems & trans Galrans)

3. All Galrans are nonbinary and each have different reproductive traits

4. All Galrans are men and have children with other species which accounts for the diversity in the Galrans race

5. Galran voice: what the fuck is a gender?



listen no listen it was a sudden intrusive thought but hear me out, cause we as a system have felt an affinity with the concept of fusion since jailbreak aired and we know what it’s like.

fusion isn’t just making an entirely new person. it’s two (or more) peoples’ thoughts, desires, and psyches syncing so closely, so tightly, like a zipper, that they become a whole new person, with one body. it’s entirely dependent on teamwork, and if the fusion’s components don’t work along, there’s chaos. the fusion literally breaks apart. and between both fusion cuisine and keeping it together - 

- it’s still pretty clear that fusion is a state of being in sync, and a lack of teamwork means… disorder. pardon the pun. so lest i get off topic…

  • if sometimes the cgs asked what ruby/sapphire thought of an issue individually, if garnet would sometimes throw out a “ruby says X and sapphire says Y, but/so think Z”s, that would cement both her identity as a fusion and let garnet have her own voice, in one easy, bite-sized piece
  • garnet understanding that while ruby and sapphire have their own ideas and ideals, sometimes they need to work together to fix the issue internally before the fusion breaks
  • garnet would still have her own voice too, because while fusion is similar to multiplicity, it’s not quite the same, and garnet is her own person
  • if garnet ever unfused for whatever reason, we could see, coherently, the kind of dialogue that went on between them while fused, and maybe see what kinds of obstacles ruby and sapphire have to overcome re: personality and ideals through healthy communication and teamwork to be a stable fusion all the time
  • [ruby and sapphire fuse again] “We’re good. I’m good.” *sweet smile*

Hello, hello!!! I am super excited to be doing this. I came back to Tumblr about two weeks ago after a ~1.5 year hiatus purely for skam. I am blown away by this fandom already and to all my new followers - THANK YOU! You guys are the best and I really don’t deserve you.

I thought a follow forever would be a great way to give a shout out to some of my favorite skam blogs so far. Y’all are some of my favorite skam content creators/blogs and I admire you guys alot~

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  • Carlisle: I only turned those who were dying, in hope of giving them another chance at an existence I hope is worth living still.
  • Aro: I turn those that show promise of greatness, to join us in our holy duty as guardians of the vampire world.
  • Sasha: Eh well one was my niece and I was lonely, and the others kinda looked like her. Oh and one was a super cute baby, what can you do

Plunging close to the outer edges of Saturn’s rings, on January 16 the Cassini spacecraft captured this closest yet view of Daphnis. About 8 kilometers across and orbiting within the bright ring system’s Keeler gap, the small moon is making waves. The 42-kilometer wide outer gap is foreshortened in the image by Cassini’s viewing angle. Raised by the influenced of the small moon’s weak gravity as it crosses the frame from left to right, the waves are formed in the ring material at the edge of the gap. A faint wave-like trace of ring material is just visible trailing close behind Daphnis. Remarkable details on Daphnis can also be seen, including a narrow ridge around its equator, likely an accumulation of particles from the ring.

Image Credit: Cassini Imaging Team, SSI, JPL,ESA, NASA

Time And Space

slumber party tmi
  • Me: (walking up to the BH) I've got you something.
  • the BH: (adorably lifts cheek for kiss)
  • Me: (after giving him a sweet kiss) something else too (is totes flashing him)
  • the BH: (grinning and pausing video game) very nice. Are you going to come sit with me on the couch now?
  • Me: (tugging shirt back down and attempting to flirt)I thought I might.
  • the BH: Should we close the blinds then?
  • Me: (grinning) Yes!
  • At which point we both fell over one another to close the vertical blinds. I remind you all this is not the first time we've been to...well whatever base the boobs are supposed to be. We are now on the couch, mostly unharmed, clothed for our own safety and laughing. Because we're adults?