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talesfromcallcenters: Call from a cockney

This happened a fair few years ago but just remembered it so will share. I was working for a directory enquiry company (one of the 118 varients) in the uk. Average call count was around 6-800 calls per day and I was about half way through the day just trying to get through till home time.

I will be me (suprise suprise) and my caller will be Cockney geeza. ‘CG’ Before I start, think Danny Dyer cockney levels of cockneyness here. Im from the north of England so while expecting dick van dyke to be toddling along I should still be able to understand this man.

Me: Hello 118… which name please CG : alwite fella haws it going? Me: very well thank you sir how can I help today? CG: ive just moved hause mate and wana find a gud chippy can you help sonshine? Me: i will certainly try sir which area is it? CG: clapham mate.

So i check our system for fish and chip shops in the clapham area. Usually for this type of call I would just read it the first few names and addresses so i start.

Me: ok sir so we have fish and go on the high street, best plaice on the avenue, fry delight on london road etc etc ( just made those names up its been years since the call I cant remember the exact names but you get the idea) CG: What are them guv? Me: (slighlty confused) fish and chip shops sir. CG: why are you telling me that for? Me: you asked for some local chippys sir. CG: chippy? Naw mate not bloody chippy a GP ya know general practitioners, I need a doctor.

Thankfully at this point he was laughing as much as I did. I found him his doctor and he was on his way. Ended up getting a crap mark on my call monitoring for not repeating back phonetically but hey ho was worth it.

May have lost its humour in commiting to text but certainly kept me amused.

Tl:Dr im an idiot who cant recognise when a cockney asks for a number to a doctors over a fish and chip shop.

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Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“Okay, it’s a little known fact, but cars are filled with trace amounts of gold. Uh, anti-lock brakes, airbag inflation system chips.”

“Oh, come on. If gold was laying around in cars, people would steal it.”

“Yeah, they do. I had a friend that used to use skateboards to slide under the cars and dismantle catalytic converters. She’d strip and sell the gold inside for beer money. She called it a, uh, ‘catalytic conversion rate’.”

“Did she? A friend, huh?”

anonymous asked:

The minor trio (and possibly Seven? only if you want to though i know that's breaking the rules) reacting to finding out via actions or words that MC would be willing to literally die for them?


  • “The only way Rika will ever touch you again is over my dead body,” you say to him after the Alaska Wilderness camp “lost track of her”, and V takes takes this very, very seriously because he is a sweet angel who worries far too much.
  • Passionately, he implores you not to treat your own well-being so lightly, clasping your hands between his as he goes on and on about how you have so much to live for.
  • “You’re so amazing! You shouldn’t ever think of putting my wellbeing before yours!”
  • “I would never forgive myself if you got hurt instead of me! This is all because of my mistakes!”
  • “I deserve it!”
  • You smoosh his cheeks between your hands and say no it isn’t, you idiot cornchip, and you can’t stop me from loving you enough to fight a bear for you.”
  • v is not sure what to think in the face of your determination other than he does not like this idea at all.

Unknown (Saeran)

  • Saeran makes an idle comment about how his dad would love to shoot him, and you’re like, “PFT RIGHT he’d have to get through me first.”
  • Obviously, this dumb shit turns it into a competition.
  • “You’re willing to take a bullet for me? I’d take on a train for you!”
  • “Yeah? Well I’d fight an entire group of mobsters for you!”
  • “Well I’d fight the entire government for you, AND I’d punch the president!”
  • (saeran you’d punch the president anyway you have no self control)
  • This quickly amps up and up until the two of you are yelling at each other how you’d punch the fucking moon before it could crash into the earth for the sake of the other, and Seven pokes his head in and says,
  • “Neither of you would get the chance, because I am ready for death and I would die for both of you.”
  • fuck off, Seven
  • stop being the third wheel in this death competition.


  • Vanderwood puts their face in their hands and groans, because damn it, of course they couldn’t escape the sins of their past. Of course some agency nutjob would come after them, and of course they’d put what little peace they’d managed to hold onto in jeopardy.
  • You put your hand on their shoulder and tell them that the entire organization will burn in hell if they try to touch Vanderwood.
  • Vanderwood does not seem particularly impressed, looking at you with a raised eyebrow. “You would kill yourself for a corn-chip.”
  • “No I wouldn’t, I’d kill you for a corn-chip, there’s a big difference.”
  • “Okay, how does the ranking system work here. Corn-chips are at the top, then me, then… my death with no reward?”
  • You smooch the top of their head. “No, silly. It’s just that, if someone kills you, it’s going to be me.”
  • the thought that this might actually be a true statement perturbes them somewhat. similarly, they consider what they would actually do if it you were given an opportunity to do something dumb and life-threatening for them.
  • ………
  • they. probably would be completely unable to stop you, wouldn’t they. shit.
Aspects System: Simplifed

Warning: It’s going to be a long read.

So I have noticed when classpecting characters that I have a difficult time figuring out which of the six pairs of the aspect duality they fall under. Example. I cannot identify between a Heart and a Hope player because of the general openness they have towards others, or a Mind or a Void player because they deal with obscuring some aspect whether it be intentions or information. Thankfully, there is a subtle difference to what they focus on. This is the main reason why I have not done this blog for a year because identifying the aspect is what takes the longest and is also to explain exactly.

When I came back to classpecting, it got a little easier for me as I tried to allot the focuses of each aspect and soon realized that each dualities share a certain factor of reality.

Here, I will begin to explain key words to use for the duality pair and how it makes sense to me.

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some random iwaoi headcanons bc i have too many

  • they actually haven’t been in the same class since elementary school, and oikawa complains about it every year they put the list up
  • oikawa’s mother often confuses their names as if iwaizumi was also her child
  • they both have the exact same music library on their ipods
  • on new year’s when they were six, oikawa saw his parents kissing at midnight, and did the same to iwaizumi (he got punched in the stomach)
  • they’ve kissed at midnight every year since
  • iwaizumi keeps emergency milk bread in his bag in case oikawa needs it
  • despite all the stupid shit they did as small children, neither of them had ever been injured bad enough to go to the hospital until oikawa hurt his knee
  • oikawa likes to go into iwaizumi’s room and rearrange things ever so slightly and wait for iwaizumi to flip
  • they buried a time capsule when they were 8 under the big tree at their elementary school playground, and they said they’d open it when they were finished with high school
  • they trade clothes so often that all of iwaizumi’s wardrobe smells like oikawa’s stupid cologne (he says he hates it but he always wears oikawa’s sweatshirts at home)
  • they have matching phone charms, oikawa has an alien and iwaizumi has a ufo
  • iwaizumi does not dare put it on his phone, he keeps it at the bottom of his bag
  • you might think a lot of oikawa’s pictures on his phone are selfies and you’re right, but there are just as many (candid) pics of ridiculously photogenic iwaizumi
  • iwaizumi has a shoebox full of the doodles oikawa has drawn on his school notes during their daily homework sessions
Star Wars Denialverse
  • The clones figure out that Palpatine’s been planning to Order 66 them. They hack the computer system and use the chips in their skulls to send a warning out to every single clone. Also a message that says, “Who wants to come kick Palpo’s ass?”
  • Every single clone joins together to kick Palpo’s ass.
  • Padmé helps bring democracy back to the galaxy
  • When the word gets out about Anakin and Padmé’s marriage, which is even harder to hide when Anakin is carrying Padmé’s babies around everywhere and also Padmé’s babies look just like him hmmmmm i wonder, Yoda tries to tell Anakin that if he were a good Jedi he would leave his family or some shit.
  • Anakin kicks Yoda’s little green ass. Then he goes home and tells Padmé, who kicks it some more for good measure.
  • The Skywalker family does regular hair-braiding chains. Luke and Leia are pros at it by the time they’re three.
  • Leia gets obsessed with doing other people’s hair. Padmé will take her to work and she’ll go around braiding all the other senators’ hair and if they don’t have hair she’ll try to braid whatever else is dangling from their heads and if they don’t have that she’ll throw a fit.
  • “Uncle Obi, you have to let me make you pretty!”
  • “Yeah, Uncle Obi, you have to let her make you pretty!”
  • “Shut up, Anakin.”
  • Rex just decides around that time that he’s going to grow a ponytail. Then he pretends to be grumpy when Leia starts climbing all over his head.
  • The clones sue for reparations and win. A lot of them stay in the military, but a lot of others end up getting houses together and having lots of sitcom-like antics.
  • Luke has the world’s biggest collection of baby dolls and he loves all of them so much.
  • Luke also likes to cuddle the Skywalker family cat. Leia likes to ride it. The cat likes Luke better.
  • Ahsoka gets her own ship and does a lots of traveling and brings Luke and Leia a ton of souvenirs.
  • Feel free to add!

i’ve had 3 margaritas and i’m gonna pull a better plot for season 3 out of my ass:

  • ok so everything up until 3x04 is pretty much the same
  • the ice queen is like “fuck u lexa i want my nightblood to run the thing i’m taking over polis” and lexa’s like “o no” and there isn’t a fight scene bc that would end things too soon and #anticlimactic
  • lexa is like “clarke.. i need your people to assist me in a war against azgeda. you have guns. it just makes sense” and clarke is like “i still dont trust u bitch!!! but ok bc ice nation is crazy and i care about My People”
  • listen we can even keep the dumbass city of light plot
  • meanwhile jaha returns with his blahbalhbalbhalh whatever he’s giving the chip to people
  • ice nation moves in on polis, lexa and her army need to gtfo!! so they all go to: ARKADIA
  • lexa interacting with the arkers!!! lexa interacting with technology!!! the grounders being cuties!!
  • pike’s like “wtf?? grounders!!” and then they explain “hey no, not all grounders are the same and THESE grounders want to fight against the grounders that were hurting YOUR people” and pike is like “oh okay” because he has more than 8 brain cells
  • pike and lexa bond over their mutual hatred of azgeda
  • lexa and clarke and the rest of the characters get some fluffy moments bc this show needs to be more about character development than shock value/torture (think season 1 when finn and clarke got to go to the bunker with all the art supplies. yeah. that.)
  • lexa and clarke fall in love, bang, etc etc
  • jaha and titus meet and talk about the city of light. titus sees the chip, “the sacred symbol!” and alie figures out that lexa has the becca 2.0 inside her neck
  • jaha and alie get an Evil Plan
  • they convince everybody who isn’t chipped that they need to merge alie and becca’s systems together to maximize their strength and win the war
  • lexa is like “ok cool makes sense” and clarke is like “hmm.. something is fishy about this” but they merge the systems Anyways
  • lexa takes the chip and… oh no. she IMMEDIATELY falls into a coma.
  • clarke is hysterical, “WHAT DID YOU DO!”
  • alie ditched the flame now that she has the software, short-circuiting it in lexa’s body. her conscience is still in the city of light, but it’s disconnected from her body.
  • alie now has access to becca 2.0′s hardware, meaning she can.. idk, make herself seen to people who haven’t taken the chip? sure, let’s go with that
  • using her new power she tries to convert the rest of skaikru and trikru
  • meanwhile azgeda is marching on skaikru and trikru while the commander is in a coma
  • double trouble!!!
  • end of 3A
  • start of 3B
  • lincoln is still on the show bc jason shut the fuck heck his mouth and didn’t bully ricky off
  • lincoln realizes the only person powerful enough to save them with lexa in a coma is: yep, luna
  • oh and something about how the only thing that can wake lexa up is another nightblood taking the flame and going into the city of light and bringing her back to reality
  • skaikru has approximately 1.5 weeks before they starve out and have to lift the gate to go get food, and then azgeda will completely wipe them out
  • the delinquents + lincoln find a way to sneak out at dusk to go find luna
  • they’re actually on the oil rig for more than 1 episode and they explore more of the boat people’s culture + flashbacks to when lexa and luna were nightbloods
  • meanwhile in arkadia, jaha + alie are completely converting arkadia. we actually see the city of light for more than 2 seconds. we explore the morally gray area that is the city of light instead of just making it a Cool One-Dimensional Sci Fi Thing
  • 3x14 would have been solid if luna decided to go with them. so, pretty much everything that happened there. alie gets on board, forces luna to kill, and luna realizes that killing is sometimes necessary for the greater good.
  • finale time
  • luna creates a makeshift army of boat people and they use guns/weapons to fight azgeda because the rest of arkadia is essentially useless
  • with luna in command, they fight off the first army and make their way into the gates
  • they know they need lexa back to fend off the rest
  • luna makes her way inside to lexa, gets the flame, puts it in her neck, and meditates, going into the city of light
  • luna does not look like she’s doing too good in the city of light. she keeps twitching in her meditative state and clarke is not havin it
  • clarke is anxious as all hell. she can’t just sit there. she won’t. she takes a chip. “Clarke, no! it’s too dangerous! It could take over your mind!” bellboy screams. “I have to,” clarke says. “lexa’s in there” and she swallows the chip
  • low and behold, luna is fending off armies in the city of light trying to get to lexa. the chip has effectively zombified clarke, she “understands” now. she doesn’t bother trying to help luna until… she sees lexa
  • her love for lexa + her stubbornness and her strength literally overpowered alie’s hold on her
  • “clarke!” lexa screams
  • happy reunion
  • they defeat alie because wasn’t love supposed to be the best weapon of s3?
  • they bring lexa back in time to defeat the marching & weakened armies of azgeda
  • lexa kills the queen, finally avenging costia
  • lexa and clarke talk about it
  • everything is okay
  • it gets cancelled before they can fuck things up in s4
  • the end

Chiptunes From a Sega Saturn? We’re Getting There

cTrix recently uploaded a video that, upon first glance, had me excited like nothing else. Initially I assumed that my long-held dream was finally coming true; chiptunes from a Sega Saturn. Not just saying this, but I’ve been a diehard fan of the Saturn’s sound chip since day one. For many, CD quality music is hardly special, at least when the game itself is on a CD. But the soundtracks to NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and Radiant Silvergun (to name a few) were truly special because they wasn’t redbook, meaning nothing was pre-recorded.

Instead, all that music was produced by the console itself! So the idea of harnessing the power of the system, specifically the sound chip, by chiptune musicians is that aforementioned fantasy. Though as the video demonstrates, it’s not that easy. Any diehard Saturn fan also knows already that it’s a technical nightmare, so we all owe Dr Abrasive a ton of gratitude for making sense of all the schematics and diving deep into the actual hardware itself, to produce the findings that he has.

It’s a more commonly held wish that there may someday be an easy way to play Saturn disc images on actual hardware, sans mod chips that are not only difficult to install but virtually nonexistent (am still pissed how my day one/model one Saturn, a high school graduation gift that was also modded in Chinatown during art school was the biggest casualty when my apartment in Jersey City was broken into). Mostly since the disc drives are starting to fail, which is an issue with pretty much all disc-based systems.

It had been assumed that there would one day be a flash cart that simply plugs into the slot located just behind the CD drive door. Cartridge games were at one point proposed for the Saturn, to be played alongside disc games; it’s a VERY long story. Though Dr Abrasive’s method instead involves utilizing a second slot, hidden on the back of the system, which was designed to accept a VCD (the precursor to DVDs, and which was very popular in Asia) card.

Basically, the good doctor is working on a card he’s developed himself, that any Sega Saturn owner can easily install themselves, to play back ups and homebrew. The latter of which is what will be the key towards someone performing an entire set on stage, in front of a packed house, with just Saturn 6 button pad in their hands. Or perhaps the 3D pad; I can imagine that analogue nub being used to create some funky sounds.

Man, I know some people have issues with Chase Bank but today was just a series of demonstrable excellence from them from start to finish.

So, somehow, despite being less than a year old, kept in an RFID-proof wallet, and only used on chip machines in the past few weeks, my debit card number was stolen (possibly a hack, or possibly RFID-proof wallets are bunk, who can say, mine was a gift). Someone tried to buy about $400 worth of stuff from Walmart with my card at around noon central time.

SOMEHOW, Chase noticed something was funky with the three separate purchases they tried to make, and credited them back to my account immediately. But, and here’s what I’m really pleased with, despite the charges being credited back it still alerted me that I had spent more than $100 in a single place, which I have set up as an alarm on my account because when the hell do I ever spend more than $100 in a shot. 

So as soon as I got the alert saying I’d spent more than $100 at Walmart, I logged on, saw the weird-ass series of purchases and credits, and called Chase, where they were like “Literally someone was going to call you about this in the next two minutes, HOW DID YOU FIND THIS SO FAST.”

I confirmed the charges were bogus, closed the card, and (this is new) did not have to wait a week for my new card to arrive in the mail – I was able to run across the street to my branch and pick up a new card ten minutes later. 

So while I’m not pleased my card number was stolen for the second time in less than a year despite the introduction of the cumbersome and inefficient chip system, I’m pretty pleased that I’m not out any cash, the thief didn’t get anything, and I have a new card within two hours of the old one being used. 

Job well done, Chase bank! You are CRIME STOPPERS. 


Harvard’s Wyss Institute has created “organs-on-chips” that contain human cells grown in a state-of-the-art system to mimic the structure and function of human organs and organ systems. The chips can be used instead of animals in disease research, drug testing, and toxicity testing and have been shown to replicate human physiology, diseases, and drug responses more accurately than crude animal experiments do. Some companies, such as the HµRel Corporation, have already turned these chips into products that other researchers can use in place of animals.