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The German Reichsrevolver,

After the unification of Germany in 1871 the newly formed German Army sought to standardize all weapons and equipment. Before unification Germany consisted of a collection of independent states and kingdoms, each with their own small arms, artillery, and close quarter weapons. The German Army began by standardizing their rifles, then their artillery, then their cavalry equipment. At the bottom of their list, and certainly their lowest priority was the creation of a standard side arm.

The Model 1879 Reichsrevolver is not a complex revolver, a surprise considering that Germany has always had a reputation for producing revolutionary weapons designs. It was a simple and robust revolver, but unfortunately the M1879 was far outdated before it even hit the drawing board.  It was a six shot single action revolver, meaning that the hammer had to be cocked before each shot. Loading was done through a loading gate on the right hand side of the pistol, basically the user would half cock the hammer, which would allow the cylinder to spin freely. The user would hand rotate the cylinder and insert cartridges one at a time.  Incredibly, the M1879 lacked an ejector rod, typically a spring loaded rod that was integrated with the pistol which was used to eject empty cartridge casings from the chambers. Instead the user carried a separate rod in an ammunition belt and used it to punch out empty casings by hand.  Another interesting feature of the Reichsrevolver was a safety, located on the left hand side of the pistol. When activated the hammer could not be cocked. Such a feature is rare on single action revolvers because it is very difficult to accident cock such a pistol. The Reichsrevolver’s safety mechanism makes it an oddity among other single action revolvers. Another problem with the M1879 was that it’s ergonomics were terrible. It’s a big honkin’ pistol that really wasn’t designed to fit the hand very well. Even a German with larger than average hands may have a hard time aiming, cocking, and firing the revolver comfortably. 

The Model 1879 Reichsrevolver was a very quaint and dated design for it’s time. By the late 1870′s Belgian, French, English, Austrian, and American gun designers were making revolvers, both single action and double action, that were far better than the M1879 and had many unique and revolutionary design elements..  A good example was the Colt M1873 Single Action Army, the classic cowboy gun which shares the same features of the Reichsrevolver.  Despite being introduced years earlier, it was a far better pistol with better ergonomics, better weight and balance, and of course it had an ejector rod. The Colt 1873 is the simplest example, by the late 1870′s European pistol designers had created double action models, swing out cylinder models, top break systems, and even auto ejectors. 

While the Reichsrevolver was lacking in most areas, there are some advantageous features. First and foremost the Reichsrevolver was a simple and robust pistol. When you cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger it went bang, and it could take a beating and still keep going bang.  It was also very easy to mass produce. Finally it was chambered for a 10x25mmR cartridge which was essentially a clone of the Smith & Wesson Russian,which was a very hard hitting cartridge.

Despite these advantages the Reichsrevolver is kind of disappointing because Germany could have done better, but pretty much made an active decision not to. Germany had a long history of firearms design before then, going back to early wheel-lock rifles, to flintlock jaeger rifles, the revolutionary Dreyse Needle rifle and Krupp artillery. Germany certainly had the know-how, technical ability, industry,and resources to create something much better, but they didn’t. The German Army got what it wanted, a simple, functional, and rugged revolver that was cheap and easy to produce with no frills, bells, and whistles.   It’s interesting to note that a generation later, Germany would suddenly spead ahead at warp speed with semi automatic designs such as the Borchardt, Luger pistol and Mauser Broomhandle 

In 1883 Germany would introduce a new model of the Reichsrevolver called the Model 1883, which featured a smaller barrel, smaller frame and a smaller better shaped grip to fit the hand. 

Collectors typically refer to the M1879 as the “Cavalry Model” and the M1883 the “Officers Model”. However those are just collectors designations and neither was exclusively issued to cavalry or officers. Interestingly, a number of smaller firms would take up the design and produce their own versions for the commercial market. These designs upgraded the Reichsrevolver with double action variants, pocket revolvers, and of course the addition of a proper ejector rod.  One of the most interesting designs was a pocket revolver called the “Baby Reichsrevolver” which featured two triggers, the first which rotated the cylinder, the second which fired the revolver. It also featured a proper ejector rod.

The Reichsrevolver would serve the German Army throughout the 1880′s and 1890′s, being officially retired in 1908 with the adoption of the Luger semi automatic pistol. However, the outbreak of World War I brought the Reichsrevolver back into regular use as the war created a shortage of pistols. They were quickly taken out of storage, dusted off, and typically issued to secondary troops such as supply, artillery, and reserve units. Supposedly they were even issued to Volkssturm units during World War II, although I’ve never found any hard evidence supporting this.

What is juvenile arthrits?

Juvenile arthrits is so much more than just pain.

It’s crying because you feel like a prisoner in your own body.

It’s locking yourself up inside your room because you feel like no one cares.

It’s constantly thinking about giving up on yourself.

It’s telling yourself you’re fine even while the tears are trailing down your cheeks.

It’s constantly answering the same question with the same lie.

It’s crying after being told how it isn’t the end of the world, and how much of a weakling you are.

It’s crying yourself to sleep because you just want to know why you had to have this, why you can’t be better, and why you can’t feel like a teenager.

But hey, at least it’s not cancer.

How I Got into Backyard Farming


Backyard Farming sounds crazy, so let’s try it  

What is it?

There is a movement where regular people are turning their backyards into micro farms and doing things like:

  • Growing all the salad ingredients they need for a year (minus the Russian dressing)
  • Growing 100 pounds of potatoes on a tiny patio
  • Raising a couple of chickens for meat and/or eggs
  • Raising Talapia fish to eat
  • Raising rabbits or quail for meat
  • Converting lawns into mini farms producing staple crops like corn and wheat
  • Using things like fences, walls, posts and garages to trellis things like grapes, squash, beans, and melons
  • Growing 100 pounds of garlic and selling it for $10 a pound at farmers markets
  • Raising bees and selling honey for $7 a pound at farmers markets
  • Making your own Beer, Wine, Meade, Cider or Brandy

Why this could be Awesome:

The goal here is that you do these things on your property without anyone really noticing or caring.  The goal is not to start up some “you might be a redneck if” style crazy farm on the lawn and instantly tank the neighborhood housing prices in the process.  With this project the goal is to be clandestine, or at least unnoticeable.  Do it right and neighbors will compliment how well your property looks as you bring them goodies from the garden all year long.  Other reasons this scheme could be awesome:

  • Lower your grocery bills
  • Be totally organic and chemical free
  • Potentially earn income
  • Less lawn mowing / Less using anything that runs on gas
  • Could be Fun

My Situation:

I live in a typical Cape Cod house on a quiet street in a medium sized city in Ohio.  I have neighbors very close on both sides and in the back.  In total I have about 0.3 acres of “land” which consists of a small front yard and a descent sized backyard enclosed in a chain link fence.  I have a tiny 1-car garage, a small patio, and normal guy yard tools.

Research Phase:

I went to the library and to the internet and looked up the following topics:

  • Small space / patio / container gardening
  • Permaculture / food forests / Organic Gardening
  • Homesteading /  Survivalist / Prepper (I’m not a prepper)
  • Aquaponics

Take a look at some YouTube videos on people who have backyard food forests.  Also Jeff Lawton’s videos on this topic are amazing.  I also recommend the book Gaia’s Garden and the website

Let’s Do This:

And so when Spring rolled around I began…  The plan was to start small and incorporate little things at a time into my landscape, wait until I was used to them and make sure no one freaked out, and then slowly expand. 

Things I have Accomplished:

I’m on year three now and I think things are going relatively well.  Here’s a summary of things I have been able to do.   Note: Each topic below will have its own full post soon.

  • Toxin Free:  Gave up insecticide, commercial fertilizer and other toxins totally.
  • Compost: Created a composting system that produces about 1 pickup truck load of compost per year.
  • Waste Reduction: Generate zero yard waste.  Generate 1-2 bags of garbage per week, which is a reduction from 5 bags.  This reduction is due to composting, canning, burning paper with wood fires and using ashes in garden, reduction of processed foods purchased, etc.
  • Rainwater harvesting:  Made and Installed 2 Rain Barrels (55 gallons each), with a system to auto water the front yard with the flip of a switch using garden hose and gravity
  • Lawn Reduction:  More than half of my front yard is garden (but doesn’t look out of the ordinary at all).  Converted 1/3rd of my backyard to garden
  • Hugelkultur:  Installed about 56 feet of Hugelkultur mounds
  • Heavy Mulching: Threw down 2 dump truck loads of mulch, 3 pickup load of hay (about 40 bales) and 1 pickup load manure. 
  • Sheet Mulching: Experimented with Sheet mulching using cardboard and other materials to convert lawn to garden without digging.
  • Less Weeds: Cut weeding time down by using mulching techniques as well as chop & drop methods.  (you still get weeds, but less, and easier to pull)
  • No Dig / No till: Gave up Tilling totally.  There are many good reasons to do this. 
  • Less Mowing:  Mow only about 4-6 times a year (due to letting certain “weeds” grow into the lawn such as clover which doesn’t grow very tall).  Also, I mow the front lawn every other time with a gas free reel push mower, which saves gas and is very quiet (and a good workout).
  • Less Watering:  Cut watering in half (because of the rain barrels, a well-placed swale to slow down run-off and Hugelkultur mounds which soak up water like crazy)
  • Perennial Food:  Planted long-term plants such as 2 apple trees, 1 cherry tree, 2 blueberry bushes, 2 raspberry and 2 blackberry bushes, 10 square feet of strawberries, 2 grapevines, 8 asparagus plants.
  • Quasi Perennial Food:  Tomato patch comes back 80% every year from self seeding.  Also get a lot of self seeded greens and squash, by not picking everything.
  • Seed Starting:  Beginning to perfect a seed starting regimen that is actually starting to pay off.  Seed starting takes practice!
  • Big Crops:  Set to plant about 50 garlic plants this year.  Set to plant about 30 potato plants this year (these two plants both can be mixed into the front yard landscape).  Planted about 60 mustard green plants (also a beautiful plant)
  • Medicine:  Growing comfrey to be used for medicinal purposes as well as green manure / mulch.
  • Cool mini-Projects:  Things I have made from my backyard include Grape Juice, Vinegar, Tomato juice, Dijon Mustard, Tomato sauce, Roasted Dandelion Root coffee, Echinacea tincture, garlic braids, burn medicine, flower arrangements, and lots of delicious meals.

Things I want to Try:

There are so many things in backyard farming/ urban permaculture I still want to try. Here is my to-do list:

  • Plant way more fruit trees.  The ultimate goal of the permaculture “food forest” is basically to have tons of food growing everywhere on your property that requires little to no maintenance.  The hardest part should be picking all of the bounty.  Of course a key to this end state is to have lots of mature fruit trees that produce large quantities of high calorie foods year after year.  And even in cold Ohio, we can grow so many different kinds of fruit like cherry, apple, peach, plum, apricot and lots of berry and nut trees
  • Plant a successful cash crop.  I want to sell something at the farmers market!  I think garlic will be my first attempt because it is 100% maintenance free and 99% guaranteed to come up beautiful.  It also sells for a lot of money.  So far I have been eating mine, but each year I plant more and more.  One other nice thing is that you can space them really close together and plant them almost anywhere on the property, including right out in the front yard.  I tried to sell my mustard greens but nobody wanted them :(
  • Get bees.  Although probably not for everyone, I want bees.  There is some cost and some work involved, but you get honey, wax and increased pollination, and that is more than enough for me to want to try it.
  • Meat?  I’m not allowed to have chickens or any animal like that in my city.  Rabbits could work since they are silent and you could raise them somewhere covert and no one would know you had them.  But I don’t think I could kill and clean rabbits I raised.  I looked into pheasant and quail but same thing there.
  • Eggs? I’m not yet to the point where I’m going to defy my local laws and get a couple of chickens for egg productions, but If you are, there is a whole community on the net of covert chicken raisers.  The more hip urban cities such as St. Louis have legalized it, so do some research and go for it.  Don’t get any roosters unless you want to anger everyone within a 5 mile radius.
  • More Mulch!  Once you get into this hobby you quickly find that your soil sucks.  If you have a typical American house your soil is terrible because for the last 50 years your property has consisted of 90% grass which some guy mowed short twice a week and probably dumped mass quantities of weed and feed and other chemicals onto it.  All of the clippings were bagged and sent to the landfill and heavy rains continuously washed away any soil that happened to build up.  The fix is to throw down tons and tons of organic material like leaves, cut up weeds, hay, mulch, coffee grounds, manure, compost, etc.  But if you are a regular person with an office job you probably don’t have access to as much of this organic mulch as you need.  I’m always on the lookout on Craigslist for free manure and mulch, but it can be hard to come by.  You can grow your own, but this takes time.
  • Flowers  I got so caught up with food that I realized I didn’t plant many beautiful flowers that can serve multiple purposes.  I want them for cut flower arrangements as well as for medicinal purposes and sheer beauty.  Next year there will be flowers!
  • Edible Seeds:  I also want to get some edible seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin, yum!  Per square foot, sunflowers are one of the most productive foods you can grow, calorie wise.


Prompt: Imagine you have been in a relationship with Negan for the past few months. Ever since you arrived he hasn’t dealt with the wives & he is obviously devoted to you. One night a horde of walkers get in to the sanctuary. When he arrives at the saviours safe spot you are nowhere to be found. You are cornered on the other side of the compound & he has to fight to get to you.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,829
Violence, curses

When the shit had started to hit the fan you had run straight into the small store room to collect as much canned food and weapons as you could carry. You had picked up one of the blue, old shopping bags and had begun to frantically push shelve upon shelve of canned food into the bag.

You heard thundering footsteps coming down the now vacated corridor outside of the store room. You had just been tucking a small pistol into the back of your jeans when the heavy, iron, automatically locking door had been pushed shut with a loud slam.

You stood perfectly still in the complete darkness, not daring to believe your bad luck. Slowly turned around and attempted to push the cold iron door. It didn’t budge. You pushed again, this time throwing your whole weight against the door. It didn’t move an inch, but you had a considerable throbbing pain in your shoulder.

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Check out this MAP part that I totally didn’t procrastinate on at all nope not me

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Crystals and Colours

Source: [“The Complete Crystal Handbook” by Cassandra Eason]

The color of a crystal is one of the easier ways of identifying the right crystal for specific healing, personal empowerment, or protection purposes. If a color is “hot” like red – associated with life blood and fire – its action will be dynamic, fast, and go straight to the root of a problem. In contrast, a green crystal represents gradual growth and nature, linked to a slow but continuing increase in any area of life. The shade of a crystal can also offer clues: a sparkling transparent clear quartz crystal, reflecting sunlight, has different energies and vibrations than a cloudier shimmering white selenite that resembles moonlight.

The power of a crystal can be enhanced by placing it near a burning candle of a similar color. It could be beneficial to build up a collection of crystals in different shades and intensities of brightness in the same color, such as soothing transparent purple amethyst and brighter opaque sugilite that is still gentle but faster acting. Feel free to try using “antidote” colors as well; for example, draw on the power of a blue crystal if someone is very angry or a situation is too fast moving.

The following are “traditional” color association for crystals and their uses. These correspondences should be used as suggestions or ideas, and are by no means concrete or absolute; personal associations within magic are generally more powerful, though these correspondences are a good base to gain inspiration or work from.

Disclaimer: This information should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice, or as a means of diagnosis. If you have - or suspect you may have - a medical condition, please consult a healthcare professional immediately. The home remedies included here should not be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness.

* Some of the “healing powers” sections mention specific body parts and ailments that may be triggering for some parties, so please be wary reading through.

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Neighbour who parks on our lawns might have liked to know this piece of information.

We have a house across the road from another long-term resident, and both of us live next door to student housing that causes its share of problems, one of those being a fellow who parks his car on either of our lawns if he can’t get any other off-street parking. That’s gone as far as parking perpendicularly across my driveway and getting aggro when we’ve asked him to move.

He’s been parked on my neighbour’s lawn for just over four hours. My neighbour’s auto sprinkler system comes on repeatedly every 30 minutes. Idiot parker has two of his windows down.

I don’t know, my memory keeps failing me. I keep seeing it and thinking I should head across and warn him, but I just turn away and there’s new stuff on tumblr and I just keep getting distracted.

How about that new kitten picture guys?

Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source

Focus & Recompose - 201

This is more for those of us who don’t have the best auto-focus systems. For example, I used a 400D and then a 5DMKII, neither of which are famed for their auto-focus system.

To compensate, I use the middle auto-focus point which is generally the most reliable, then I’ll recompose to get the composition I initially desired. On the shot above I used the middle focus point on the branch and then recomposed.

This method is far from fool-proof but if you have a steady enough hand you’ll hit the nail on the head 9/10 times. It can be a little trickier with wide apertures because the depth of field is so shallow that slight movement on the back and forth axis can result in soft focus, so beware.

Taken with the Canon 400D + 50mm 1.8

[F1.8 | 1/1000th | ISO100]

Photos by Iain A

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Yo. PSA Real Quick.

We’ve gone over this before but please do but please do not put character hate in the character’s tags.

First Sakakura’s tag was flooded with hate, and now Ando’s is getting the same treatment.

I get that a lot of people don’t like her. But, please remember that:

1. Some people do like her. You can like a character and still recognize their flaws–and the majority of the fans of a problematic character DO recognize their flaws. That doesn’t change the fact they still like the character.

2. Some people use characters as coping mechanisms, for whatever their reason may be. Keep in mind there are people of all ages in this fandom, from different backgrounds with different experiences.

3. When you love/identify with a certain character, seeing nothing but rabid character hate is kind of a buzzkill–it makes people feel shitty for liking the character, or that they’re shitty person for liking the character.

Would you want to go into your favorite character’s tag and see nothing but hate? If ‘no,’ then maybe don’t do that to other people.

Be polite and don’t put your hate in the tags. Tag it as #character hate, or don’t use the character’s full name because Tumblr’s auto-tag system is going to put it straight into the tag.

Hey y'all. Disabled QTPOC needs a lil help

So, short version is I need 750$ by January 31st for a deposit on a rad queer house. Without the deposit, I won’t be able to move in. My paypal is and my venmo is junebugflowers

Long story- in October I finally moved out of a very toxic, and…..I can’t even explain it house, after having major surgery. I moved into this cute lil queer house, and started feeling allergy symptoms, but I mostly ignored it. Same with increased auto immune systems. On January 1st I noticed the wall in my room was caving in, and a fricken MUSHROOM was growing on my wall. We alerted the landlord, and he came by unannounced a few time, and then he randomly came in when I was out and PUT A BIG ASS HOLE IN MY WALL, LETTING ALL THE MOLD INTO THE AIR, on my stuff, everything. At that point, I couldn’t go in my room, physically without experiencing extreme symptoms like migraines, shortness of breath, more. More stuff happened, the landlord is refusing to clean it properly, and he is now in the process of illegally evicting us. He changed the locks, with all of our stuff inside.
We are fighting him, but can’t safely return. My old roommate is a fucking champ, and basically found us both housing, because I have been so so sick from the mold, and so fucking depressed about being homeless for the SIXTH TIME. I need to be able to pay the deposit tho, no options there.
I need help. I’m a multiply disabled QTPOC who runs (well, wheels) them self ragged at a social work job that is for homeless lgbtq youth. I do my very best every day. I’ve survived so much abuse, hospitalizations, homelessness, hate crimes…….I need stability to survive. This place has a three year lease. Three years of solid housing where I live is so unheard of, specially since my job under this administration is on shakey ground funding wise. Please, if you have anything to spare, please.
Again, my paypal is or venmo is junebugflowers
I’ll make a post soon about selling my stuff, and herbal creations.
I love you all. Stay safe and take care of each other regardless ❤️


He didn’t regret any of the Section 31 targets. They were soldiers, and their hands were bloodied too.

But the city had never been his target.

He’d intended to die taking out Starfleet HQ, and the sight of the unintended devastation he’d wreaked on the buildings horrified him.

The only thing still functioning on the ship was the auto-destruct system. He could activate it now and die as he’d wanted, taking out all of the enemies who had contributed to the extermination of his people.

But the price to pay would be taking out all of San Francisco in the process. A price much too high.

He’d have to go on living, and find a better way to avenge his people, painful as this prolonged existence may be.  

He ran and leapt into the emptiness.

dhanson810  asked:

All your images are crystal clear. Any recommendations for that? I use a d3300.

Hey there,

First things first. Great question.

Make sure you are well aware of your cameras auto-focus system and how it works. I usually use single-point AF on all my shots so I can pinpoint exactly where I want to focus.

Keep in mind your shooting techniques. Steady hands make for a steady shot. Camera shake is responsible for most images that are rendered unsharp.

Your shutter speed is also a major factor in sharp images. Make sure you have a fast enough shutter speed to avoid any shake.

If you feel you have covered these foundations, then your images should always be sharp. Even with a very large aperture, you should still achieve clear images where you directed your cameras focus point.

In the post-process NOTHING can sharpen an image that was shot blurry. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit. I usually use a global adjustment with the Clarity Filter at around 10-15%. A little goes a long way. I also shot raw. And I never use a global adjustment for sharping. I’ll only use a sharpen tool for the part of the image that is in focus, or where I want the viewers eye to go. Using a sharpen tool on the whole image can do more harm. Imagine you shot a portrait. The person you shot is in focus while the backgroud is defocused. Applying a sharpen tool on the whole image would try to bring the background into focus. It’s counter productive. Only sharpen what you want to be seen. And sharpen it LIGHTLY.

To wrap it up, start with the foundations first. If you feel you have a good technique down in the shooting process - then your images should always be sharp. It all comes down to basics.

Thanks for the great question, again!

  • Shin Megami Tensei, a difficult and very strategically involved game aimed primarily at more mature audiences: *has systems that automatically tell you what moves are more effective against enemies in a game with only like five or six elements, has not only an auto battle system but an auto battle system that will AUTOMATICALLY PINPOINT the enemy's weaknesses*
  • yall:
  • Pokemon, a less immediately involved but still very fun game primarily aimed at children: *puts in a system to tell you what's more effective against a certain type in a game with 15+ elements and over 700 monsters*