system 9

I left my jacket in my friends truck and when I got it back this was left in the pocket.
You are so beautiful
I wish I could spend
every minute with you
and I miss you every
minute that I’m not
I could spend years
telling you all the
things I like about
So I’m just gonna
say in our solar
system there’s 9
planets, 204 countries,
809 islands, 7 seas,
and I have had
the privilege to meet
You to me are
1 in 7 billion and
theres no one else
Id rather spend time with than you

I’m really sorry for
all the stuff that’s
been happening

Your fave is problematic:  Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9
  • this comet was discovered in 1993 and got real famous real quick because she was a real drama queen when she found her end
    • she got her name from her discoverers: Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker and David Levy
  • a few moments after her discovery, Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 smashed into our beloved planet Jupiter, producing scars that were visible from Earth even with small telescopes
  • this strike was, in fact, the first direct observation of an extraterrestrial collision of Solar System objects ever and completely blew astronomers’ minds
  • she was captured by Jupiter’s gravity around 1966 and the comet was orbiting Jupiter for then on, and later was destined to eventually smash into it
  • astronomers calculated when this crash would happen, and they correctly set the date for July 16 to 22, 1994
    • even the Hubble Space Telescope was repositioned to observe the collision, however spacecraft Galileo got the best view on it
  • this rude ass comet scared Jupiter for months from its several different collisions, having scars that were more easily visible than the Great Red Spot
  • summary: 11/10, a ruthless comet not afraid to hit a bitch, will fight for herself, tho also an excellent study buddy for the science
Keep Me Warm When You’re Not Here...

If you’d rather read the fic on AO3 the LINK IS HERE


When Keith leaves the team for his mission with the Blade he leaves behind a few things he won’t need… like his leather jacket.

Coincidentally Lance has misplaced his own jacket.

Hey Peaches! I will be updating All Aboard as soon as I can - this was just a fun little fic I did with a friend.

PS: my sister who had never seen Voltron binged it with me and her favorite character is Shiro - so I need to draw more of him. (She digs the show and finds Zarkon to be obsessive - and totes agrees that Shiro needs a vacation)

Please enjoy this little angsty romance fic I co-wrote with my bestie.

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The 15 Emotional Stages of Buying Harry Styles Tickets
Just stop your crying, have the time of your life.

1. Constant state of low-key misery brought on by not getting tickets the first time around. I’m really happy for all five of you that got tickets to the original tour, but I also wouldn’t be mad if you fell seriously ill and had to sell them to me. What’s that? Oh yes, you can definitely eat mayonnaise after it’s been left out in the sun for 36 hours.

2. Elation that Harry has added additional tour dates. This must be what it feels like to win the lottery, or at least trivia night when you’re playing against your nemesis who thinks you’re stupid for remembering how many Twilight movies there are. (Sorry bro, but you’re the idiot for not knowing the answer is five.)

3. Fear that they’re at even smaller venues than the original tour. I swear to god if he tries to do this at some 500-person club, I will take a lighter to my special-edition vinyl copy of Harry Styles and never look back.

4. Return of the elation when you realize it’s a stadium tour. Goddamn it, Harry, this is a real roller coaster! My emotions haven’t gotten this much of a workout since March 25, 2015. (If you have to ask what happened on that date, you will be denied entry at the door of each and every tour stop.)

5. Anxiety that will not abate until the on-sale date arrives. “Well, doctor, my symptoms are I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, and every time I see photos of Harry Styles, it feels like I’m having a heart attack.”

6. Unadulterated rage at Ticketmaster for implementing this insane Verified Fan program. So much for getting an American Express card just so I could participate in the American Express presale. This really feels like a personal attack.

7. Terror that you will not receive a Verified Fan code. What the hell does “randomly selected” mean, Ticketmaster? Is this sweatshirt I’m wearing of all Harry’s tattoos where they are on his body not verification enough for you?

8. Intense preparation the likes of which you have not undertaken since studying for your SATs. Code, copy and pasted. Credit cards, staged. Ticketmaster account, logged into. Boyfriend, enlisted to try for the other dates within public transit distance. All systems go!


10. Denial that there could somehow be only one single ticket left in the entire arena. This thing seats 20,000 people, and you’re telling me there aren’t two seats left together in the entire building?

11. Acceptance that you will just have to buy that one ticket and sit alone. I’m a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a concert buddy. Anyone who thinks it’s weird that a 30-year-old adult is sitting alone at a Harry Styles concert is obviously just jealous that they’re not brave enough to sit alone at a Harry Styles concert.

12. Annoyance at someone having the gall to text you during your Very Important Ticket Buying Session. The nerve. I am Very Busy right now and cannot be bothered, especially if this is you, Verizon, texting to say that I’m almost out of data. I fucking know, OK?

13. HOLY SHIT, IT’S TICKETMASTER SAYING HE’S ADDED ANOTHER DATE. Praise be to the most high Beyoncé (I assume this was her doing).

14. Prayer and reflection. “Dear Lord, I know I haven’t been to church since George W. Bush was in office, but I promise I’ll go back and never take Your name in vain again if You find me four tickets together, so I can sit with the whole crew.”

15. A feeling of deep satisfaction and peace. VICTORY IS MINE! See you in church on Sunday.

On the Alleged Ages
  • Literally that one post: Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens talked to the writers in PRIVATE
  • Official Dreamworks site: 5 teens
  • IMBD: 5 teens
  • Literally every other sourced site describing Voltron: 5 TEENS
  • People: Shiro is 25, Pidge is 14 and all other paladins are late teens
  • Josh Keaton: No one told us anything about this age thing
  • People: Every ship with Shiro with any of the Paladins is invalid also with Pidge
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: ????
  • Me: *galra grunt voice* Emperor Zarkon, we were scouting system X-9-Y as ordered when we found these primitive creatures. I don't think they know anything useful.

My 9 Fave Games Meme (original post)

Jelly’s Energy System Notes: Introduction

Hello! This is my notes on energy systems. I have gathered this knowledge over the years through my dealings with energy work, especially while healing others. This knowledge pertains mainly to human energy systems. The structure of other beings’ energy systems are often similar, however, the way their systems interact with the environment is usually not similar to humans.

Note that while it is similar to the chakra system it is not the same; this is not the chakra system, this is my own system. The points/”chakras” may be similar but the way energy flows through the body is not.

What are Energy Systems?
Your energy system is all of your energy, plus the main energetic points in your body, plus the pathways it flows throughout your body. It’s how your energy is and flows in your body/spirit body/astral body. Similar to how your blood and heart and stuff is called the “circulatory system”; like that, but with energy.

Your energy collects in focal points, of which I just call “points”. These points are where energy is processed and distributed throughout a small location of the body. The health of these points is crucial to someone’s entire energetic system, because of their effect on energy flow and storage. Most points are spherical in shape and appearance, however they can become cubes or triangular pyramids through odd magic shenanigans.

There are 9 Main Points. These points are named for their effect, with the exception of the hand and feet points.

  • Astral Point: Indicates spiritual connection/spiritual ability. This is where most of the communication with spirits, especially deities, “enters” from. This point does not need to be open or flowing for someone to live a healthy mundane or magical life, it is more of an added bonus. 
  • Mind Point: Shows the ability to think clearly.
  • Communication Point: Shows the ability to communicate with ease, without struggles and anxiety, and the ability to listen to and understand others when they communicate; how you connect to others in communication. 
  • Heart Point: Deals with all emotions to a certain extent, though primarily more personal ones such as love and trust. 
  • Confidence Point: Deals with confidence. 
  • Enjoyment of Life: Deals with being able to feel happy and enjoy life. 
  • Security: Deals with feelings of stability, self-reliance, and independence. 
  • Hand Points: These deal with doing work/being hardworking, and thus signs of overworking yourself, or being lazy, can be seen here. 
  • Feet points: These deal with perseverance/general stamina, and work similar to the Hand Points to an extent. Leaks in this point are very common in people with strenuous jobs.

How does energy flow through these points?
All energy in the body should circulate through the heart point, as energy flow is very similar to heart flow. The heart point is the most central of the points because of this, and its health can affect the health of the entire energetic system. Your energy is pumped throughout your body in rhythm with your pulse. All points have entrances and exits with valves that allow energy from other points to pass through them.

Each point makes energy while also absorbing and balancing with the other energies in the body. While each point has a specific “flavor” of energy, all of your energy flows through and circulates throughout the entire body. This circulation is important as it keeps your energy balanced (make sure none of the points have too little or too much energy), and is how your body automatically cleanses itself and distributes energy.

There are also what I term “Flow Paths”, additional paths that the energy flows along. These are special paths in that they don’t directly interact with the main energy flow throughout the rest of the system. They also have their own specialized, specific meanings. (Pink lines in the above picture)

  • Hands to Heart and Confidence Points: Hard work in relativity to your emotions and your confidence. 
  • Feet to Root Point: Perseverance in maintaining your own security; independence or lack thereof. 
  • Mind and Communication Points: Ability to communicate logical, rational thoughts.

How to determine the health of the system in general, or health of specific points?
Skill in sensing energy is the easiest way, as energy sensing skills will allow you to see or feel the blockages. However, you may determine if you have a blockage or if a certain point is unhealthy if you are having troubles in what each point symbolizes. It is still best to have someone else with energy sensing skills, whether they be an entity or human, to verify if you have an actual blockage or not. 

Additionally, energy systems are very relative- determining if something is unhealthy is based on large differences. For example, if someone has gigantic points in general, and their hand points are super large as well- then those hand points are probably healthy. However, if the hand points were small while the rest of the system has rather large points, then those points are highly likely unhealthy.

How do blockages form?

Blockages may form from mental, emotional, physical, or magical stressors. It is my belief that when there is a non-magical blockage, mundane problems arise first, physical, mental, or emotional, which results in an energy blockage afterwards ; an energetic manifestation of the problem.

Magical blockages may form through cursings, bindings, and other harmful magic.

How to cleanse a blockage or heal the energy system in general?

All of my magic is this: mundane first. Ignoring the mundane is probably one of the biggest problems in the magic community I’ve seen, even for people who aren’t aware of it. Mundane problems arise first , physical, mental, or emotional, which results in an energy blockage afterwards ; an energetic manifestation of the problem. Because of this, if you don’t take care of the mundane issue, getting an energy healing won’t do anything: the blockage will keep coming back, because you keep doing the same things that result in the blockage over and over.

Example: You’re really shy and have trouble expressing yourself, and an energetic healer sees the blockage. They heal it for you. You feel better for a few days, but ultimately didn’t change anything about your habits. After about a week or so, the blockage comes back, because you’re still not talking to new people, you’re still avoiding going out because you don’t want to put effort into socializing, etc. Nothing will change unless you take the mundane actions to support it. Did you try talking to someone today? Did you order your food yourself, even though it makes you anxious and your friend offered to do it? Did you force yourself to go out and socialize, even though you felt unmotivated to do so? Or did you stay at home, then complained why you felt lonely, again?

They can get better as you grow as a person, but it’s up to you to make sure that happens.

Meditations and visualizations can and will facilitate getting over these problems, but that’s all they can do: facilitate. They can be a start to getting over your own blockages, but they will never replace the actual physical work necessary to fix them.

Note that energy systems are NOT limited to what I state here; the above picture is only the TYPICAL system for a TYPICAL human; other species often have other points/nodes/other characteristics. 

How is this different from the chakra system? 

Note that I am NOT an expert on the chakra system, this is just what I know of: 

  • There is no religion tied to this system, unlike the chakra system, which is Hindu in origin (please correct me if I am wrong!). In my system, these points contain no spiritual significance, there are no deep meanings behind each point. My system is fully secular. 
  • You don’t need your astral point (”crown chakra”) to be healthy to have a balanced and healthy energy system, unlike in the chakra system. 
  • In the chakra system, energy only flows from the root/feet chakras upwards, instead of circulating throughout the entire body. 
  • My system has absolutely nothing to do with “raising your vibration”, which is a common concern among people who follow the chakra system. 
  • The chakra system does not contain details on energetic flow paths. 
  • Hand and feet points are considered main points in my system. 
  • 9 main points (my system) versus 7 (chakra system). 

Again, this is based on my knowledge, I am no expert on the chakra system. 


This is just the introductory post, I will add more posts on specific parts very soon! 

Watch Project MC2 on netflix

1. Smart girls in highschool being chosen as spies.
2. Racially diverse
3. Very feminine girly girls who use all the latest media (stuff generally seen as dumb) are intelligent.
4. Talking notebooks that give out compliments
5. Acronyms everywhere
6. Girls being silly while being intelligent
7. New girl being weird? Find out her last name and search for her on every social media
8. Awkward dad repeating totes adorbs
8. Girl breaks through NASA like security systems at 14
9. “That guy must do Pilate’s to look like that” “it might be a woman”
10. New girl not on social media? Maybe she’s the threatening person for the launch?
11. Chemistry and science girl is also pink girl who gets left alone in a lab to do whatever she likes by school
12. Pretty girls being portrayed this way
13. Yeah they gave the wreird new girl a camera pen
14. She works it out!
15. “One of the good guys…girls” is mentioned constantly as an automatic saying then switching.
16. I think she lives alone
17. Because they created robots and inventions to track her and were already on the list to be spies they are now being trained.
18.catchy song!

And this is episode one!

10 Early 20s Survival Tips:

So this past year I’ve learned a few things about taking care of myself. They may not be great habits in the long run, but they help me now.

1: if you don’t put eggs in your brownie mix, you can keep it uncooked in a large tupperware container by your bed for roughly 3-5 days for a midnight snack.

2: if you don’t have money to keep buying more wine and/or beer, just buy 1 bottle of cheap brandy. It mixes well with any sweet drink around your apartment, lasts much longer, and gets you drunker faster. (My favorite is mixing it with orange juice and pineapple juice)

3: if you don’t have a lot of going out outfits, just wear black leggings and a black croptop tanktop every single time you go out. Where a different jacket/shirt over it each time and most likely nobody will notice or say anything.

4: if you’re stressed out, don’t hole up in your room and watch netflix. Sit/walk outside for just 15 minutes, whether it’s 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning. (*Disclaimer: this tip should not be used at night if you live in a bad neighborhood)

5: if you decided to hole up in your room and watch Netflix anyway, at least have a bottle of water with you in bed. You’ll drink it without thinking about it and water’s always a good thing.

6: if you’re messy and don’t feel like ever getting your act together/don’t have the time to get your act together, just make sure if you have a roommate that they are also a messy person. No arguments and no feuds.

7: if you smoke weed and you’re in college, for the love of all that is good, choose an apartment that’s a good distance from campus (at least 3 or 4 blocks). This will make your life infinitely simpler.

8: if you don’t have a car, get to know the bus system. Live the bus system. BE the bus system.

9: if you don’t have tupperware, wash and keep sour cream containers, plastic takeout containers, deli meat containers, or anything else that seals decently and falls into your clutches.

10: if you feel like you need change in your life but don’t want to make any rash decisions you might regret, make small harmless ones that minutely affect your day-to-day living. Switch which end the pillows are at on your bed. Tape up some cheap christmas lights around your bedroom doorway. Change your computer/phone background. Start trying things other than your “usual” at your favorite restaurant. Start dressing up once in a while for no particular reason. Buy a new scented candle and light it in your room with the lights off. Try starting one of those hobbies you’ve been thinking of picking up but never got around to.

Bonus - 11: if you are having a hard time loving yourself, make contact with someone. You might feel like you don’t have anyone, or that you need to handle your emotions on your own, but there is someone out there who cares. Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a significant other, a current friend, an old friend from high school, an extended family member, a colleague, or a classmate, there is someone out there who wants you to be okay. Call that person.

zmediaoutlet reblogged your post “ameliacareful: ozonecologne: SURPRISE bringing up the words “Dean” and “abuse” in the same sentence provoked some…”

#one more thing that i think isn’t talked about enough #dean wants to tell sam #multiple times he says out loud ‘i have to tell sam’ #what people always seem to gloss over #is that gadreel is *holding sam hostage* #from dean’s pov #it’s like gadreel is holding sam dangling over a ravine #and keeps saying 'my grip sure is slippery’ #'better make sure i don’t accidentally let him fall 1000 feet to his death!!’ #and dean of course #OF COURSE #tries to keep that grip from slipping #what else is he supposed to do #once the initial decision has been made?

What an image! And a really good point.

Some of the discussion I’ve seen around Gadreel’s possession talks about it like it was all entirely Dean’s choice, his idea from the start. Gadreel’s own role is pretty much entirely ignored; he’s treated like he’s a direct agent of Dean’s, acting only at his command.  As opposed to the instigator, prodding Dean at every crossroads – metaphorical, not that Dean does any better at the literal ones. But when Dean sells his soul, he goes out there fully knowing what he’s going to do. With Gadreel, he was just looking for an angel to heal Sam, as they’ve been healed many times before, and from everything we see, that wouldn’t have been against Sam’s wishes. (In Sam’s head he’s bargaining with Death, convincing himself he’s better off dead; but Dean doesn’t know that, and the last he heard, Sam wanted to live.)

And Gadreel takes it slow, escalating cautiously – he tries to heal Sam the expected way first, and then he gives Dean a choice of Sam’s death or possession. And only after that is accomplished does he mention that he plans to keep his presence secret from Sam – or else Sam could die – and when Dean gives into that, then Gadreel mentions he could erase Sam’s memory to make it easier…

Not to say that Dean’s not complicit, or culpable. He’s the one who brought in Gadreel to begin with, and he repeatedly has opportunities to back down, to change his mind – not even to let Sam die, but to trust him to fight to live, rather than lie to him to deny him that choice. But looking at any of it like it’s what Dean wanted or intended, like violating Sam is his standard operating procedure rather than a result of extreme circumstances, to my mind is about as accurate as saying Sam chose to raise Lucifer.

Mind Palace - Conversion

So far, we’ve talked about the basic framework for a mind-palace, and the general idea behind setting one up. Today, we’re going to examine what goes in to actually internalizing information in a really concrete way. In order to do that, I thought I’d take you through one of my pet-projects that I work on when I’m bored - memorizing Pi.

NOTE: This is advanced. If you cannot use your mind palace to remember a shopping list, a list of 20 random words, AND the order of songs on your favorite album first, DO THAT FIRST. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING. Everything after this will assume you are at a level where you are capable of the above tasks or better.

Now, since Pi is an infinite non-repeating decimal, you’ll never actually be able to get it memorized by virtue of the fact that there’s always one more number you haven’t stored away (for more information, please Google “Pi”). This element of futility makes Pi an excellent way to “score” your mnemonic prowess. You’ll never actually complete the job, but you’ll have a number to point to - you’ll be able to say, “I’ve stored X digits of Pi in my mind palace, and I know them backwards and forwards.” For me, that number is currently 78. Nothing crazy, but then, I’m not trying to win any competitions.

In order to memorize something like Pi, which (after you get passed the 3 and decimal point bit) is just a series of numbers, you’re going to need to figure out a few things in advance.
  • Chunk Size :
    • You’re obviously not going to make one gigantic image by just combining all of the numbers together. This is a bad idea for two reasons. The first is that, depending on how you set it up, your image might change dramatically with every new number you add. The second is that even if you didn’t hit the first problem, eventually your image would be so complex that you’d be better off just trying to remember the numbers in another way (perhaps a song?).
    • So what we’re going to do is “chunk” the number up into manageable pieces that we can memorize and add to a list. If you’re a world champion mnemonist, you may end up using a system that has 9 digit chunks. The system I use has 6 digit chunks (I’ll explain why in a bit). If you’re a total beginner, you can chunk 1 digit at a time too (of course, if you’re a total beginner, perhaps memorizing Pi shouldn’t be your first exercise).
  • Conversion Method:
    • We need to find a way to convert the data we want to remember (strings of numbers) into something our brain can more readily process (sensory-enriched images). So they question is, how do we convert a 6-digit string into an image?
    • Enter the PAO System (Person, Action, Object). The PAO system is one of the more popular systems for encoding any data that can be “chunked” into 3’s. Essentially, we convert the first chunk into an image, the second into an action, and the third into an object to create a little scene which we can place into one of the loci in our mind palace.
    • But wait, above I said that I use chunks of six digits at a time. Still true. We’re just going to use the PAO system to break it down further into chunks of 2. So for the purposes of this memorization exercise, the smallest mnemonic unit we’ll be using is a 2-digit number. Sound fair?
  • Setup:
    • The setup required to create a successful PAO system is a tad daunting. For a 2-digit PAO system, basically you need to think of 100 people - numbered 00-99 - each one of these people has a unique action and object that is associated ONLY with them. They don’t have to combine to create a sensible image as long as you can use any one to get back to the number associated with the person.
      • Ex1:     14 - Albus Dumbledore, Blackening His Hand, Elder Wand
      • Ex2:     15 - Albert Einstein, Writing Equations, Chalkboard
      • Ex3:     92 - Napolean Bonaparte, Posing For A Painting, White Flag
    • The above examples make use of a technique called the Dominic System, which you can feel free to Google at your leisure. Essentially it maps numbers onto letters, turning all 2 digit numbers into sets of initials, which you can use to associate people with numbers.
    • This is not the only way - feel free to use direct association as well (Ex: “01” could be George Washington).
    • From there, all you need to know is the location of the number in the chunk. We’ll get there.
Now, once you’ve got all the legwork done, you’re ready to actually memorize the data (I know, so excited).
  • Conversion Itself:
    • For this, we’ll use as our example the very first numbers in Pi. It begins, for those of you who do not know, as 3.141592653589793…….
    • STEP 1: Chunk by 6 - Since I already know Pi begins with a 3 and a decimal point, we’ll start just to the right of the decimal. This results in a 6-digit chunk of “141592.”
    • STEP 2: Apply the PAO - The PAO System breaks down our chunk into 3 pieces, resulting in “14 / 15 / 92” where the 14 is the person, the 15 is the action, and the 92 is the object.
    • So “14 / 15 / 92” becomes “Albus Dumbledore / Writing Equations / White Flag.”
    • From there, all you have to do is create a little scene out of the above phrases. For me, it’s an image of Albus Dumbledore furiously scribbling equations onto a large white flag, accidentally tearing it in places from his efforts.
Then, take that image you created and place it in your mind palace. Finally, just repeat the conversion step for every successive chunk of 6 numbers and add the resulting image to the next location in your mind palace.

As always, if you have any questions, need some clarification, or just want to add a suggestion, please feel free to leave a comment (or on Tumblr, just PM me). Happy memorizing!

    slightlyradchild  asked:

    Omg I didn't realise that ஒன்பது was a homophobic slur in Tamil? Do you know why perchance?

    It’s because 9 is the number that separates 8 and 10, 8 being one-digit and 10 being two-digit; as a result, 9 is a number that sits right between the binary (in the Tamil numeric system 9 is neither one-digit nor two-digit), which is why it’s used to refer to people who don’t fit within the binary of gender/attraction 

    it’s a really complicated slur and I’m very very sure it was initially not meant to be a slur (like how a lot of homophobic/transphobic slurs in Tamil started out) and personally if it hadn’t been used against me as a slur so often i would really love to reclaim it but alas… .. …. that’s gonna take a while for me lmao 

    edit: i forgot to explain why 9 is not a one or two-digit number in tamil numerics; it’s because “onpathu” translates to “ten minus one” 

    Being willing to drop players.

    I’ve seen the last few posts people submitted, about how some select players are ruining the dun for everyone else. While I understand that, by the very nature that they play here games, RPG players are very social, and GM’s often feel like players are a limited resource to be protectively cultivate, I have to remind those responsible for people’s fun that it’s not fair to spend all your time in the one squeaky wheel.

    I had a playing group where we rotated though every player being a GM, doing different campaigns and systems for 3 to 9 month stretches. And while he was a great GM, one of the players made things utterly miserable when he was running a character. He would research the system online, searching though forums for the best exploits and combos. He would never break rules as written, but he’d know which class was the most powerful, how to stack XP, and what abilities created something like then Pleasent rail gun or wizard nuke. He had to always be able to kill the rest of the party to feel safe, and would twist any story elements into something that benefited himself.

    It was hard, but as the rest of the group leaned more and more into story telling role playing, and away from dice focused roll playing, we had to let him know that such actions just weren’t going to be accepted, and he was no longer welcomed. His happens after two and a half years of talking with him, and trying to make things work. (Because he always stuck to rules as written, we could never tell him he -couldn’t- do something, because he always had the rules to back him up, and would rant about how if there were no rules it wasn’t fair because anyone could just do anything)

    Anyways, TLDR: don’t be afraid to boot someone who makes the game a drag for everyone else.