So You Think You Can Dance Season 10 Auditions Will “Sysko” Green

The freestyle lap dance of Mary Murphy is fantastic. Creative


9 Days until Season 12

My second choice for the countdown is Sysko!

I don’t remember much about Sysko’s other abilities but I think he has a great energy and personality for the show. This audition was one of the most entertaining of the season. I think he would be great for the street team this year!

Appetito Ristorante's 22nd Anniversary

It takes a special type of place to be in business for 22 years here in New York and recently I found such a place, in a midtown Manhattan restaurant named Appetito Ristorante. This particular restaurant is one I would pass by often not knowing the delicious home-style Italian food being created inside. We were guests at their special anniversary celebration and enjoyed exquisite items from their menu titled the Appetito 22 Legacy Menu. Having such a timeless and classic décor went along well with the signature drink that was handed to me as I joined the party. The heavenly drink named the Appetito 22 Martini was made just for me, (in my mind) because the ingredients were simple and smooth, just the way I like them!  Sysko and I sampled passed appetizers like the Oyster Royale and their yummy Crostinis as well as entrees like the Veal with Shitaki mushrooms, Asparagus and Marsala Wine and their Lobster Ravioli in garlic oil with Rosemary and to say they were delicious is an understatement. This is a family style restaurant through and through, proving that it’s good to venture outside of Little Italy!

1. Favorite Menu Item: (Jeanise)                                                                              

The entrees were all delicious but my favorite came from the appetizer side, The Smoked Salmon on Rue is what I couldn’t stop eating.

(Sysko): They had a piece of bacon on top of an oyster, which was awesome.

2. Least Favorite Item: (Jeanise)                                                                                                  

If I had to pick something it would be the dessert, the Creole Cake. I’m more of a savory person then sweet so I only had one bite. It wasn’t bad at all just wasn’t my favorite.

(Sysko): The creole cake was awesome Jeanise, you are crazy.. I didn’t have a least favorite.

3. Thoughts on Décor: (Jeanise)                                                                                                   

I felt like it was Old Italian charm with a modern twist.

(Sysko): I liked the décor, its intimate, but not cramped. Definitely AR has an old school Italian feel.

4. Drinking Thoughts: (Jeanise)                                                                                                    

I tried 2-3 different drinks but loved the signature drink (Appetito 22 Martini) so much that I ended up with another one of those!

(Sysko): Yes the Appetiti 22 Martini was so yummy. This drink featured cognac and Cointreau, with a little lime and orange. Delicious.

Overall, Appetito Ristorante was an amazing experience, and we recommend you visit and enjoy the wonderful food like we did.  Appetito Ristorante 47 West 39th Street | New York, NY 10018 | (212) 321-5286.

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#CHSD15 WellDoc Prescription App for Diabetes BlueStar @suzanneclough - Mobile Rx Therapy (MPT)

#CHSD15 WellDoc Prescription App for Diabetes BlueStar @suzanneclough – Mobile Rx Therapy (MPT)

connected Health 2015

Realtime notes from ConnectedHealth 2015 in San Diego #CHSD15.

Cool presentation from Suzanne Sysko Clough about WellDoc’s BlueStar App for Diabetes Management – Mobile Prescription Therapy (MPT)
Great to see a Baltimore company pioneering in health care technology.

Moderator: David Ahn, Endocrinology Fellow, UC San Diego Health System @Ahncall

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