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hey everyone thanks! first of all, i’m flattered you’re asking me of all people questions about process and stuff. second of all, i hope this stuff will be helpful to you. but i get the impression that everyone’s process is different because people are different in terms of how we visualize the world around us or the images in our heads. for example, i sincerely hate doing linework and i will avoid it to my death because i visualize images in color blocks, not lines. other people love linework and emphasize that part of the process the most.

thirdly, thanks for the nice things you say.

so this is kind of my process (for this spring weather thing here). details under the read more cut.

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Infinite's First Impressions of each Other
Infinite OT7

Kinda interessting LOL- Those are my crappy translations, so please be aware of the criminal translation, grammar and spelling mistakes.

SG:Before our debut, when we formed our group, during that time there were many incidents.  

WH: Yes.

SJ: Very many. Very many.

SG: I actually haven’t said it on a broadcast. Actually the first time I saw Sungjong.

SJ: Yes.

SG: I thought Sungjong was a girl.

SY: He looked very young.

SG: During that (time) he was wearing that toilet lid (I think it would be similar to the mushroom hair-cut).

SJ: During that time…

WH: Junior High.

SJ: Yes, junior high. The mushroom hair-cut was very trendy. I was  the leader for it. I’m from Jeolla-do. During that time the hair-cut was especially popular in the Jeolla province. That’s why I came with this head. Even wearing skinny pants.

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Sungyeol x Green 

(part of the ifnt rainbow aesthetic collab with @ifnt-saranghae )


The capital is very excited with the news that you will be dancing at the festival. Please show us great dancing. I’ll look forward to it.
- SooYeon.”