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I finally shopped at Rose Marie Seoir for the first time ever and I met the designer Ayumi Watanabe! She was so sweet and easy to talk to. Thank you so much ❤️
今日は憧れるのRose Marie Seoirでやっと買い物しました!デザイナーのあゆみさんに会えて本当に嬉しかったです。優しくお話してくれてありがとうございます✨✨


chanyeol’s true love: maple syrup cookies 🍁 ft. shopping buddy sehun 

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Yum, said Mama Earth

We have an obsession with maple syrup (stating the obvious) so on Earth Day we can’t help pointing out one of the things that makes us love it so dang much - it’s a sustainable food. Sugar Maples can produce sap for more than 100 years, getting tapped year after year. And because a sugarbush is a forest, there are no chemicals used like fertilizers or pesticides in the whole entire process. And! Our sugarmaker boils the sap by burning wood that is sustainably harvested from their own sugarbush.

All in all, sugaring is a really pure process. If you haven’t yet, try to tour a sugarhouse during sugaring season (which just ended around here) to see it all go down in person … completely enchanting and magical.

Happy Earth Day.