syrup rambles


I had someone reply (can’t find it right now, otherwise I would have included it) to one of my posts fawning over y'all (as I commonly do because you guys need to know how appreciative I am of all of you) and they were something like “You’re the cool guy, you do the writing” but it’s like I wouldn’t be doing it if it weren’t for you guys??? Like, I’ve tried writing on Tumblr before and it never really took off and I just kind of gave up on it until recently (when I created this blog). Now it’s all blown up and you guys like my content so much that you bombard me with requests (which I absolutely LOVE you guys doing, btw) to the point that I have to have to have closed periods to get them all finished??? It’s absolutely incredible and almost unfathomable to me and I just want you guys to know it. Writing’s a huge deal for me, personally, and the fact that you guys enjoy it too makes my heart actually flutter sometimes, it’s crazy.

Okay I’m done being sappy, I swear. Until, yanno, the next wave hits in about a half hour. XD ❤❤❤