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I… I can’t really choose? I can freely admit that, if I’m trying out new stuff — new brushes or techniques — I usually try those out on my sona, but that’s about the closest I can come to even answering that one)

Colorful Olympics? I… donno what that is, sorry. I just made a lil’ doodle for the Pride month there. It sorta felt like there wasn’t enough aro-ace stuff going around, so I dragged my two fave canon aro-aces into that :D

I have no idea, but when it comes to condiment-like stuff I can drink ketchup, soy sauce and undiluted syrups.

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If you're still suffering through writer's block, I was reminiscing about sick days and how one of my parents would always stay home with me. And it's been awhile since we've heard from Barba and his daughter. 👀

AHHHHHHHH I shot this out on my break at work, thank you for the fun & fluffy lil idea! No edit so, sorry if there’s some errors etc, and it’s not very long.

For anyone unfamiliar with how I write these:
Reader/You are Rafael Barba’s young daughter.

Some other Papi Rafi stories <3.

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This was going to be the end- you knew it.

Of course, your mami had tried to tell you how you can’t die from a flu, but what did she know? The fact she even felt it necessary to bring it up, when all you had done was lament about your sore chest and throat- well, there had to be something to that, right? Honestly, you hadn’t even considered the fact that people die from being ill… But, now, you thought you could ‘see the light’ the older ladies talked about on your Abuela’s soap operas.

“Teddy, I love you,” you pulled him closer to your chest, just before burying your face into his fuzz so you could let out the coughing fit stuck in your throat. “If I don’t ever ever get better, I’ll make sure you go somewhere so nice.”

Only a few minutes later, your papi arrived at your bedroom door. Rafael waltzed in with a smile, while carrying a tray out before him. Delicately, he set the tray on the edge of your bed, and went to turn off the baby monitor that had been put in your room. “Princesa, you’re going to get better.”

It really was never much use arguing with your papi, so for the sake of your burning throat, you didn’t even try. “Papi, just in case, will you make sure Teddy-” coughs caught your chest, and Rafael eagerly dropped to his knees alongside your mattress. “Will you make sure Teddy gets taken care’of?”

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How can you miss someone you’ve never met?
Maybe it’s that yearning of someone that’s never going to be there
So it soothes the mind
Thinking of that person makes you happy inside
Like a warm buzz
That you’d never want to leave behind
They just make you truly smile
And you wish to meet them so you can maybe just feel alive
Maybe it’s just a figment of my imagination
But I’d rather have a lovely imagination
So I’ll just think of you
In sweet ways
Like syrup on pancakes

- Sweet