syrup chug

friends: your grasp of lore is really good, and i really look up to ur ideas

me, numerous times over the last year to livvy: djura in Modern Aus would definitely chug chocolate syrup straight outta the bottle. just,, fuckion slorp

anonymous asked:

As a kid I L O V E D grape flavored stuff (still do) and I found a bottle of grape flavored cough syrup and chugged it all and then the next day it got recalled but I told my mom "don't worry I threw it away" :)))) I almost died 4 grape

are any of my followers actually okay

The signs today:

Taurus: *chugs maple syrup*
Gemini: *hugs multiple polar bear plush*
Cancer: *rips sweater off to reveal Canada af shirt*
Leo: woo fireworks
Virgo: *is that person who wears all red and white*
Libra: CANADA🇨🇦
Scorpio: *posts a bunch of stuff on Instagram dedicated to Canada day*
Sagittarius: *is American*
Capricorn: 3 more days until the Fourth of July :/
Pisces: *dedicates all social media to Canada day*