syrup chug

1. You go to parties you don’t want to go to
And drink beer you don’t even like
Just to prove to yourself you can do normal things like everyone else.
You can be like everyone else.

2. By the end of the night people are calling you party girl instead of your actual name.
By the end of the night you are safe pretending to be someone else, someone better.

3. You take one too many hits and start to talk about him for the first time in five months.
You say he must have loved you at one point,
You say you loved him until the end,
You say maybe even longer.

4. You end up melting into a boy with a pretty smile and pills in his jean pockets
You kiss him as if he can make the pain go away, as if he can make the sadness drip out of your hair.

5. You go home with bloodshot eyes and an empty heart rattling inside your chest so you turn the radio on to drown the noise away, and before you know it you’re falling apart reciting the words to his favorite song.

6. You can hold your own hand
And wipe away your own tears, but can’t for the life in you find a single reason to stay alive, so you come up with a lame excuse like, who would water the plants.

7. You can’t count the times you’ve closed the blinds and chugged cough syrup like it was water.
You can’t count the times you’ve said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it was an accident” knowing it wasn’t.
You can’t count the times you’ve woken up three days later wishing it had killed you.

8. You write poems about boys who thought they were everything but turned into nothing, and replaced their names with the color of their eyes hoping that time will make you forget that too.

9. You can’t seem to write the loneliness out of your body so you settle on counting how many pills you can swallow before you black out. It takes ten.

10. It’s Friday night and somehow you end up alone again,
So you trace your own reflection
and whisper to your bedroom walls, because they’re the only ones who stay long enough to listen. You spent so much time running and burning bridges, you forgot about the ones who actually cared.

11. You go days looking through old journals trying to pinpoint where you lost yourself this time, trying to get a piece of yourself back,
Only there was nothing to begin with.

-R.J //Party Girl

  • junkrat, lucio, and *simultaneously pop 3 cans of peaches in syrup and chug it*
  • roadhog: *delicately eats a single peach slice, pinky out, with an anchovy fork*
  • *finishes first and whips the can at zenyatta full force*
  • zenyatta: *snags it out of the air and crushes against his forehead*

“I’m a sucker for dessert, you can’t go wrong with dessert! It’s like a reward you give yourself after eating the main course, and it’s so versatile! Cookies and ice cream are great on the go, and pies and cakes are great for home! And if it comes with filling, that’s basically an endless amount of combinations already!

I’ve also tried chugging maple syrup before, it was kinda fun at first. Did you know you could actually choke on it? I learned that the hard way.“

(ok time to stop filbert before he goes too deep into his dessert disasters. Also bonus pic:)


humanoidwithglasses  asked:

Hello! I have one, how would the 1ps and 2ps react to switching bodies with someone else because someone(England) was dinking around with spells. (Like, A goes to B, B to C, C to 2pA, ect.)?

So, if you guys have noticed, I usually write the charterers in an order, so will use that order for this ask!


England To France: Uhhh, I feel slimy.

France to Russia: I-I’m so-so-sooooo c-c-cold.

Russia to China:….I feel so tiny.

China to Canada: Why do I have the desire to chug maple syrup?

Canada to Italy: Veeeee….OH MAPLE HOCKEY I’M VEEEING

Italy to Germany: Wow! I’m so big and strong!

Germany to Japan: I want to hide in a corner.

Japan to Romano: I want to too Germany-san.

Romano to Prussia: WELL THIS IS GREAT! I’M A POTATO!!!

Prussia to Austria: I’m only awesome on the inside now….

Austria to 2p America: Ew, this isn’t good at all.

2p America to 2p England: I feel like a cupcake!

2p England to 2p France: Ow, my chest hurts. This is why you should smoke less FranFran!

2p France to 2p Russia: Whatever

2p Russia to 2p China: Why does my head feel so light….Does Zao really not have a brain?

2p China to 2p Canada: I do! But that is called feeling high!

2p Canada to 2p Italy: I’m so small and angry.

2p Italy to 2p Germany: Hummmm, perhaps I can uses this strength to my advantage and take care of some people.

2p Germany to 2p Japan: Dude, I’m so tiny! HAHAHA THIS IS WEIRD!

2p Japan to 2p Romano: I feel like a doll.

2p Romano to 2p Prussia: Why do I wanna cry? WHAAAAAA

2p Prussia to 2p Austria:…..I feel like the color black.

2p Austria to America: I feel like a loser.


     It’s finally happened: she got lost. This is what she gets for wandering too far from Delta. Honestly, she’s not even surprised. In situations like this, she’d normally just stay put or fly above the trees, but this isn’t a forest. There’s no one to call, and she wouldn’t be able to fly long enough to reach the entrance to her sector. …Might as well keep walking.

anonymous asked:

The legends + how they act when they're sick

There are two really great sick headcanons from @kashinoha & @regzillas right here and here that you should totally check out because they’re awesome, but lemme put in my own as well because you can never have too many sick Legends (unless they’re all sick at the same time. Then oh god). 

  • Kendra is pretty good when she’s sick (unlike Carter, who used to groan and mumble that he was fine, only to get up and fall back down because he would be running a 104 fever). Honestly, she’ll take a pill and be good. She and Gideon become pseudo-nurses and take care of everyone while they’re sick. Gideon loves working with Kendra, and the two herd everyone around and make sure they’re taking their meds and aren’t being stupid. 
  • She’s one of the few people who can deal with Sara, who becomes a wreck when she’s sick. Sara will glare at anyone who comes within fifty feet of her, so everyone makes sure to steer clear (hard to do when you all live together). Jax bumped into her once and he thought he was going to die. Kendra, however, can talk her down and bring her to the MedBay to get some damn help, and will give Sara tons of medicine and herbal tea, which actually help Sara out a lot. 
  • Martin Stein is the biggest baby when it comes to being sick. He’ll cough like, once, and claim that the plague has come upon him, that he is dying, and that the world is cruel and out to get him (putting him and Sara in a room together when they’re sick is fun because both want to kill each other after 2 minutes). 
    • He is also just. Unbearable. Do not go near Stein when you are sick. Kendra and Ray are the nicest people to take care of you when you’re sick, but after 10 minutes of dealing with Stein, they were out. Stein complained about Kendra’s soup and she grabbed it out of his hands, and Ray stuck out for two more minutes until Stein insulted Doctor Who, at which point Ray said, “You are not nice when you’re sick” and stormed out. 
  • Stein also gets sick when Jax does, and vice versa (or, they act like it). Jax is considerably less annoying though. He just turns into a baby and the entire team shamelessly smothers him. 
    • He tried to get Stein to make him soup and Stein told him he was a goddamn adult and could do it himself. Jax responded with “Oh true, you’d probably drug my soup anyway.” 
  • Ray tries to hide his sickness, even when he’s clearly not okay, but that will not stop him from insisting that he is totally 100% okay. “Serious-COUGH-ly guys, I’m - COUGH - okay - COUGHCOUHG - really.” Finally Sara knocked him out because he was coughing all over her chair and they strapped him into the MedBay chair until he got better. Gideon disinfected the ship, but Stein still went around with wipes and wiped down everything Ray touched. 
  • Len, too, tries to hide sicknesses, except it’s harder to tell with him. He’ll just look a little bit more uncomfortable than usual. It’s usually Mick who can tell that Len is sick. 
    • Literally, Len will be making a plan to stop Savage and Mick will nonchalantly say “Except you, you’re sick,” and everyone will stop because Len looks absolutely fine to them, but then Gideon pops up and says that Len has a high fever and that she’s frankly surprised that he hasn’t passed out yet. 
  • On the flip side, even Savage will know when Mick is sick. Mick will feel the slightest tickle and then you’ll hear him grumbling and knocking things around because he is heavily upset. 
    • He does, however, get to chill in the MedBay and chug cough syrup and get a morphine drip (unbeknownst to Mick, after the first chug, Gideon gives him plain old flavored syrup so that he doesn’t take unnecessary amounts of stuff). 
  • Rip will insist he’s fine as well, but he’s not as bad as Ray and Len. If he’s clearly sick, Rip will bring himself down to the Medbay and get himself treated first. 
    • If it’s a cold, however, he’ll insist that he’s totally cool to go on missions. Rip had a bad cold one day and was in front of Savage and was threatening him as usual. “Mark my words, Savage, Kendra will kill you, and when she does, I will make sure the last thing you see in this world will be my - ahh, ahh, AH-CHOO!” And that is when Rip Hunter sneezes in Vandal Savage’s face. 
The signs today:

Taurus: *chugs maple syrup*
Gemini: *hugs multiple polar bear plush*
Cancer: *rips sweater off to reveal Canada af shirt*
Leo: woo fireworks
Virgo: *is that person who wears all red and white*
Libra: CANADA🇨🇦
Scorpio: *posts a bunch of stuff on Instagram dedicated to Canada day*
Sagittarius: *is American*
Capricorn: 3 more days until the Fourth of July :/
Pisces: *dedicates all social media to Canada day*