Alright, I was tagged by neverregretthyfall thank you ♥ So here are some facts about moi. 

1 Insecurity

I feel extremly insecure about my future epecially now that I almost finished school. //

2 Fears

Making phone calls // Starting conversations //

3 Turn-Ons

When someone gets really exicited about something (doesn’t matter what, could be quantum physics for all I care) // politeness // curly hair //

4 Life goals

Write a book // Learn another language // find a job I like that offers me relative financial stability // learn how to play another instrument //

5 Things I like

 Singing when nobody’s listening // Latin // Mumford & Sons // mable syrub // Greece //

6 Weaknesses

Shyness // Impatience // my sense of rhythm (that is leaning towards none) // approaching people // being organized // endurance for things that take more than three days or so to finish //

7 Things I love

 Reading books I love again after some time // drizzle //  being home alone // Les Mis // Shakespeare // England // mangos //

8 people to tag

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rt, you and everyone else who wants to do this consider yourself tagged

So my chest congestion is still out of control. I didnt want to take the cough syrub cause of the carbs and sugar in it but Im just gonna have to suck it up til I get better. I can barely breathe. Just when I got back into good ketosis :(