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Any particular reason Sir is consistently spelled Ser in asoiaf, is there historical precedent or is it just one of Martin's psuedo-archaisms?

There’s kind of a historical precedent, as “ser” was a synonym for “sir” in Middle English. (No doubt before the establishment of standardized spelling, as another variant was “syr”.) You can see a poem with that usage here. More popularly, however, “ser” was a title in Italy, as a shortening of “messer”. (Cognate of “monsieur”=“my lord”, equivalent of “Mr.”) See The Book of Ser Marco Polo, the Venetian.

But though I’m sure GRRM is aware of the obsolete Italian title, I’m not sure he knew about the Middle English “ser”. I mean, I’d bet he knows now, as the fandom has surely informed him, but whether he knew at the time he was worldbuilding AGOT, I couldn’t say. Personally, I’d guess he just decided to use a different spelling of “sir” for knights to distinguish Westeros from the British Isles, to show that ASOIAF is fantasy and not historical fiction despite its inspirations.

(Lois McMaster Bujold also uses the title “ser” in her World of the Five Gods, as a title in the country of Chalion, a Spain expy. Though there a ser’s wife (or a female ser) is a sera, something I deeply wish GRRM had done too, instead of making almost every noble female a Lady.)

De-stress scribble and lighting playyyyy, drawing a Syr maybe two or three years back.

Syrena’s birth tribe chases storms in search of the glass created when lightning strikes the Sagolii sands. For most of her life, storms were something that brought Syr immense joy, and were a rare and treasured occurrence.
Things are a little different now though, and even the slightest hint of grey on the horizon will send her into a panic to find cover and avoid the slew of memories which rain now triggers.

Norse Paganism [1/?]
↳ Freyja.

Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, divination and magic. Freyja, of the race of the Vanir, is a daughter of Njord and a sister of Freyr. As the story reads she was, at the treaty of peace with the Vanir, delivered over by them and accepted by the Æsir among the goddesses. She was wedded to Od, but he left her and went out into foreign lands; she often wept over him, wept golden tears. Her daughters, Noss and Gersemi, were so beautiful that from them all precious gems have taken their names; and from Freyja the designation freyja or frúva (meaning “lady”) is likewise said to have been formed. Freyja was called goddess or bride of the Vanir, and one of Loki’s scandalous assertions was that she had love-dealings with her brother Freyr. She is also linked specifically with a special kind of witchcraft known as seiðr, in that she was a priestess of the Vanir who first taught this knowledge to the Aesir. Freyja was in the habit of driving a cart drawn by two cats; and she had in her possession the magnificent necklace called Brisingamen. She wore this most cherished possession of amber around her neck. She dwelt in Folkvang, in the great hall named Sessrymnir. Of all the heroes who fell in battle, half became her portion; it was her right to choose them, and to her they came in Folkvang. She had special authority in the relations of love, yet she was not the only goddess of love to whom men had recourse; Sjofn had the power to kindle love between men and women, and Lofn to help those who loved each other but who met with difficulties in winning the beloved. Freyja had many names. Gefn expresses her character as a giver. Mardoll suggets a connection with the sea (marr). Syr, ‘sow’, reminds us of the boar symbol that belonged to her (as well as to her brother Freyr). Horn is another of her names which occurs in place-names in east Sweden, and may be connected with Horr (flax), indicating a special local variant of the cult of the vegetation goddess (it is said that when rye is ripe, Freyja is out watching). 

Just This Once


  • Hi~ Can I request prompt 20 the sleepover one with Monsta X’s Minhyuk? If you guys are dating? Thanks :D
  • Can you do 4 and 20 with bts’ min yoongi or with Monsta X’s Minhyuk ? I love the new promptlist! And I love your blog !!! XOXO

4) “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”

20) Sleepover with your bias (platonic or romantic)

Member: Monsta X Minhyuk x Y/N x (ft. Kihyun)

Type: Fluff

You cast your eyes along every facet of your living room, chewing nervously on your lip. Everything had a place and needed to be perfect, especially on a night like tonight. The pizza was ordered and the cookies were in the oven. Netflix was queued up on the television and you had an impressive array of blankets tossed onto the couch. 

It was your first sleepover. 

Well…the first one to matter. 

Growing up, you always considered yourself the sleepover connoisseur. Your mom always provided the best snacks, let you stay up past bedtime, and normally turned a blind eye to any “slumbering” that may or may not have occurred in the night. 

But this was nothing like that. 

This would be your first sleepover with Lee MInhyuk. The Lee Minhyuk you had been pining over for the better part of your young adult years. The Lee Minhyuk who had completely won over your heart and confessed to you a few short months ago. 

The Lee Minhyuk who had gone from casual friend, to romantic interest, to full fledged boyfriend. 

You took a deep breath and nodded as you heard a light knock on the door. You had no idea what Minhyuk had in mind when he had mentioned the idea of a sleepover, but your mind immediately skipped to juvenile thoughts, filled with cotton candy and ghost stories. You knew, at his core, MInhyuk was a man. You were unsure if his expectations would be different than yours. 

That was…until you opened your apartment door. 

You smiled to yourself as you looked the innocent young man over. He was already wearing pajamas, bright blue ones with navy stripes. On his feet, he wore slippers, which appeared to be covered in Hamtaro characters. His hair was already disheveled, but in a beautifully easy way. He kept a backpack tight on his shoulder with a pillow tucked under his arm. 

You looked past his smiling face for a moment, surprised to see Kihyun looming behind him. 

“Ah, Kihyunnie?” you hummed, tilting you head. Kihyun rolled his eyes as he reached around Minhyuk and shoved a plastic bag toward you. 

“Don’t give him sugar past ten, it’ll give him nightmares. Make sure he takes the medicine in that bag, there’s instructions on the sticky note. He’s starting to catch a cold. Also, don’t let him pretend he likes scary movies to impress you because he doesn’t and they’ll also give him nightmares.” 

“Uh…thanks?” you whispered, looking to Minhyuk who still hand’t broken his smile. 

“What do you say?” Kihyun growled. 

“Thank you for having me over,” Minhyuk nodded, his expression as pure as the sun. 

“I’ll be here to pick him up tomorrow morning at ten,” Kihyun grumbled. He turned on his heel and sauntered down the hall. 

“So, did he take it upon himself to-” you began. Minhyuk immediately began to chuckle as he shuffled into your apartment. 

“Of course he took it upon himself,” he smiled. “And I’m not catching a cold.”

“You aren’t getting out of taking your medicine Hyukkie, no matter how bad it tastes,” you cooed, setting the bag Kihyun had given you on the counter. 

“Oh, come on! If you don’t tell him, he won’t know any better!” MInhyuk whined, plopping on the couch. 

“You guys have a showcase coming up, and a world tour! You can’t have a cold,” you argued. 

“Yeah well, you’re face is cute!” MInhyuk spat, crossing his arms. 

“I…I’m sorry,” you stuttered, tilting your head. “…You said that as if it was an insult? But I don’t think…or was that part of your argument? I’m so confused.”

“Do you need me to order the pizza?” he asked, changing the subject. 

“Ordered,” you nodded. “Just come her and take your cough syr-”

“What smells so good?” he asked, interrupting you as he sprang from the couch. Leaning against the counter, he bit his lip as he watched you move back and forth, interest deep within his eyes. 

“Cookies, are you supposed to take two mil-” you hummed, taking out his medication and bringing it up to be eye level. 

A loud knock hit against your door, signaling the pizza MInhyuk had been asking about had arrived. 

“I’ll get it!” he cooed happily, retreating from the counter and toward the front door. 

“Minhyuk,” you groaned, putting his medicine on the counter. You sighed, giving up the battle for a moment. It would probably be better if he had some food in his stomach before taking it anyhow. 

By the time you reached the door, MInhyuk had already intercepted the pizza delivery man and was making his way back to the kitchen. 

“What kind did you get?” he asked, shuffling into the kitchen and setting it down. “Oh! And breadsticks! Y/N, I’ve been trying to diet before tour.”

“For what reason?” you gasped. “Fans will love you whether you diet or not.”

“Well, I know that,” he argued. “It’s a personal choice…so I can eat everything in the US and not feel guilty about it…

…and before you ask, I mean everything when I say everything. If my eyes make contact on food, it’s going into my mouth.”

“Consider this a preemptive effort for your America trip then,” you chuckled, sliding open the pizza box. MInhyuk’s eyes immediately grew twice in size as he gazed upon the cheese pizza before him. You had ordered from his favorite place and you knew he could identify it by sight. 

“Y/N…” he gasped, his eyes tracing every inch. 

“Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?” you grumbled, grabbing your pizza cutter. 

Minhyuk looked up, only to look back down again with furrowed brows. 

“We only just started our relationship Y/N. I’ve been committed to pizza for a very long time. You have to build up to looks like this,” he chirped, taking a bite out of the slice he had selected. 

After pouting for a few minutes and having Minhyuk perform some pizza-based aegyo that was pretty impressive, you had both finished eating and settled onto the couch. You shook your shoulders, shimmying into the cushions behind you and took a deep breath in, appreciating the fresh baked cookie smell now wafting through your apartment. 

“When can we eat the cookies?” MInhyuk whispered, plopping alongside you. He closed his eyes as he snuggled into the couch as well. 

“As soon as they’re cool,” you hummed. “Or in your case, as soon as you take your medicine.”

“You said I didn’t have to,” he muttered, not even bothering to open his eyes. 

“No, you said you didn’t have to,” you chuckled, shooting him a weary side eye. You titled your head to let it hit his shoulder and sighed. Other than a few hugs and some quickly exchanged kisses, you had never been able to bask in MInhyuk like you were doing now. He smelled like morning dew, like the fresh water of the world waking up and drip dropping gently around you. As you took another deep breath in, you identified another hint of something…closer to clean laundry? Still warm and freshly starched. His scent was relaxing…and it reminded you of home, even though you were already there. 

“Are you sure I still have to?” MInhyuk’s voice rasped, only a few centimeters away from your ear. “Wouldn’t you rather get comfy?”

He slipped his arm around you and pulled you close into his chest. He kissed your temple and immediately smiled as he leaned back again. 

“Are you…trying to seduce me…to get out of taking your cold medicine?” you whispered, enjoying the comfort of his touch. 

“…Is it working?” he giggled. 

“Do you think it’s working?” you grinned sleepily. 

“Well, I think anything can work if you try hard enough,” he said quietly nuzzling into your hair. 

You closed your eyes, tired from the day, but more so at peace with the situation you were in. You settled into MInhyuk’s body and breathed easily. 

“Okay…maybe we can tell Kihyun you took it…but just this once.”

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EVEN MORE Star Wars OCs. Except this one’s a Jedi. 

I know, right? What am I of all people doing with a Jedi OC srsly. But in his defense he’s terrible at it and ends up with the Sith anyway. Not.. with with them, he remains a lightsider to the end, but he kind of sort of accidentally on purpose gets left behind after his reconnaissance team retreats.

Anyway his name is Syr-Dae Kelara, he’s an Omwati. And he is so stereotypically Omwati too. Willowy, fragile, naive, slightly oblivious, prone to fretting, and without an aggressive bone in his body. His specialty is ancient history and pre-Republic archaeology, and he also has a thing for philosophy. The thing for philosophy combined with his obsession with ancient knowledge is what got him in trouble with the Jedi Order, as he kept asking all the wrong questions and persistently kept poking around in records he wasn’t supposed to. So they sent him off to the front lines as part of a reconnaissance team on a Sith-held planet, supposedly to study the ancient Sith ruins there but mostly they were hoping he’d just conveniently die. Of course, miracles, he doesn’t. So his team retreats without letting Syr-Dae in on the plan, but after they leave him behind they’re found out and slaughtered. A Sith Lord named Darth Vialis stumbles upon Syr-Dae, marvels what this glorified librarian with barely a clue how to use his own lightsaber is even doing out on a battlefield, and just… ends up keeping him? /shrugs? Turns out Syr-Dae is very good at finding long-lost relics and ancient sacred spaces, even when they’re lost to other Force-users. So technically that’s the official reason Vialis is keeping him alive. Buuuut all this is happening in a self-indulgent part-roleplay part-co-written-venture, so what do you expect. 

A Brief History of the Pechenegs

The Pechenegs were a Turkic, possibly Oghuz, ethno-political group originating from the Central Asian steppe in what is today Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, between the end of the 2nd and the beginning of the 3rd centuries AH. Uyughur historian and linguist Mahmud al-Kashgari wrote that their name has its origins in one of the Oghuz languages, in his Diwan Lughut al-Turk, a treatise on the Turkic languages from the Syr Darya River to Uighurstan. He also asserts that the Pechenegs were one of many Oghuz groups, but it is impossible, at this time, to say for certain.

Sometime in the second half of the 3rd century AH (9th century CE), the Pechenegs were pushed from their traditional homelands by a group of Oghuz Turks, Kimaks and Cumans, though the confederation was unable to finish off their Pecheneg rivals due to infighting, quickly compounded by external conflicts with other groups in the east, towards Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

The Pechenegs spent possibly a decade, or more, as a people fully on the move, forced to maintain westward migration along the corridor of steppe connecting the Syr Darya and the Volga rivers by the expanding power of other Oghuz Turkic and Cuman groups. By the end of the 3rd century AH, they had found relative safety near the Don and Volga rivers, between the older and more established Turkic Bulgar groups in the north, and the waning Khazar clans in the south.

The Khazar clans, however, were still strong enough to put pressure on the newly arrived Pechenegs, and sometime between the end of the 3rd and the beginning of the 4th centuries AH, they had again moved further west, in the process driving the then-fractured and relatively weak Magyars toward the Carpathian mountains and beyond, where they would eventually found the Kingdom of Hungary. After nearly half a century on the move, the Pechenegs finally settled down to a semi-nomadic life, taking advantage of the situation in the hard-pressed Byzantine Empire to strike a protective deal with the Emperors in Constantinople. In exchange for peace, the Pechenegs would ensure that Slavs, Magyars, Khazars and other Turkic groups would be a diminished threat on the Empire’s eastern borders.

This agreement brought them into conflict with the emerging Slavic powers around Kiev very quickly. For the first half of the 4th century AH, the Pechenegs raided and harassed burgeoning Slavic settlements, earning a lasting enmity with the powerful Kievan princes. During the same period, the relationship with the Khazar clans continued to be in flux, with the two groups vying for supremacy, often in short, sometimes even seasonal, rises and falls from positions of power over one another. Finally, Islam may have established a presence, possibly as a small cult or henotheistic practice, distinct in a larger skein of traditional Turkic religion and shamanism, although again, it is impossible to be sure. At least one Russian source lists the Pechenegs as connected to the Biblical Ishmael, sent by God to punish the Slavs, but the significance of this statement, and its relationship to any real-world reality for the Pechenegs, is unknown.

In 357 AH (968 CE), tensions with the Kievan Rus finally boiled over into the last full-scale war between the Slavs and the Turkic group, and the Pechenegs besieged Kiev. Though the war initially went well for the Pechenegs, they were eventually defeated by Vladimir I “the Great” of Kiev’s Rurik dynasty, and from then on, never recovered dominance over the Rus again. In 427 AH (1036 CE), the Pechenegs were dealt another serious blow, this time by another Rurik prince, Yaroslav I. At this point, the Byzantines had forsaken the alliance, as the Pechenegs were no longer a useful tool for the Emperors, and in response, the Turkic tribe turned its attention to the Bulgarian and Roman borders, harassing and burning settlements, conducting intermittent, small-scale wars, and attempting to create a decisive advantage that would allow them to end what was becoming more than a century of conflict with the Khazars.

When Alexios I Komenons, the strongest Byzantine/Roman Emperor in centuries, took the throne in Constantinople in 473 AH (1081 CE), he marched an army of Cuman mercenaries and Greek troops into what is today Turkey’s European regions, where the majority of the Pecheneg military might had been moved during an expedition into Christian territory, and at the Battle of Levounion, routed up to 80,000 (though the number was probably much lower) Pecheneg troops, driving them back toward the Black Sea, while others fled into the Pontic steppe, toward Seljuq territory. Now divided and drastically weakened, in 487 AH (1095 CE), hostile Cuman forces finished off what remained of the scattered people. The last mention of them comes from the mid 6th century AH (12th century CE), as one Turkic group living among many others, somewhere along the coast of the Black Sea, no longer of any particular consequence in either Christian or Islamic sources. After that, all mentions of the group are solely confined to history.

Honestly all the discourse on my dash isn’t even annoying because of liking Kylo Ren (I honestly couldn’t give two shits if people like a fictional character or not), it’s the underlying messages I feel like I’m picking up.

There’s so many people ready to call anyone who legitimately looks at Kylo’s story as complex and worthy of dissecting a fascist. As if that one comment on the internet about a ficitonal universe makes you some sort of wonderful person in the real world? I can assure you that almost everyone that claims to know so much about oppossing fascism etc. has at least once knowingly or unknowingly liked or supported something linked to fascism somewhere in the world. Because again, fascism wasn’t and isn’t just a thing from WW I I and was not just the despicable human trash that were/are N*zis. 

Not gonna lie, I probably have once and not even known it.

An example: Ever see those videos talking about how life is “returning to normal” in parts of Syr*a from websites like AJ + and liked it? 

LOL, hate to break it to you, but thats very subtle pro-Ass*d-regime content. So by liking or sharing it, you’re kinda supporting that. Fascism with an iron clad and studded fist. The people smiling and playing in those videos are the people who live and breathe for their fascist leader who chemical bombs children, massacres villages of S*nnis and basically set the stage for D*ESH to invade and kill off the individuals he’s not a fan of.  And to just to sink it in a little further, those people in the video as well as the fascist still (somehow) running their country are REAL and currently living. They’ve been real for YEARS. Not just when F*cebook started acknowledging they existed out of guilt. 

Anybody who tells you anything political, whether real or reflective of reality, is black and white with absolutely no in between is dense as hell. Or privileged in some form whether by their skin color or location in the world.