syron the fox

will upload the still to dA later.  But this is the final ‘still’ result of Metamorphosis’ finale.  This is an UNALTERED UN-TOUCHED UP FRAME from the animation.  The flash quality will never be able to go to this level, so enjoy the tasty bits while its standing still.

Hell of a ride, and tomorrow, we begin to do the sound and the final work on the moving work.  This is crazy, and i really need a computer that can handle this.

PS: this is the old version. Dated 2010 i think?

External image

4 years apart, and i can finally show the concept off properly.  Good werk son.

I’ll explain more in detail what it actually is and the full concept quirks in the dA upload. 

the final WIP you guys will get of this:

Metamorphosis is expected to be done either tomorrow or the day following.  My computer physically cannot preview the file anymore due to its size.  This is a still from the final background frame of the looping section.  Sy goes in tomorrow.  Then export to sound production.

PS:  the song I was using was formally released today Under the new Thomas Bergersen Album ‘SUN" and its phenomenally more powerful than the early release of the track that was posted earlier this month.  This animation has the strongest possible piece of music that I believe is out there as a track. 

IN theory, i could make a poster using the frames from the final loop as its 4000 px x 2000+ px.  First animation that im doing at 4k pixel quality (ps:  thats near movie theater output.  Obviously I Wont put that into a dA upload, but I’ll have the .mov for that stashed.

Biggest and most fantastic animation to date.  Started as vent art, ends as a release of one of my hardest-to-convey concepts, as this is a Draw it again meme piece as well.

 If you guys want something with the frames done in terms of a print or what not, im game for that too.  I dont usually ask, but this is something that’s turning out to be very special for me as its a bit of a catharsis image of a transition in my life. 

Stay tuned.

got a decent amount of animation and tweens done on this today.  So question is: what am I looking at?

These are the unaltered still frames of the 3-4 initial seconds of a new animation in the works, prolly should be done some time this week.  Few things:

1.) first time i’ve done an animation that isnt a cell shaded image.  this is what that painter style looks like in motion.
2.) while this is the most sophisticated animation so far that I’ve showed parts of, it isnt the most complex one that i’m working on. 
3.) these arent fakie screenshots.  these are actual frames.  So yeah, none of those artifical anime things here. 

note: subtitles are actually a place holder for me as I’m doing voicework this time.  It’s making sure that I get the vocal work and timing for the sections on par with what is going on.

scene 2 and 3 are tomorrow, main scene is prolly a few days of work as its got… a LOT of moving parts.  3d gear systems, particle systems, fractal simulators. yada yada. 

tl;dr.  new crazy stuff coming.  I feel like sometimes I overdo it, but then again, the results are always worth the work