“You are… bright and beautiful, like a–a star, a glittering star standing out in the vast sky… and I want to see it that you shine as brightly as possible, that you will always be here to light up the night with me…”

“As you are like the sun, for me..? Like–like that soft morning sun I told you about, that finds its way inside even the coldest stone buildings and its soft touch makes waking up a joy..? Something you can always trust to come, even after the darkest and most difficult times..? No matter what, it will break through and light up–”

“Maybe… that is what I should call you? Not just my friend, not my Beloved–my shining star. My Starlight.“

“Then, you ought to be Sunlight, should you not..? Would that not fit, do you think..?”

“To be each other’s Light…?”