Diamonds v1
Jaden Smith
Diamonds v1

Diamonds v1 | Jaden Smith

I’ve got the… I, I got the jewels and the diamonds
When I open my eyes I can never find them no
Skating, sunset and hiding
Got the metal in my mouth, what you think I’m biting oh
Ladies love it when I sing
Tryna find out what I’m in

I’m tryna get you on the floor
You love me girl, I love you more
Last night I just wasn’t sure
I’m tryna get you to the court

I’ve been there
I’ve been there before
Take your legs
And put them around my

I’ve got the… Hey I got the jewels and the diamonds
But when I open my eyes I can never find them no
Got me running from the sirens
I just woke up on Sunset, and hiding oh

MSFTS are styling (style!, style!)
We know you gotta stylist, joker why you lying oh
I ain’t really with violence
Probably see me at Tyga’s house playing violins oh

Cause money really ain’t a thing
All these diamonds and these rings
I should really make a sword
Tryna tell you I’m the guy
Bought a whip, it’s in Dubai
Didn’t worry from a soul

Wrap it like a turtle
I got all these federal reserves
No soul, jumping over hurdles
Dont forget a rapper verse
Around you like a circle

But thats on the day to day
Baby I had a good day today
Send a fuck nigga away, away damn
Hit a sexy momma with a Come Stai
She come straight from Borgata
She got the coma, coma

I’ve got the… I got the jewels and the diamonds
When I open my eyes I can never find them no
Skating, sunset and hiding
Got the metal in my mouth, what you think I’m biting oh


ranking flower names (swedish)

a spinoff to my ranking of fruit names! flowers can have just the cutest - or weirdest - names, so i wanted to make a list about them. listing flowers whose names aren’t very similar to english (so like, no lavender or rose).

påsklilja (daffodil): this literally means easter lily. they rarely manage to bloom exactly when easter actually is. it’s okay though. it’s a pretty name. better than daffodil imo. 6/10

prästkrage (daisy, the taller kind): priest’s collar. not really a pretty name, but very accurate description of what the flower looks like. 5.4/10

tusensköna (daisy, but like really small, grows in lawns): thousand beauty. look me in the eyes and tell me that’s not the cutest name you’ve ever heard. 1000/10

vitsippa (wood anemone): very clear and literal name. vit means white, and that’s the colour of the flower. sippa indicates that it’s part of the anemone family. 7/10 for being this clear, but a little boring.

blåsippa (hepatica): the name suggests that this is just like the vitsippa but blue, and apperantly new resarch supports this flower to be in the same family as anemones, but in sweden these are protected, you’re not allowed to pick them, unlike wood anemones. there’s even a childrens’ song about picking hepatica, it’s very old, but kids today don’t know that and therefore think it’s okay to pick them. 1/10 for tricking children like this.

solros (sunflower): sun rose. okay. it’s not a rose at all though. 4/10

hyacint (hyacinth): ok i KNOW this one is very similar to english and therefore shouldn’t be in this list but i love the name ok it’s 10/10 leave me alone

syren (lilac): according to swedish grammar rules of pronounciation, the emphasis should be on the y here (like the word syre, oxygen), but it isn’t. it’s on the e. syreeeeen. you could solve this by adding a ´ to the e. like in matiné. but we don’t. the word is spelled that way. 10/10 for how it sounds but 0/10 for it’s spelling.

löjtnanshjärta (bleeding heart): lieutenant’s heart. sounds noble, doesn’t it? sounds important. and they sure look like a troop, the way they line up. 8.8/10

maskros (dandelion): worm rose. um. you’re not a rose either. and i’m not sure where you get the worm part from. i do like the name though, sounds hardcore, just like this flower is. it’s strong as heck. 5/10

ringblomma (marigold): circle flower. i’m very curious about who decided that this particular flower would get that name? it’s not like it’s the only one that’s round? 5.9/10

pelargon (geranium): cute!! also sounds kinda funny. i like saying it. maybe it’s because it’s in a sketch and i crack up everytime. idk. 8/10

tussilago (coltsfoot): it frustrates me that i can’t define what puts me off about this name, but it sure is something. 2/10

smörblomma (buttercup): guuuurl this is such a good name!! like if i didn’t know better i’d legit think you made butter from these flowers, because of their texure on the petals. 9.3/10

vallmo (poppy): oh doesn’t this sound lovely when you say it. the flow. just like how they move in a light breeze. vallmo…. vallmo 10/10

nejlika (carnation): also a very pretty name! i mean if you’d devide this into nej and lika it would mean no and alike and that makes no sense but as one word? it’s perfect! 8.9/10

liljekonvalj (lily of the valley): again i loooove the flow of this word. easily one of the prettiest words we have in this language. 11/10

förgätmigej (forgetmenot): this is the same name as in english, but in swedish. förgät is however a very old way of saying forget, today we say glömma (and imperative would be glöm) instead. but try to say glömmiginte. that just sounds suuuuper weird. it would be like saying dontforgetme in english. i’m glad we’re throwing in old swedish in this. 7.6/10

orkidé (orchid): this is like tussilago but the oppoiste? i wanna point out what i like with this but i can’t define it? i just really like it. maybe it’s because it sounds a little french. 8.6/10

blåklocka (bluebell): again a literal translation. and who can blame us, it’s exactly what the flower looks like. but unlike vitsippa this also sounds very beautiful. 8.1/10

fingerborgsblomma (foxglove): thimble flower. because the petals look like you could put them on your finger when you’re sewing. wouldn’t recommend actually doing it though, i believe they’re poisonous? 3/10

kungsängslilja (checkerd lily): look at how MaJEsTIC this sounds!!! king meadow lily. a royal flower indeed. does remind me of a village and company name though (kungsängen). the company makes beds. a weird connection. 9/10 still sounds royal af.

myskmadra (woodruff): imagine if lynda woodruffs name was lynda myskmadra.. i can see why they didn’t choose it. love the name in itself though. sounds mystical, makes me think of dark forests and earthy smells. and witches. 9.9/10

midsommarblomster (cranesbill): I. LOVE IT! what a lovely name to give a flower, to make people think of midsummer, the magical holiday and highlight of june. and it sounds just loooovely. 12/10

kaprifol (honeysuckle): YES. good. there’s something powerful in this. if kungsängslilja is the prom king kaprifol is the queen. and if the king does her wrong she will not hesitate to take him out. she shows no mercy to those who bring injustice to society. 10/10.


Sketches of the Month: July & August! Summer Edition!

Well hey there everyone! I’m really sorry for not being active lately! I’ve actually been working on an interesting project lately, and I’m not really planning to show anything about until it all comes together. But here’s one thing about it: it’s related to my love and knowledge of Sonic!

But anyway, I wasn’t the most productive in terms of artwork on July, so I figured I’d let it go on an extra month to have a good variety of artwork! I’m also starting school tomorrow, so I’m making this right before bed XD I’ll work on descriptions for the pics tomorrow, but I’ll at least give you names for the pics!

1. Attempt to Redesign some Sonic Characters

2. A simple drawing of Amy Rose

3. Sky Fleece (Mocchi Species belongs to ‘Syring’ on DeviantArt)

4. Sonic SatAM art style attempt

5. Cream the Rabbit expressions

6. Me dressed as ‘Steven’ from Steven Universe

7. Cream the Rabbit ('Perfect’ Redesign by Mardiculous)

8. Miles 'Tails’ Prower ('Perfect’ Redesign by Mardiculous)

9. Sonic Skyline artwork (AU created by @drawloverlala )

10. Me dressed as 'Gon’ from Hunter X Hunter

Again, I’ll get to the descriptions for all of them tomorrow, but I hope you like what you see, 'cause I’m probably not gonna show up for another month again if I keep this up like I am XD

I’ll try to be a bit more active though.

Maybe I could also show you guys some things about my big project. I’m willing to do that I guess XD Hope you all have a great rest of your day!