A Syrian boy shows his traumatic drawing depicting his family’s escape

( The team met a 10-year-old boy with a notepad on which he had drawn a stick figure scene of his family, surrounded by murder, escaping from their town.

“He saw dead bodies of friends as he left his Syrian village. Illustrating this was his way of expressing himself, but the experience will forever impact him,” Ditty said.)

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#SpeakUp4SyrianChildren #Syria

There are now 2 million Syrian refugees.

A further 4.25 million are thought to have been displaced inside the country.

Every 15 seconds, another Syrian becomes a refugee.

The country is hemorrhaging with no end in sight.

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تحت غبرة اللجوء مخباية الطفولة ..
بعيونو سما و أمل و ضحكة بلد ..
وقد ما وقفت غيوم سودا بهالسما ..
من رحم هالضحكة رح تولد شمس ..

syrian refugee child
smile of hope in spite the pain



This 5 year old child Ali Alshaar arrived with his mother about two days ago in the hospital in Reyanhle. He has 6 siblings. One of his sisters, 25 year old, was killed when #Assad’s regime shelled the University of Aleppo about 8 months ago. So what happened to this beautiful little boy?

The Syrian regime destroyed his house in #Idleb when the regime was bombing the neighborhood, his mother carried him to #Turkey because he was in a really bad situation. Now he is here and he is paralyzed. His mother does not know anything about the rest of their family- if they are alive or not. He has two brothers, also paralyzed!!

While politicians are still talking and discussing about “intervention-yes or no”- children like Ali gets attacked daily. Assad’s crimes against humanity are not just happening by chemical weapons attacks in #Syria. It’s happening every single day. Wake up, people of this world! The Syrian people need your solidarity, we are all human beings!!

I am sure you can feel how hard it is if this boy was a brother or a child of yours?

By Physiotherapist Dunia via Physiotherapist Abdulrahim Bahro

‏‎Reyhanlı, Hatay, Turkey‎‏.‏

Me too, I wish to speak ..
I love to learn ..
All my teachers love me because I am a hardworking student ..
I am very distinguished at school ..
We want to elect another president so in case we said we do not want him, he won’t be able to give himself the right to rule and execute us ..
We have our own voices, in Syria!

Lovely child “Malak”, a refugee in Lebanon
From a reportage “Tahqiq” made by Lebanese TV channel MTV Lebanon

Click on the YouTube link below to listen to what “Malak” has said. The full report sheds light on Syrian refugees’ problems, their crisis, their unanswered needs and the on-going difficulties they face. Report broadcasted last February (2013).

Full Arabic version:
English Subtitles (limited version):

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#SpeakUp4SyrianChildren #Syria