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Each Person Who Died in Syria Today Has a Story We’ll Never Know: I Don’t Know How to End the War, But We Must Accept More Refugees

As I write this, the death toll from today’s sarin gas attack in Syria stands at 82, with dozens thought to be children. 

This is obscene. 

The world is forever scarred. 

Meanwhile, we have an administration that has twice tried to ban all Syrian refugees.

For six years, I’ve read all I can about the Syrian civil war and I know enough to know even top-tier military and diplomatic officials have different views on how the war can and should end. 

I don’t purport to have better answers. 

But I do know it’s morally paramount that we accept Syrian refugees, and that we accept even more than the Obama administration agreed to accept. As I understand, he had to fight the GOP Congress to agree to accept any Syrian refugees at all. 

This isn’t–or shouldn’t be–about partisanship, but about our shared humanity. 

When calling your elected representatives, discuss your views on Syrian refugees and remind them the U.S. has blood on our hands if we stand idly by.

Hi everyone,
I thought I might just summarise what’s happening over in Syria.
• Aleppo, the biggest city in Syria, was a stronghold for the Syrian resistance in the Civil War
• The resistance are a collection of various rebel groups that have been fighting against the oppressive President Bashar al-Assad since March 2011
• In the last few days, after a long offensive led by Assad’s forces and supported by militants from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, Aleppo fell to government forces
• The surviving civilians remain at high risk of being shot or bombed as hostile armies target their attacks at residential districts and hospitals
• Escape routes are blockaded by hostile militants who hold anyone trying to leave Aleppo hostage (if they’re captured) and threaten them with death
• So, the survivors are trapped in a besieged city with dwindling supplies of food, water and medicine/instruments, and it is very VERY difficult for aid organisations to access and help those in desperate need
• On top of that, this genocide is receiving very minimal media attention in Western countries like Australia

We cannot let this stand. Besides donating (which is so important if you can spare the money!), raising social awareness is CRUCIAL to ensure that the cries of the innocent adults and children being persecuted in Syria do not go unheard.

Please, learn more about the crisis. Reblog all the tumblr posts, share all the Facebook posts and retweet all the tweets you come across. Talk to people and educate others. Attend protests and vigils. Actively show your solidarity with the victims and stand up against tyranny and power abuse.
Most importantly, stand with ALEPPO.
Do not let them suffer in silence, alone.



Protesters from the “3rd World 4 Black Power” movement band together in solidarity as one to raise awareness for the injustices wrought upon the black community in front of the Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building located in Oakland, California.

“Latinx for Black Resistance” source
“Filipinos for Black Resistance” source
“Queer Chinese for Black Resistance” source
“South Asians for Black Resistance” source

“Syrians for Black Resistance” source
“QTPOC for Black Resistance” source
“Vietnamese for Black Resistance” source
“Palestine for Black Resistance” source

On this day, Guru Hargobind Sahib freed 52 captive kings from Mughal tyranny in Gwalior jail, showing that his Panth is one that does not stand by watching injustices happen.

Today, our Panth is fighting to break the shackles of tyranny in Punjab, on top of that Kashmiris in the north continue their resistance, and Syrian refugees are struggling to escape the grips of war, trauma, and xenophobia.

Let us use this day as a day of action to mobilize around these issues so that one day these shackles may be broken, and the light of justice may break through the dark clouds of injustice.

May you have a blessed Bandi Chhor Divas and Diwali. <3


Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov assassinated in Ankara

The Russian ambassador to Ankara was shot dead in an attack at an art gallery in the Turkish capital on Monday by a gunman shouting “Don’t forget Aleppo”.

A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman confirmed the death of envoy Andrey Karlov, which marked one of the most serious spillovers of the Syria conflict into Turkey.

Russia is a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its air strikes were instrumental in helping Syrian forces end rebel resistance last week in the northern city of Aleppo.

The Anadolu news agency said the gunman had been “neutralized” soon after the attack, Relations between Moscow and Ankara have long been fraught over the conflict, with the two supporting opposing sides.

The attacker was smartly dressed in black suit and tie, and standing behind the ambassador as he made a speech at the art exhibition, a person at the scene told Reuters.

“He took out his gun and shot the ambassador from behind. We saw him lying on the floor and then we ran out,” said the witness, who asked not to be identified.

A Reuters cameraman at the scene said gunfire rang out for some time after the attack.

A video showed the attacker shouting: “Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria!”

As screams rang out, the gunman could then be seen pacing about and shouting as he held the gun in one hand and waved the other in the air.

Photos: (from top) AP Photo, Stringer/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici, Umit Bektas/Reuters

See more images of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov on Yahoo News