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Italian Coast Guard waited 5 hours before rescuing drowning refugees, tapes show

  • Audio logs obtained by Italian news magazine L'Espresso show that authorities ignored repeated pleas from refugees for hours as they drowned less than 100 miles from the Italian coast.
  • The deadly incident happened in October 2013, when 480 people — most of whom were Syrian refugees — boarded a boat from northwestern Libya to Lampedusa, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea. When their vessel began to take on water, they radioed the Italian Coast Guard for help.
  • Tapes of those calls, obtained by L'Espresso and translated into English by the Washington Post, show that the Italians dithered for five hours before sending help. Read more (5/9/17)
The Advocate #24.13

THE WHALE NEVER FIGURED IN ANY GRAND IMPOSING WAY? In one of the mighty triumphs given to a Roman general upon his entering the world’s capital, the bones of a whale, brought all the way from the Syrian coast, were the most conspicuous object in the cymballed procession.*

*See subsequent chapters for something more on this head.

Grant it, since you cite it; but, say what you will, there is no real dignity in whaling.