syrian baby

A Turkish soldier kisses a Syrian baby..

Merhaba arkadaşlar bir kaç gündür sosyal medya’da Danimarka’lı bir polisin Suriyeli küçük kızla oyun oynarken çekilen fotoğrafı dolaşıyor. Herkes ‘’işte insanlık’’ tarzında yorumlar yaparak bu polise alkış tutuyor. Bizim medyamız da dahil bütün dünya onu konuşurken, bizim askerimiz sessiz sedasız insanlara yardım etmeye devam ediyor.. Gösteriş için değil ‘İnsanlık’ için.. 

I have noticed that when I give Araminta little treats like almonds, peanuts, hamster granola balls etc, she often whisks them straight over to her food bowl and stashes them there. It’s so neat and tidy of her! It’s a bit like the way she makes one corner her toilet and only goes there, it is definitely deliberate.

Any other hamster mums and dads out there notice this? My dwarf hamsters never did it but Araminta does it all the time! It must be a Syrian thing. Animals are so cool 😍



Everyone meet Miyo my new baby Syrian who is definitely named after my waifu :’0 she’s a dorkus and supr cute & she has fashionable white socks

SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Aleppo. September 11, 2016. Rescued From the Rubble. Syrian men carrying babies make their way through the rubble of destroyed buildings following a reported air strike on the rebel-held Salihin neighbourhood.

Airstrikes killed dozens in rebel-held parts of Syria as the opposition considered whether to join a US-Russia truce deal due to take effect on September 12. Since 2012, Syria’s northern city of Aleppo has been divided between rebel and regime-held districts, but a devastating regime offensive launched in mid-October saw the rebels ousted from their iconic former stronghold. The army’s victory in Aleppo was marked by heavy shelling which destroyed all established hospitals in the area and much of the city was reduced to a wasteland by air and artillery attacks.

Spot News, Second Prize, Stories at the World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Ameer Alhalbi/AFP/Getty

Araminta is extremely tame already and climbs into my hand to be lifted out of her house every evening. No hamster-scooping required with this little girl.

She runs to the top of her giant green leaf shelter as the ‘high point’ of her terrain and asks to be lifted out, it’s so cute!

I’ve noticed that she’s been dragging all her bits and bobs under the leaf shelter as that’s her current nesting area of choice, and she’s also made a little toilet 🚽 for herself in one corner which is jolly handy from a cleaning perspective as I can clean it daily for her-she’s so considerate! I love that about hamsters.

She is already a pro in her exercise ball and manoeuvres it pretty skilfully around corners and…into the cat! Electra really doesn’t know what to make of Araminta zooming about in her ball and does a lot of jumping about to avoid it 🙀 The good news is that she doesn’t seem to be so fascinated as she was initially and doesn’t jump on the new cage at all as she doesn’t like the feeling of the bars on the top on her feet.

I really recommend the cage we got by the way- I like the fact it’s completely plain inside, so we will be able to put different play-things in there for her over time and keep her amused and stimulated by moving things about. The wheel is the right size for her but oh my gosh it’s very loud! Araminta also appears to like to time her frantic running sessions for the minute we put Netflix on, haha 😂

One of my favourite things about hamsters is being able to give them all my veggie off-cuts and especially, with a new hamster, finding out which foods they like best. Today’s morsel of choice was a cashew nut and Araminta loved it! 🐹💕

If you are up right now, pray 2 rakah nafl for Aleppo, Syria.

Assad & Putin’s army has taken over 98% of the city and the 2% of people left are sittig with their families, saying/tweeting their goodbyes and waiting to be killed.

This is happening RIGHT NOW. And nobody is doing anything at all to stop it before the entire city of Aleppo falls.

Pray some nafl for Syria. Pray for Aleppo. Syria with its streets filled rivers of blood and murdered innocents.

Pray so that when we stand before Allah SWT we can at least say that we prayed for them once. How utterly pathetic.

When the Syrian child asks us why we didn’t stop the war and we say but we didn’t have the power.

And the Syrian father asks why we didn’t donate and we say we didn’t have the money.

And the Syrian mother asks why we didn’t spread awareness and we say we didn’t have the influence.

When the Syrian elders ask why we didn’t attend a protest and we say we didn’t have time.

When the Syrian girl asks why we didn’t write letters to our parliament and we say we were busy.

When the Syrian boy asks why we didn’t even speak of their pain or sign petitions for them and we say we were busy.

When the Syrian baby asks okay so why didn’t we at least pray? At least we won’t look completely pathetic right?

Pray nafl for Syria right now. Allah SWT is the Most Powerful and in His hand is control of the heavens and the earth. He works in unimaginable ways. Ask Him to help.

Pray for Aleppo.

Introducing… Araminta 🐹❤️

She’s very friendly and happy to climb into my hand already. Right now she’s very boisterous and full of energy and is already enjoying her wheel and the exercise ball we got her. She spent quite a lot of time exploring the inside of my jumper, padding about across my chest and up and down my arms with her cute little hamster feet! 😍

For now she is making do with the house we have already, which is described as ‘large’ by the sellers but in our opinion is about half the size we’re looking for- especially for a Syrian. ***Any recommendations gratefully received!***

We also need a larger wheel as she’s just a baby and this is already too small for her. We’ll have her new accommodation within a week or so, and in the meantime we’ll make sure to handle her loads and let her run in her ball as much as she wants.

Electra is fascinated by her new little sister- the Lovely Husband describes the hamster house as 'Cat TV’ 📺!


Araminta loves her veggies! So far she’s tried and enjoyed carrot, kohlrabi and courgette.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other fruits and veggies she likes! I have found that my different hamsters over the years have all had different food preferences, so it’ll be interested to see why she likes best 😊