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SYRIA. Damascus governorate. Damascus. January 30, 2013. Free Syrian Army fighters take cover as a tank shell explodes on a wall after their comrade was shot by sniper fire during heavy fighting in the Ain Tarma neighbourhood.

First place, spot news stories at the 2014 World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Alternative title: Flagmageddon. 
I decided to go with Sami’s flag tights because I love the whole world-travelled aesthetic they gave him. 
Mistakes were made :’B 

So here’s a HEY GUESS WHAT to anyone who forgets he’s Syrian because he’s a Syrian supporting Syrian causes repping the Free Syria flag during his time in NXT.

Because he’s awesome like that.
And as a Muslim I’m 720% proud of what he stands for. 


At this very moment, genocide is occurring in Aleppo, Syria. We are being tortured, raped, slaughtered, and basically exterminated indiscriminately. There is no aid, medicine, food, or tools of survival. There are no hospitals, schools, homes, or any safe haven. There is no body or causality count anymore, there are too many to be accounted for. The White Helmets have officially announced that they are essentially powerless and paralyzed; they have stopped counting the dead, only stopping to wrap bodies in orange bags. Men and male children are forcefully being conscripted into the regime army or massacred in mass executions. There are official reports of women asking their husbands to kill them before being conscripted or executed in fear of mass rape and other atrocities they may face. Aleppo and Hama have suffered chemical attacks that have left seemingly unharmed children lining mosque floors dead. The about 100,000 people left in the city that haven’t died or been displaced are moving from one neighborhood to the other as regime and Russian forces close in. They are running only to fruitlessly go through the action, only to feel like they are trying: it’s of no use. The city is blockaded and there are ongoing airstrikes. There is no way out. There is no escape. This is essentially a cat and mouse game. There is no hope. We are literally asking God for divine help and miracles.

There are claims that “Aleppo is falling”; however, it has FALLEN. Russian and regime offenses have taken 96% of the city. Officials say that Russia and the Syrian regime have agreed to a peace deal and/or ceasefire, but live reports from Aleppo confirm it has yet to be implemented. The siege is ongoing. There is no going back from this. What has occurred these past two days is a genocide that was live-streamed to a world still in denial about our suffering. All we asked for was an end to emergency/martial law, yet we received six years of pure agony

Humanity has failed us. The international community has failed us. We are the worst human rights violation since World War 2. We are Obama’s and the UN’s Rwanda. Please save us. Call your representative. Donate to the White Helmets, Syria Relief, Save the Children, etc. Spread the word. Tell the truth. Do anything you possibly can.

UPDATE: As of Wednesday, December 14th 2016, the Turkish-Russian peace deal and ceasefire has FAILED. Syrians have been waiting since 5 AM for evacuation busses and NONE HAVE ARRIVED. Regime and Russian forces have started shelling the city AGAIN.

Please, don’t forget us! This is not getting better, this getting WORSE. They have won. The city has COLLAPSED yet they will not cease their offense. This is still ongoing. This is a nightmare that will never end. We Syrians are trapped in this city with war crimes still happening! Please continue spreading the word.

UPDATE #2: As of Thursday morning, December 15, 2016, the ceasefire has (for the most part) been held. Preparations for evacuation are just about complete. There will be a safe passage from Eastern to Western Aleppo that the International Committee of the Red Cross will oversee. Evacuations should begin soon. We are hoping that Western Aleppo will react kindly to the under 100,000 civilians coming in from Eastern Aleppo and that it will be, for the most part, successful.

Just remember: surviving Eastern Aleppo citizens are being transported on busses that are overtly and excessively decorated with the face of their butcher. At least it’s a slight reprieve from the past couple of days. Please keep the residents of Aleppo in your thoughts and continue to spread the word.

UPDATE #3: First convoy of 1200 Aleppo evacuees have arrived at Idlib, of which 200 were immediately hospitalized and most in critical condition. A second convoy of about 1198 people has crossed the West Aleppo countryside and has just about arrived, as well. There may be a third evacuation convoy if all remains fairly unhindered.

Please keep in mind that remaining waiting Aleppo residents and even the evacuees are facing harsh winter conditions as homes have been destroyed and it gets brutally cold, especially during the night, in Syria. They are also facing extreme hunger. The Syrian regime is providing them with nothing more than transportation to Idlib. Continue to donate what you can and call your representatives.

This will be the last live update I can provide from Aleppo unless an emergency or crisis (more than the now usual) occurs or important updates must be made. Please keep spreading the word, supporting civilians in anyway you can, and remaining vigilant and informed on the crisis in Syria. International mainstream media failed us and many of you didn’t even know what was happening until you read this post. The Aleppo genocide was one of many crises over the past six years and will be one of many more. Keep Syria in your thoughts and prayers. Spread the word.

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Okay I hate trump but my mom says that the war is because we have to ruin their government?? Because it's bad and that they are the ones who gassed everyone one and treats their people badly? I'm trying to learn more about what's going on

The Syrian government, run by President Bashar al-Assad is evil. They show no concern for their people and have committed many atrocities against the Syrian people. The most recent being a chemical attack against innocent civilians with many children dying. The Assad regime and Russia of course deny Assad did this purposefully. The United States and Turkey of course says they did. I have no confidence in the Assad regime, so I believe the safest and most empathetic belief is to say the Assad regime did. So, let’s work our way forward from this conclusion.

The Assad regime is abominable, horrific, unacceptable, and disgusting. The Syrian people deserve freedom, happiness, and safety, but they will receive absolutely none of this from Assad–ever. The Middle East has been a grief-stricken, complex region since Britian and France divided up the region after World War I. These two countries arbitrarily designed the borders of every country in the region without ever consulting the Arabic people who resided there. This is a KEY and VITAL point. They drew lines that did NOT match up with what the people desired. The border lines drawn enclosed different groups who disliked each other GREATLY. THIS is a HUGE source of conflict in the region, and must be taken into account in any discussion.

Because of the actions taken after World War I, the Middle East has been in turmoil ever since. Syria is another tragic example of this. The Syrian Civil War began in 2011 as an effect of the Arab Spring, a movement that swept through the entire Middle East to protest for increased freedoms and an end to government corruption. Syria was an obvious hot-spot for this due to the damage the Assad regime had inflicted on the Syrian people. The protest movement devolved into a war in Syria,

The war includes many different factions. At the beginning, there were large moderate rebel groups, who the United States believed could run a more open, free Syria. The United States funded and armed these groups. The Syrian government led the battle against the rebel groups. There was also a large presence in the region of terrorist rebel groups such as ISIS, Al Nusra, and many others. ISIS being the most powerful. They are also attempting to wrest control of the government from Assad.

As time went on, the moderate rebel groups lost control in the war. Now, the big power players in the region are the terrorist rebel groups (largely ISIS) and the Assad regime. The Assad regime is fighting the terrorist groups, while the terrorist groups are fighting BOTH Assad and OTHER terrorist groups. There are several other countries who have been covertly funding various terror groups in the region, including Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We have no true ally in Syria. There is no organized group we could possibly fund that would adequately bring justice to the Syrian people. Any military action we take could lead to dangerous consequences that allow a terrorist group such as ISIS to garner control of the region. If we conduct air strikes, we kill civilians. If we invade, we lose our men and we are forced to fight a double-sided battle against Assad AND ISIS. If we remove Assad from power, a power vacuum is created which a terrorist group that could be even worse could fill. There is NO easy solution. So, therefore, it is IMPERATIVE we be EXTREMELY careful to avoid further harming the Syrian people by making impulsive mistakes.

We must, at the same time, walk a fine line with Russia and Iran, to avoid the potential to start World War III. They are allies with Syria. We do not want to take actions to provoke them, and bring the entire world into a conflict. We must tread carefully. The military strike done by Trump was irresponsible and hasty. We must do better.

like sorry how fucking depraved do you have to be to look at a young person who is literally laying down his life to defeat ISIS and free syria and openly cop his personal life story for blockbuster movie fodder without so much as asking his permission first
How the last librarian of Mosul is preparing for when his city is free from Isis
Once a treasure trove of Unesco-registered rare books, the central library of the University of Mosul is now a blackened husk, full of ash. Less than a year after it captured the city in the summer of 2014, Isis all-but destroyed the building and burned its books. University professors and officials were forced to flee – but one man, Mosul’s librarian-in-exile, is still fighting for its survival.

The library of Mosul contained may rare books from all eras of the Near East.  Now it is burned and destroyed.  Many relics of history lost to destruction.  Now many are hoping to donate their books once Mosul is free.


SYRIA. Aleppo governorate. Tal Rifaat. 2012. Fighters with the Lions of Tawhid, a unit of the Free Syrian Army, prepares food for their comrades. The group disbanded in 2014 after the death of their leader and serious internal divisions.

Photograph: Bryan Denton for The New York Times

Working class Iranians & retired workers protest against the government’s involvement in Syria & the billions spent on supporting Assad

“The regime has emptied the pockets of the people & made everyone miserable”

“Get out of Syria & think of us instead”