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anonymous asked:

Have you heard about the Rojava Plan groups efforts to crowdfunding money for the creation of a fertilizer plant?

I have now, thanks! The people from Rojava plan are trying to get together 180k to be able to buy local materials and hire local labor to build a fertilizer plant in Rojava. There is a very comprehensive plan on what the money will be used on [here]. Gifs are from this [video].

You can donate to the cause [here]!

Pocket Change For Syria!

Hi everyone! 

My birthday is December 15th, and for my birthday I am hoping to raise money for our Syrian brother and sisters. The world is FAILING Syria. We can’t continue to sit and watch. We have to provide them with as much as we can as they flee to safety, and also once they reach safety. 

Im asking everyone to use their pocket change to help. All I’m asking for is that each and every one of you to donate $5 ( £3.26).

The charity that I am fundraising for is the UNHCR. Here is an example of the work they do. 

We have two months to raise as much money as we can and I’m hoping all of you can help :). Also if you are unable to donate, please signal boost and share this with everyone you know. 

JazakAllahu khair,