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It’s so strange that American policies will allow the American military to incessantly bomb cities in Syria and displace hundreds of thousands of civilians, and then the American government will come in and pledge millions of dollars in aid to rebuild those same cities and lives. It’s wild that Syrians become dependent for survival on the same umbrella bureaucracy that destroys their lives to begin. It’s almost like a Catch-22.

USA, UK, and France are literally ready to strike Syria and are just waiting for the word from Obama. Russia and China said that if we strike Syria there will be “catastrophic consequences” like we could literally be in a world war as of tomorrow. I didn’t know about any of this. But what I did know everything about was Miley’s fucking VMA performance. That’s really sad. Because this, Egypt, and Russian LGBT+ laws, are what we should be talking about.

“Being trapped under the rubble is something that I will never forget. I was on call that night with the emergency teams and then slept in the morning because it was Ramadan and we were fasting.

A barrel bomb fell in the Sad al-Wazz neighborhood, so the rest of my team rushed to the site. At one point they came back and woke me up suddenly. They told me there was a man stuck beneath the rubble. I got dressed immediately and accompanied them to area.

The man was trapped in a narrow place. I made a hole in the ceiling and crawled inside to where he was. I started clearing up the stones from around him. Just as I was almost done freeing his head and reassuring him that it was all almost over, I heard a terrible noise. I looked through the hole I had crept through, and I saw legs running. There was another explosion and I saw light and flames and the walls and ceilings started to fall on top of me.

My clothes were shredded due to the force of the explosion. My abdomen became swollen, but then went back to its usual size. My entire body felt funny. I fainted and then when I woke up I started shouting and yelling but it was all in vain. I checked my body for injuries and luckily everything was fine so I started moving the stones and dirt from around me and tearing things apart with my fingers. I was terrified that I was going to be stuck there forever. I kept working for half an hour and only then did I find a small gap for breathing – I felt like I was reborn.

Even though the air I breathed was full of gunpowder, it was the cleanest I’d inhaled in hours. I fell unconscious again and when I woke up, I was safe in the hospital. Thank god for everything. The only thing that was on my mind was my daughter. Only my daughter.”
-Ibrahim, The White Helmets

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7/21/2016- Syrian graphic designer Saif Aldeen Tahhan and the Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office recently launched a photo campaign titled “Syria Go” to raise awareness about children living in war-torn Syria. Tahhan crafted this project in light of the popularity behind Pokemon Go in order to shine a spotlight on the destruction in the country and its impact on the vulnerable over the past five years.

Some of the photos show children holding signs that say:

“I live in Kafr Nabl, the Aleppo countryside. Come catch me.”

“I am a Pokémon at Idlib in Syria, would you please come and save me?”

“I am in Kafrnabol in #Idlib countryside, come find me,” 

Tahhan further explained the inspiration behind this campaign:

“I created these images as a way to turn attention to the Syrian war, and to focus on Syrian suffering instead of Pokémon, which people are crazy about,” he explained.

He told Al Arabiya: “The world has become obsessed with this video game, so I told myself why not use it as a medium to convey our suffering.”

“Everyone is now searching for Pokémon, however, Syrians are searching for the basic necessities of life. Honestly, I don’t think the world feels for us.”

According to Save The Children, more than 250,000 children are living in depraved conditions in Syria due to the ongoing civil war.

Please keep awareness about Syria and all those affected by it in mind.



Syrian Refugees Transit through Troubled Greece

In honor of UN World Refugee Day, we spotlight Pulitzer Center grantee Holly Pickett’s reporting on Syrian refugees in Greece. Since the Syrian conflict began in 2011, the country has become the world’s largest source of refugees, with 4.9 million recorded last year. 

The world currently has a record number of refugees at 59.5 million people. 

Read more by Pulitzer Center grantee Holly Pickett on the Syrian refugee crisis here. Find more Pulitzer Center reporting on refugees and displaced persons here.  

Over the past 3 months, The Freedom Cards has solicited cards from people throughout The Middle East.  Over the next few weeks, we will start to publish these cards by country.  We begin today with Syria.  All cards were submitted digitally.  

In 2008,  I was skateboarding in Damascus in a huge park called (Tishreen park). 2 reporters came to me and asked me a few questions. They were happy to see me skating because they knew a skateboarder might be someone who can speak English. He asked me, “do you have a Facebook account” and “how do you feel that your government blocks Facebook ? And other social media ?”  I was shaking just to hear the question. I was like are you a real reporter or an agent for the government. Because these kind of questions can send you underground for so many years. After few minutes he gained my trust. And he recorded my answer on a small mp3 recorder. I had dreams that night that they will come and get me just because I talked to an American reporter.

What I’m trying to say here is freedom is when I can speak to others about my own political views without having nightmares.

Freedom is to hold my camera and take some pictures of a nice street without some stupid armed men coming and breaking my neck.

I never thought what freedom could mean to me. All what happened in 2011 is that I saw we were living like animals. And it’s time to improve our life, that’s all.

Freedom is when I open a business in Syria without Assad family coming and putting their hands on 40% of my art projects.

Freedom for me is living in a country under the rules that are applied for everyone. Everyone should follow the rule, Everyone. That’s all my dream is. That’s why I wake up every morning and dream about going somewhere to Europe or USA.

I’m just an artist; I never knew anything in politics. And I don’t have the will to do. I just want to have an equal life. To get job opportunities like Assad friends and family do.

I think I talk too much. Sorry man, it’s just I am so heartbroken. I cry everyday. I am literally crying like a baby. I’m a 23 year old guy who is life is so fucked up (sorry for the words). I don’t know what to do anymore. No degree, no job, no family, and no friends. It’s like Assad took everything from me just because I asked for some freedom!

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The migrant crisis explained
The current migrant crisis is being called the worst since World War II, with hundreds of thousands of people flooding to Europe. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric explains.

People are leaving countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Kosovo, Eritrea and especially Syria. Because of nearly five years of civil war and the chaos of ISIS, some almost 12 million Syrians have been displaced. About 4 million of them have left the country, looking to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and now countries in Europe for shelter.


The amount of American news coverage of the event that took place in Syria this past Wednesday 8/21 is appallingly low. Here is a report of my findings.

Currently, UN weapons inspectors are investigating the reported chemical attack that struck many outside the city of Damascus, Syria. The attack was supposedly issued by the Syrian government to assail rebels in the region. While the death toll has yet to be accurately determined, the Syrian government’s main opposition group has reported over 1300 deaths in the areas of Duma, Irbin, and Muadhamiya. Videos of the aftermath of the attack have been posted by the Syrian Revolution General, a rebel faction, depicting what they have described as “a terrible massacre committed by regime forces with toxic gas.” As reported in the New York Times article by Ben Hubbard and Hwaida Saad:

“Gwyn Winfield, editor of CBRNe World, a journal that covers unconventional weapons, said that the medics would most likely have been sickened by exposure to so many people dosed with chemical weapons — a phenomenon not seen in the videos. He said that the victims could have been killed by tear gas used in a confined space, or by a diluted form of a more powerful chemical agent. Others suggested that toxic industrial chemicals might have been used.

Some witness testimony suggested that residents, used to seeking cover from government shelling and airstrikes by running into underground shelters, had made the situation worse. In one video, a young medic said that residents had hidden in their basements, where the gas collected and suffocated them.”

According to other experts, the injuries and symptoms of those affected in the attack are consistent with nerve agents. Syria has been believed to have such agents, such as mustard gas and sarin, stockpiled which is outlawed by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 by the United Nations. In the past, Syria has implied of it’s posession of chemical weapons but was reported they would not be used against civilians. The Syrian government has denied its responsibility for the attack, denying its use of chemical weapons.

The United States, Britain, and France have expressed much concern over the alleged attack, stating that “Syria should provide access to the United Nations, and that those found to have used chemical weapons should be held accountable.”

Meanwhile, Russia believes the incident was a “preplanned provocation,” coordinated by the rebels; that the rebels themselves had launched the gas using a homemade rocket they could control. 

While we wait for the UN’s investigation to be completed and the truth to come out, please, please, tumblr, pass this news on. 

“Syria has slithered past Obama’s much talked about red line.  The only reason I support military spending levels that afford us to be the world’s policeman is for just these occasions – to eliminate a poisonous regime committing crimes against humanity. It’s time to save children, shoot first and ask questions later about who will be future allies.”- my dad

The world needs to know. This is not merely a political issue; this is a human issue. Everyone should be aware of what’s going on in Syria right now. 


Just look at this picture.  Just look and think.  Stop reblogging all the stupid shit you reblog everyday for 10 minutes and spend some time thinking about this.  Look at the building in the background and imagine it is your house.  Look at the clothes on their back and imagine you dug them out of a dumpster.  Look at their dirty hands and imagine you had no water to wash them.  Look at the gravel and garbage on the ground and imagine your well-groomed lawn has been replaced by corpses.

God blesses those who suffer, who starve, who are lonely and mourn. 

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Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says refugees must be vetted

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders tells Yahoo News Global Anchor Katie Couric that the United States cannot turn its back on the millions of refugees displaced by the war in Syria. He said that while events in Paris were tragic, Americans should not use them to suddenly change policy when it comes to Syrian refugees entering America.