no this is not islam
not chrisitianity
not judism
not hinduism
this is simply barbarism at its best
to take lives of children with dreams and aspirations and oh God so many things to see yet
this is not what a human being does

you have stones where we have hearts
you have water where we have blood
your bloodshed guarantees your victims heaven
but ever lasting hell for you

you are not a martyr in Gods eye
and i hope….i hope there is an afterlife
and i hope with every tear i dropped for the lives you took
that they will be there to watch you suffer 100 times than you made them suffer

—  fatima tariq

labellefindumonde  asked:

You preach unity, but offer no ways to get people to come together. I address the differences not because I'm using them as an excuse, but because these are very real things that keep people divided. I have no desire to give in. The point of terrorism is to instill terror. To not be afraid is to combat it. To be kind and compassionate is to combat it. I guess I was expecting a more practical, eye-opening response than the one you gave. Sorry for bothering you.

Well I do offer ways to get people to come together, I’m sorry I fell short of your expectations in terms of answering your ask. You should have asked me to specifically mention that.

But since we’re at the topic of practical solutions already, and since you’re very much convinced that I am incapable of offering practical solutions, let me prove you wrong:

[as for the Bangkok Hospital Bombings, there’s no way for anyone to donate as of now, and I would love to help open an avenue for that, however, I am not from Thailand and I do not know anyone in Thailand so if anyone here is from Thailand, please let me know how people can assist the Bangkok Hospital Bombing victims]

Your hopelessness may have made you assume that people who preach unity can’t provide practical solutions (as shown in how you reacted on my answer to your first ask), and that is perfectly understandable. 

But now, I have shared to you (and to readers of this blog) the resources to help the people in need in Marawi, Manchester and Syria - now go and spread these resources to those who are still at loss at how they can help the people in those cities right now. 

simple reminders

• you don’t have to be educated on ANYTHING to know that rudeness and violence are NEVER an option

• you don’t need a reason to act kind and reasonable. you don’t need a reason to be human

• there are people who see things different way. people with different philosophies. people who think violence dominates because from the violence is “necessary” to restore “justice”

as much as you don’t agree with those people, who sometimes might act towards you and others violently, NEVER act violently back. thats exactly the reason why there’s chaos in the world right now.

• whatever makes you or others happy, whether is music, art, comedy, any kind of entertainment/activities, PROMOTE IT. spread it, spread the love and positivity. we need it right now.

• educate yourself on whats going on. never ignore any news. how ever horrible the events may be, they deserve to be spread and heard.

• love.

23rd May 2017

Manchester, UK bombing at the Ariana concert with 22 dead including children and nearly 60 injured with countless missing.
Marawi, Phillipines has been taken over by the Mautegroup and people are being held, told they will be “taken care of” if they can’t prove they are Muslim.
Bangkok, Thailand had a bomb go off in a hospital injuring 24 people.
Homs, Syria had suicide car bombs which have killed 4 and hurt 2 dozen.
Today is another one of those days where the world just feels a little bit more heavier. To anyone whose in any of these places, stay safe and look after yourselves and one another, let us know if there’s anything we can possibly do. To everyone else, don’t allow this fear to take over, instead show that love can be the light in all that’s dark.
Sending love to everyone❤️