Two suspects dead as police foil jihadist terror plot in Belgium

A pair of jihadists from Syria are dead after police in Belgium raided their facility. 

from Guardian:

Belgian police have killed two men in Verviers, eastern Belgium, during one of about a dozen counter-terrorism raids against a group suspected of preparing to launch attacks on a grand scale, a federal prosecutor told a news conference.

A third man was arrested during the operation in the town of Verviers, Eric Van Der Sypt said, adding that there was, for the time being, no direct connection to last week’s attacks in Paris. No police were injured in the operation, he said.

“The suspects immediately and for several minutes opened fire with military weaponry and handguns on the special units of the federal police before they were neutralised,” he said.

The Belga news agency quoted officials as saying the targets of the raid had been under surveillance since recently returning from Syria. It said there were several casualties and that police activity was continuing.

The Standaard news site, quoting police sources, reported: “The three men had been under long-term surveillance. They had come back from conflict zones, undoubtedly Syria, and they had planned an attack against a police station. They had Kalashnikovs.”

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The terrorists in Belgium were getting their marching orders from ISIS.

I have a feeling that there’s going to be a lot more of this in the coming months.  Yesterday, a similar terror plot was foiled here in the United States.

Brussels on lockdown; tweeting cat pics during raids

”Belgian police have made 16 arrests in anti-terror raids, but suspected Paris attacks gunman Salah Abdeslam remains at large, the authorities have said.”

“Some 22 raids were carried out Sunday 22 November 2015) across Brussels and Charleroi, the federal prosecutor’s spokesman said.”

“Brussels remains on the highest level of terror alert. Universities, schools and the metro system will stay closed on Monday.”

“No weapons or explosives were found during the searches on Sunday, spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt told a news conference.”

“Brussels has been on lockdown all weekend amid a manhunt for Abdeslam, who is suspected of being among the assailants who killed 130 people in Paris on Friday (13 November 2015).”

“Soldiers joined police officers on patrols in Brussels over the weekend. Many public spaces in the usually bustling capital were deserted, as people heeded official warnings to avoid crowds.”

Brussels lockdown: Belgian police arrest 16 in anti-terror raids (BBC)

“When, on Sunday evening, Belgian police asked citizens not to tweet about the armed operations that were being carried out around the country, anyone could have been excused for reacting with fear.”

“Belgian forces – searching for suspects in the aftermath of the Paris attacks – told citizens to stay indoors and not go near their windows for safety reasons.”

“They also appealed for social media silence about any police action users might witness – presumably to keep the suspects in the dark.”

“Instead of speculation about the sort of threat police might be reacting to, many people used the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag to post pictures of their pets.”

“After the all-clear was announced by officials – with the news of arrests – there was a sigh of relief and a message of gratitude.” 

“Belgian police later thanked the cats for their help.”

National emergency? Belgians respond to terror raids with cats (The Guardian)