Wanted to draw an angry Syphen from an rp with Tanis for stress-relief.  I haven’t drawn anything in a while, so it ended up kinda wonky, though OTL;; He doesn’t look quite as murderous as I’d hoped but OH WELL *throws hands up*

Dammit Syphen, you’re a doctor.  You aren’t supposed to threaten to kill people.

Inktober day 18!  Amaranse + Syphen <3  I really miss these two a lot!  Amaranse belongs to Pride-kun.  Used the same pens as before, but tried planning out where to block in shadows and where to put highlights a little better this time, and being a little more patient with making clean lines.  I think it turned out pretty good, though Ama’s head is a little big.

おおおおおおぉぉぉぉぉ 弟よぉぉぉ 兄ちゃんはラトナ大好きだよぉぉぉ ちゃんとご飯食べてるかぁぁぁ 兄ちゃんに心配かけちゃあかんぞぉぉぉ (TДT)