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Gender Stigma

          For my first digital project, our Communication, Technology and Culture class was given the challenge to change the world. We were given no limitations as we were allowed to change the world however way we want. My group, consisting of Eva, Laura, Alona and Syoma, brainstormed the idea of eliminating gender stigma in the world. Previous from launching our campaign, the group consisted of just Eva, Laura and Alona as I did not join the group until a couple days after the formation of groups were made. I was previously in another group with two other girls, where we initially thought of the idea of iTrade, which would’ve consisted of a website where people could barter skills. When coming up with this idea, we were not aware that this idea was already being done, which gave us the limitation of having to make our campaign better than the ones that were already being done. After presenting our idea to the class, we got the chance to listen to other presentations within the class about their ideas on how they would want to change the world. As I was hearing Eva present her group’s idea revolving around gender stigma, I found myself to be attracted to and leaning towards this idea more than I was to my group’s initial idea. I told my group members that I decided that I would join Eva’s group, seeing that I was more passionate and knowledgable about gender stigma than I was about trading skills.

          Our group’s goal was to eliminate prejudice and stereotypes revolving around gender stigma. Every single one of us was frustrated and annoyed about how the world creates these norms revolving around gender. We believed that this was unjust and something had to be done for gender equality. In our efforts to eliminate gender stigma, we decided that our campaign should consist of social media platforms along with an official website. We wanted to have multiple streams to increase awareness, especially since our goal is to change the world, rather than target towards a specific area/market. The objective of our campaign is to a launch a video or series of videos as well as a social media campaign which bring awareness to gender stigmas/stereotypes among men and women. Our social campaign strategy was to incorporate folksonomy by encouraging users to incorporate a hashtag we came up with, which is ‘#BreakTheMold’. We came up with the concept ‘Break the Mold’ as a meaning to put a stop to the norms society has created with gender. By encouraging users to tweet ‘#BreakTheMold’, this gives them the opportunity to support out cause while also increasing awareness. Our Twitter and Facebook page were created in attempts to engage everyone with our campaign. Seeing that we provided users with a hashtag, this will allow us to to locate tweets in support of our cause where we plan to retweet these tweets. By retweeting these tweets, we have engaged those in support of our cause while providing them with a sense of involvement. With our Youtube Channel, we plan to create videos educating the idea that gender ‘norms’ are breakable. As you can see with our first video, we ask various people on their thoughts about gender stereotypes where everyone in the video disagrees with these stereotypes. We asked random people on their thoughts and to no surprise, we find that everyone had the same opinion as us. We want to force the idea that many people disagree with these stereotypes, however, these disagreements are not being heard. Also, we incorporated a Wordpress website, which is featured in the bios of our social media platforms, where more information on our campaign can be found. In addition, we have created a logo so we could be easily recognized on the internet that is filled with other campaigns so our material can be distinguishable.

          I feel that our group has done a remarkable job with our campaign. In my opinion, I feel that you can tell that a lot of effort was put into this campaign, especially seeing that every single one of us was passionate about the topic. You can see that our Facebook and Twitter platforms consist of consecutive tweets, where there would be at least two to three links and material would be posted every single day. I feel that we went above and beyond in trying to provide others with educational links and information so our campaign could come off as an official, knowledgable campaign. Both our logos are of very high quality and everything being presented in our campaign, down to the colour choices, has been thought of. We even provided the term ‘genderitis’ along with its definition on our Wordpress page to enforce the idea that gender stigma is a real everyday issue, which requires action now. We constantly incorporated and encouraged input from those who come across our campaign as we are trying to let our voices be heard, along with everyone else who supports us. On our website we incorporated our individual mission statements to ensure that our campaign consists of passionate individuals. My mission statement included the following:

Hey everyone, my name is Syoma Gebremichael and I am a first-year media student who is currently enrolled at Guelph-Humber. Using my skills that I have acquired from my program, I plan to take the extra step needed to #breakthemold by eliminating the stigma associated with gender. I am a creative, hardworking, and most importantly, determined young student who is passionate about bettering society by ensuring no one should feel pressured to conform with false “ideals”. I truly believe in equality of the sexes and I am willing and determined in putting in the effort to curing society’s case of Genderitis.

          We wanted to take a professional, yet personal approach to be categorized as a knowledgeable campaign without intimidating users. Our slogan, “Genderitis. The cure starts with YOU!” also incorporates a more personal approach. I feel that our campaign has a lot of potential in eliminating gender stigma. With increased efforts and consistency, I believe that our campaign is able to change the world into a place without gender stereotypes.






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These Holes Aint Loyal

          For my second digital project in my Communication, Technology and Culture course, my group took on the topic of Toronto’s potholes. As it is commonly known, Toronto is known as a city with one of the worst potholes in terms of being an urbanized environment. Many citizens of the GTA, including many students within my class, expressed their frustration and annoyance towards Toronto potholes. My group, consisting of Kiana, Meera, Daniel, Sherice and Syoma, decided to take on the challenge of making a plan in order to make a change to this issue. When brainstorming, we brought up the idea that the danger that is commonly thought of when addressing the issues of potholes is the danger to vechiles. Citizens have an issue with potholes due to the potential chance of the holes to damage their car, along with the uncomfortableness of driving due to the lack of a smooth road. However, my group concluded that the danger is not only to vechiles or drivers, but also to the rest of citizens. Not only are potholes dangerous for drivers, but to everyone whether you are walking, cycling, skateboarding, etc. Daniel, being an active skateboarder, noted that when he skateboards, he comes in contact with many potholes that increase his risk of getting injured. Although he realizes that potholes make it extremely dangerous for him to skateboard, he felt that it is unjust for him to be stripped his right to skateboard due to the irresponsibility and lack of effort from the city. In order to increase awareness of this issue to the city, our group made a twitter page as a forum for citizens to let their voice be heard. Users can tweet their concerns for potholes while incorporating the hashtag ‘#TOPotholes’ where we will retweet it to increase awareness. Since there are millions of tweets being produced everyday, our group decided to incorporate folksonomy with the hashtag ‘#TOPotholes’ so we were able to locate these tweets with ease without having to spend a ridiculous amount of time. The hashtag allows us to see all the tweets of concern for Toronto potholes. On top of this, we incorporated geotagging by putting a link on our bio of a map of Toronto where citizens can add where they have come into contact with potholes, along with giving the potholes a rating. Although we realize every pothole is problematic, we plan to have different layers on the map to act as a rating scale, from minor potholes to very problematic potholes. This will give the city a sense of which areas to start, as it makes more sense to fix the potholes with a higher rating first. Also, we decided to name our campaign ‘These Holes Aint Loyal’, as suggested by a student in my class, to provide as a creative outlook on our campaign. Seeing that our name is begin reference to a popularized hip-hop song, this will increase the awareness of our campaign. We feel that more citizens would be attracted to our campaign with this name, rather than our previous name ‘TO Potholes’. Seeing that our name is referenced to a young popular hip-hop artist, this will also increase the awareness with young citizens. Typically, middle-aged citizens are the leading group in involving themselves within the city and being aware. Having a reference to something that is close to the hearts of young citizens will increase their awareness and involvement, along with our campaign being on social media. All in all, with increased efforts, I feel as though our campaign has real potential in being active within he GTA. I also feel that our campaign only has such potential due to incorporating folkonomy and geotagging. Without incorporating these two aspects, our campaign would be very weak and ineffective. We wouldn’t be able to locate the concerns of citizens on Twitter and also wouldn’t be able to provide the city with a visual of the potholes citizens have reported to us along with a rating. It would be very hard to convince the city to take part in our campaign seeing that it would be a very difficult and time-consuming campaign without these two aspects. To conclude, this digital project allowed me to come to the realization of the importance and effectiveness folksonomy and geotagging has. Without these two aspects, our campaign would fail terribly. 



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