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Hello Emi-chan! I loved your writting for moving in with QN, could you please do the same with STARISH?? Pretty pleaaase! = ^^ = Thank you!!

I’ll be doing headcannons instead written out scenarios because it is the best way to keep two boys from having a somewhat similar scenario, it’s quicker and headcannons are generally more fun for me. Hahaha


His inhuman strength really comes in handy during the move. It’s not as if he can carry everything on his own but with this boy, he and his s/o can save money on movers.

He probably wouldn’t get much of a say when it comes to buying home decor. It’s not that his style is terrible or anything. It’d actually work pretty well if ya know…You were moving into a daycare center.

Unless the walls are ridiculously high, they may not need a ladder when painting. He’d paint the high parts on his own and the parts he can’t reach he’d let the sit on his shoulders and let them do it. Team work makes the dream work.

More than likely got bored and made a fort out of boxes.

He sucks at handy work. Omg. Have a first aid kit on stand by and keep this boy away from the fucking hammer because he’s going to smash 7 out of 10 of his fingers just trying to hang pictures!!…my poor baby

Strong Point: Great at heavy lifting!


He’s not the strongest person in the world but he can do some heavy lifting with assistance…

He probably suggested hiring professional movers in the beginning until his s/o cried about want to share the experience together.

He wants his s/o to meet him half way when deciding on the home decor. There is no his job/their job. It’s a team decision. He’d actually get upset if his s/o bought something without talking about it first.

When it comes to organizing the place, he’s got a very strong voice. So, if his s/o can’t offer up an opinion it’s likely the place will be set up the way he wants. And it wouldn’t look half bad. Maybe it’s a good idea to let him take charge?

Secretly uses Pintrest….

Strong Point: Eye for detail!


This would be his first time doing things that comes with living own your own or in this case with his lover, so he’s pretty excited!

He has one goal. That is to make his s/o happy. So he pretty much lets them take control of everything. He’ll just follow their lead.

He has never had to use tools up until now, so he’s not much help when it comes to putting things together. He’d try though.

“Cecil, can you hand me the screwdriver?” *Cecil brings the staple gun*

When he and his s/o go shopping for furniture, he’d take them to go the places that deliver and assemble so that they don’t have to bother with it. That way all they’re left with doing it moving it around.

He’s likely to have interesting looking things shipped to him from his homeland that probably won’t match the theme of the place but he’ll insist on sitting them around the house. His s/o won’t be able to argue against it because his pleading face is too intense to handle.

Strong Point: Extremely helpful and willing to learn new things!


The best thing about moving in with Ren is that he has great taste and money to support it. That said, he and his s/o don’t really have to compromise on particular furniture pieces due to how pricey they are..

There is one place in his home that he wants full creative control over and that is the kitchen.

He believes a person’s kitchen says a lot about them. He wants the kitchen to be so beautiful that it inspires him to want to cook.

This man doesn’t just have gorgeous, strong arms for show. He’s actually pretty strong. He doesn’t want his lover to help with the heavy lifting so he’d ring a friend or two to come and help him out a bit.

Once everything is in place, he’s wants to make love to his s/o in every single room in the house. He believes it’d bring good luck…sure jinguji..

Strong Point: Exquisite taste!


He’s effortlessly a pretty handy guy. Years of living in the orphanage taught him a thing or two about the uses of a tool box.

He’s pretty much silent when it comes to picking out the home decor. He’d really just be there to push the cart around the store. So, s/o probably shouldn’t ask his opinion because he won’t have one.

The most exciting part to him is painting! He gets so excited. When it’s time to do some painting, he turns into a kid. Be forewarned, protect any exposed skin because he. will. paint. you.

As long as his s/o can help out, moving furniture in would be a piece of cake and could be done in no time.

He’s not very helpful with organizing things though. His s/o will have to tell him where they want everything to go because the place will look a mess if they left it up to him.

Strong Point: Amazing agility!


He doesn’t have a dream house or anything. So, when he and his s/o were looking for places he let them do most of the decision making. His only request is that it’s big enough to turn a room into a man cave.

Just because he doesn’t mind letting his s/o do most of the decision making when it comes to the house doesn’t mean he’s want them to forget him and his opinion.

He’d give them the freedom to do all the decorating they want as long as they don’t make the place too feminine.

Since he’s the manliest manly man ever in the history of man, he will insist that he and his s/o buy furniture them needs to be assembled. This is something he wants to do on his own, no help from his partner.

He’s not going to rest until he builds whatever it is. He will binge on energy drinks against his s/o’s protest until he gets the job done. Cuz that is the kind of manly man he is!

Strong Point: Great determination, handiness and maximum manliness!


This man’s packing game is on Hercules [read: strong af]. He can teach his s/o all types of ways to make the biggest things fit into the smallest boxes.

Being the neat freak he is, he’ll probably drag his s/o to their new place several times to clean it before they actually move in, each visit more thorough than the last.

He was raised in a mansion with a large staff. Everything had always been taken care of for him. So, he has zero experience with tools. So, if his s/o can’t show him how to use them or do it themselves they’re screwed. 

He may be strong but he would hate to sprain a muscle or something by lifting heavy furniture so he’d hired professional movers to get the job done.

Unless his s/o is as into the more traditional Japanese home, he and his lover argue over the theme.

On the bright side, he’s willing to compromise. If he can have at least one Japanese style room in the house that can act as his ‘meditation room’, he’ll agree to whatever they want to do.

Strong Points: Best packer in the world and cleanliness.!

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syoh replied to your post: “Aurore look- it’s me trying to speak French!” No it’s not. You humble lady. Followers of my-kind-of-stuff don’t believe her, she is modest. Your French is way better than Joey’s!

Mais si ! J’ai bien écouté & j’ai trouvé ton Français très bien pour une personne qui l’utilise peu. Hé hé hé, je suis sûre que tu comprends ces mots aussi, sans vraiment avoir besoin de les traduire ;)

Oui, je comprends,mais c'est beaucoup plus difficile de l'ecrire que de le comprendre, et mes resultats scolaires en francais me dire que je ne suis pas bon dans ce domaine. 

Did that make sense? 


Save The Date Meghann & Kevin

A Stop Motion I made for my cousin & his fiancée. It was a long process, but an amazing one, lucky me it’s a stop motion, there will be no bloopers… And no record of that hangover after celebrating… Wait, what hangover… This never happened…

Music Little & Ashley “Stole My Heart”