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La Valse du Petit Soldat”, a video REmix by Syoh for Metaphorest’s "Le Petit Soldat“, using Madrond101’s Piano & Accordian REmix!

syoh replied to your post: “Aurore look- it’s me trying to speak French!” No it’s not. You humble lady. Followers of my-kind-of-stuff don’t believe her, she is modest. Your French is way better than Joey’s!

Mais si ! J’ai bien écouté & j’ai trouvé ton Français très bien pour une personne qui l’utilise peu. Hé hé hé, je suis sûre que tu comprends ces mots aussi, sans vraiment avoir besoin de les traduire ;)

Oui, je comprends,mais c'est beaucoup plus difficile de l'ecrire que de le comprendre, et mes resultats scolaires en francais me dire que je ne suis pas bon dans ce domaine. 

Did that make sense? 

syoh  asked:

"Aurore look- it’s me trying to speak French!" No it's not. You humble lady. Followers of my-kind-of-stuff don't believe her, she is modest. Your French is way better than Joey's!

mais no…

You haven’t really heard me speak it.. okay, maybe it’s NOT as bad as Joey’s but it’s pretty bad…


Costume Jupe & Gilet Vert Olive. Coton, lin & laine.
J'ai teint le lin avec du thé afin d'obtenir ce ton légèrement passé.
J'ai aussi dû fabriquer le biais moi-même n'ayant pas trouvé mon bonheur ailleurs…
Invité spécial, mon tigre de maison Karma 

Costume made with cotton, linen & wool. 
I dyed the linen with tea to obtain this faded tone.
I also made the bias as I did not find one I liked somewhere else…
Special guest, my hometiger Karma 
I also love how Mirtle ’s necklace fit the costume!

10 things I'll do when...

…I won’t find excuses like : lack of time or/and money…

Learn to play Taïko

For those who don’t know, it’s a Japanese drum. If not possible, learn to play drums would be alright too. I love that ancestral sound, it feels universal, like it could connect everyone.

Horse riding

I’ve never experienced something quite like riding with a horse. Maybe it’s close to what people feel on a motorcycle, but with the bound you share with the horse. Perfection would be horse trekking for few days. Maybe I should plan this for future holidays. The perfection of perfection would be me living next to a farm/ranch full of horses.

Spend a week in the darkroom

Uh, it looks creepy when you read it like that… Well, I mean spend a week in the darkroom with my Mp3, developing the black & white pictures I made with my Semflex. Really, it’s been ages. I hope I could recreate a darkroom in my future home. I can spend hours in there and totally forget about the world. Time doesn’t exist when I’m here.

Bring to life Turquoise & Papillon

It’s a drawing I made on hitRECord. Mademoiselle RECorderBelle said she wanted this as a REAL dress. That’s when I started to think of how I can make this possible.

Attend a hitRECord event

Haaa this one is part of the lack of money excuses… I bet many of you face the same dilemma.

Play guitar

It won’t take too long to realize this one, just few strings to change. You see, some people have yoga, I have guitar. It has the great power to soothe me & to make me feel better. Like tea. It works every time, even if I barely know how to play…

Find Cherry Coke

My new quest. I can’t believe I’m on the continent where Coke was created and I can’t find any Cherry Coke. Seriously, is it modern torture? I need my drug guys. I shall not rest until I find a store that sells it.

Lord Of The Ring Marathon

By LOTR Marathon I mean 3 or 4 days. Not the 12 hours of movies, but also the 12 hours with actors comments, director’s comments, behind the scenes, every minutes of the 12 DVDs.

Which reminds me that I left them in France. Et merde…

Illustrate a book for children

Funny enough, I kind of did it thanks to hitRECord. Anyway I’d love to do a whole book someday.

Visit few Countries

Such as Japan, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, USA, Argentina. Well if I manage to visit one of them I’ll be satisfied.

So tell me, what are yours ?


The colours globe.

Handcraft-y me, is, back.

I almost forgot that I had done this. These last weeks have been crazy…

We received a new globe lamp at work few months ago, one you have to piece it together to make the globe.

Naturally, I “borrowed” one for a day & traced one piece (you need 30 to make the lamp). The original size was a bit too big for me, so I reduced it & then duplicated it 29 times…

To make sure two colours won’t be next to each other you have to select 5 different colours.

Anyyyyway, after 2 hours of cutting… Tadaaam!!!

This one is just a prototype I can’t use it as a lamp, for it is only made of paper. But now that I have this one, I know exactly how to create a proper one.

Guess what was in the mail this week :)

Thank you Lena for the delicious chocolate & the delicious music.

It was a bit conceited of me to think that I have a vast & eclectic taste in music, when, with delightful surprise, I realized that (except from some names) I had never listened to these songs before.
Merci encore Lena, I love every single one <3

The “+ LOVE” added next to the contents of the package made my day!