Okay, so here’s what I’ve been doing for the past half a year. Jumping through the legal hoops of getting a proper company set up. Dear lord was it a pain to go through, but we’re finally at the other end, so here’s the deal.

I make sample libraries in Kontakt now, with a good friend. We have some short term and long term goals for you:

Short Term: To provide decent, cheap and effective sample libraries that will find their place in your collection.

Long Term: To fill the glaring gaps in the industry. Strings don’t just make long and short notes. Flutes do much more that just sound pretty. We plan to sample instruments fully.

But to do this, we need customers! That’s where you come in. If you fancy a look, go right ahead. Heck, follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date (Facebook has a free library too). If you’re not bothered, then please share this around so we get decent exposure. If you have any questions, ask us!

We have a big release calendar lined up that will be amazing, so stay tuned!

(note that our launch products require the full version of Kontakt 4.2.4+)

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Hi Angela! What are your thoughts on this whole thing at the moment? I feel quite disappointed in Louis and Zayn (not because of the weed, but because of the slurs and Zayn using the word "girly" as derogatory) but I'm also really worried about the backlash. I saw a couple of people saying Louis could very well lose his position on the football team, or that the people in the car will get fired, etc. None of the possible explanations of the leak seems to make sense to me.

Oh god, I didn’t even hear the word ‘girly’. But again, not something I’m surprised to hear (I’ve seen sexist stuff from Zayn before). (And just to clarify, I don’t think Zayn is especially sexist, but I do think he’s a typical boy.)

I have no idea about the backlash.

Hey I'm writing a research paper

And I need volunteers. People ages 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, and 25-30 are eligible. The only requirements are that you don’t have an ego-syntonic or ego-dystonic disorder (sorry.) If you’re interested, please send me a message! Perks of joining: you’ll gain a more accurate perception of yourself and you get to help me write a hopefully awesome paper. I’ll give you more information and you can decide if you want to participate. Please reblog to get the message out!

Kingdom of Bast (WIP)
  • Kingdom of Bast (WIP)
  • Syntone

Alrighty, so here’s one work in progress from a whole smorgasbord of music coming soon!

Syntone is going to be taking a different direction in the near future. We’ve realised sample library creation isn’t for us, so we’re going to move to music writing instead.

The first batch that will be coming out will be an as-of-yet untitled album full of epic/trailer music, but with various twists and turns. Think the typical epic cinematic stuff you hear, except with an added layer of complexity to it.

For example, this piece is in 4/4, but is divided into 7/8 and 9/8 respectively. It is still VERY work in progress; there’s little to no consideration for mixing currently. But when it’s done, it’ll be a strong piece from a powerful album of music. A few of the other works sound pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

Keep following me (block the tag ‘drdiss art’ to avoid the art side of my blog) if you want to keep up with the deets. We also have a soundcloud lying dormant that we’ll be using.

More avenues of communication will be up at a later date. But for now, just enjoy the rhythms!

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Hello! I'll be wearing one of your shirts on the 21st of June in Paris. I'm planning on making a "I'm here, I'm queer, I'm a 1D fan" sort of sign as well, does it seem okay to you? Much love! xx

Thank you for getting a shirt and wanting to wear it!

We’ll be sharing the posted banner ideas in poster approved size soon, but everybody who wants to bring their own idea is welcome as wellQ

Two important things to think about though:

1.) Make sure your banner idea isn’t against one of the ground restrictions. You can check most of the ground restrictions here: Ground Restrictions for the dates/venues


2.) Please don’t make banners refering to project Rainbow Direction that throws a bad light onto our movement or directly mentions any ship/pairing, especially Larry (or even Ziam) related stuff.

The project is about raising awareness of us being an equal part of the fandom, not trying to push through our believes or opinions.

I, personally, really like your banner idea!

Added you to the map as well!

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Hi! "Daube" could be referring to a lot of things, you'd probably need context to translate it. "On mange de la grippe" must mean that they're all (?) sick, "surtout les filles" (especially the girls), that person is most likely talking about their daughters or close younger relatives (because the entire sentence refers to some sort of "package" so either a family or a group of friends, I'm leaning towards the former).

The mystery shall go unsolved then. Merci!


Jeff BridgesTemescal Canyon (11:03), from Sleeping Tapes, LP, k7 and digital release, Squarespace, USA, February 2015

Great spoken word album by US actor Jeff Bridges, born 1949, using field recordings, soothing electronic background sounds and the occasional conversation, but most of all making the most of Bridges’ own warm voice and casual conversational tone. As the title implies, this album is a collection of relaxing and sleeping aid sounds, so hints of self-help and music therapy might deter some potential listeners, yet this is subtly woven into the fabric. In the stuff of dreams that is Sleeping Tapes – especially during storm and wind recordings (eg. The Raven, for instance)–, one can hear echoes of Syntonic Research’s Environment LP series of the 1970s ; in other tracks, reminiscences of Ken Nordine or Tony Schwartz, like in the lovely See You at The Dreaming Tree, including interview with children and beautifull singing bowls + electronic finale ; or elsewhere, hints of Henry Jacobs – in Shorty Petterstein alias– in the close-miked, urban-ite voice. The YouTube excerpt above is the epic tr. # 12, Temescal Canyon, presumably recorded during a trek in Californie Temescal Canyon Park, near Santa Monica. The track might as well be a studio reconstruction, yet, thanks to cunning aural artefacts and realistic sonic details, it carries the feeling of physical effort and will to surpass oneself.

Stream or pay-what-you-wish-download, just make sure to play the tracks in continuous mode once they are on your computer.

Papert Part 2

Turtle learning is hands on and takes the auditory lecturing (something I suck at) into visual

playing turtle creates the right kind of teacher. Supportive, but allows student to find what they need to do and learn

Syntonic learning you appreciate things more that you get DIRECTLY effected by- news

I find myself taking walks late at night to the park to try and help me put my mind at ease. And when I get to the park, I sit on the bench and find myself trying to clear my mind of everything going on in my life that puts my brain into overdrive. It’s times like this were I wish I still had my bmw so I can go out for a night drive. Oh how I do miss those night drives in my 87 bmw. Nothing really cleared my mind like driving on the togue and going all out through the turns, pushing the car to its limits and yourself at the same time. I guess it’s that special moment when you and your car bond and become one, total syntonization. It’s a beautiful thing once you achieve that bond with your car. Not a lot of people knows how that feels and that’s a tragedy. I felt at peace when I was on the togue. A feeling that I don’t feel to often, given the way life has become now. That’s not to say that I’m not happy with everything in my life. I am truly blessed. I have friends that I can call family, a girl that I truly love and care for, even thought lately I don’t feel like she is feeling the same way. I guess what I am trying say is that life will continue to move on with or without you, it’s up to you to chose wether you want to stay put in the memories of the good time or continue to move forward with life and creat new ones.

How does data exemption work?

I know that T mobile has its music freedom and AT&T has Sponsored data, I will be getting a Masters in IT so I am interested in probably making a software like Syntonic Sponsored Content Store or just an app like Hangouts and making it data exempt . Thanks in advance

How does data exemption work?

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Transmettre le temps de la création

Transmettre le temps de la création
By pali meursault

Christine Groult est l’une des figures majeures de la Musique Concrète en France. Alors qu’elle s’apprête à prendre sa retraite de la classe d’électroacoustique du Conservatoire de Pantin, qu’elle dirige depuis plus de vingt ans, nous sommes allés visiter le studio de composition et partager une conversation ouverte avec elle et quelques-un·e·s de ses étudiant·e·s : Gaël Segalen, Jules Wysocki, Solveig Risacher et Marie Guérin. Il y est question d’enseignement, d’écoute, d’un peu de l’histoire de la musique électroacoustique et du temps, précieux, que demande la création.

Source: Syntone

March 16, 2015 at 02:07PM