from Ruif Juifel

synth/drums jam ! Equipment : Synton Fenix 2 & 3 synthesizers, Asba bassdrum, Sonor snaredrums.


Fenix II and III

from splitradix

Here’s a video of the new Fenix II synthesiser and the Fenix III sequencer with some 808 action thrown in for good measure. The Fenix was recorded without effects, it has its own built in analogue delay that I messed with a bit.

The main melody is being played by the Akai MPC 1000 and the Fenix III sequencer is modulating the formant filter.


Personality Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #34  

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Fenix II as a drum synth. No other audio. #analog #modular #synton #fenix #modularsynth


Early morning #synton #fenix beats. #analog #modular #modularsynth

25 June 1915 diary of Dr J S Muir of Selkirk

Dull sunless cold but rather less of the New wind. There had been a slight shower in the morning which just wetted the slates & pavements. Motored round town & to Broomhill & then to Synton Mill. Sat all afternoon making out account for attendance on various soldiers on furlough etc. Very tedious work. News in the Dispatch that the 1 / 4 K.O.S.B. have been in action at Gallipoli & Capt Johnson, Galashiels, is wounded. [duplicated section from 24 June has not been repeated]


More Fenix II nastiness. #synton #analog #modular #modularsynth #maschine #nativeinstruments