2500 participants for Rainbow Direction at the OTRA Tour

You guys did it. You brought the project to way above the mark of 2500 participants (2560 to this date and steadily rising).

Halfway through the tour, we’ve heard lots of stories of happiness, empowerment, positivity and life-changing memories and have seen a ot of shining faces, wonderful pride signs and proud rainbows.

For this occasion, the lovely syntone contributed this work of art to us. Thank you so much for this!  

We can not wait to continue our adventure with you.

Thank you!

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Hey I'm writing a research paper

And I need volunteers. People ages 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, and 25-30 are eligible. The only requirements are that you don’t have an ego-syntonic or ego-dystonic disorder (sorry.) If you’re interested, please send me a message! Perks of joining: you’ll gain a more accurate perception of yourself and you get to help me write a hopefully awesome paper. I’ll give you more information and you can decide if you want to participate. Please reblog to get the message out!

Open Call for Submissions: Calling All Artists for Rainbow Direction Fanart (new)

One Direction fans are some of the most talented & artistic people, and we want use this fact to show the world how beautiful, diverse and creative our fandom is.

With the project steadily growing and reaching numbers that were not expected before, we keep hitting new occasions to announce and celebrate

We want you to be part of Rainbow Direction and that celebration by sending us your FanArt

In the past we’ve had rosketch and syntone contribute their fanart to us - those are two examples:

To take part in the Open Call:

  • Get Inspired - Express yourself with artwork that showcases Rainbow Direction, it’s rainbows, pride colours, diversity and people. Your art can contain the One Direction boys as well, but we’d like to give the LGBTQ+ fandom a light to shine in with these - in whichever symoblic way you choose.
  • Get Creative - Drawings, Digital Media, Photography, whatever you can come up with. Gifs or little videos are welcome, too!
  • Only One Must Have - We want to use your fanart for our celebration posts - Therefore, please make sure you leave a place where we can insert numbers or letters.
  • Ship Free - We ask that all submissions abide by our policy

Send it In - Please email your submissions to us so we can ensure none are missed. 

ALL SUBMISSIONS (if they fit our guidelines and are appropriate for our project) WILL BE USED!

Closing date for submissions: August 31st, 11.59pm GMT

There is no more deadline for sending in your fanart, so if you come up with something just send it to us anytime!

Thank you again for your ongoing support and we cannot wait to see what you come up with!