Do you remember what it was like when you were younger, and every day whilst at school, you were fidgeting in your seat excitedly waiting for a loud bell to ring so you could dash out the door for recess? It was a carefree time, when I dreamed of tanbark or sand laced playgrounds. The most pressing stress spawned from an indecision to play tether ball, funnel ball (a favorite which probably lead to my love of basketball), or four square with all the other bright eyed kids. Sunshine and palm tree indie pop dazzlers Golden Coast swoop out of Los Angeles to bring back those youthful memories with their new song, Recess. Its bubbly playful electronic pop is replete with dreamy synths, glitchy beats, and airy dulcet falsettos. The radiant uplifting song is an addictive escape into the past and a vivid reminder to take time off now and enjoy the simple things in life. Recess is the first single from a debut EP to be released this fall. 


“You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul” by Modern Talking

The 1st Album (1985)


💙💎Happy 29th anniversary Never Let Me Down Again💎💙

👑This song was released as single on 27th August 1987👑

Number 22 in UK while number 2 in Germany.

It became a big success for the band.

Then “Never Let Me Down Again” was inserted in the magazine “Q” as 599th of 1001 best songs of all time.

As B-side: Pleasure Little Treasure

Though DENM’s stellar new tune is named GREEN, I find it to be more rosy pink and flushed orange. The Los Angeles newcomer continues to impress with his lush, soulful indie pop on GREEN, which seems the perfect summer anthem to soundtrack the impending end of my favorite season. When cool Autumn arrives in a month and leaves start falling from their trees, many of us will be wistfully pining for the hopefulness and new love that springs and takes flight in the warmer months of the year. Saccharine GREEN will take us back to those moments in full. DENM will be releasing his debut EP, Dreamhouse, this Friday, August 26th. Watch his lyric video for GREEN below.