A synthoid is a fictional type of artificial lifeform. It has been used in many medias: G.I Joe, Transformers, and even Kim Possible.

But I first herd the term used in Batman Beyond (one of my favorite animated series). The word sort of stuck with me. Since there isn’t a clear definition of what make a synthoid…a synthoid; I’ve decided to use the term in Cybertale. More specifically to set Gaster apart from the rest of the machines in the Cyberground. So lets begin. ^^


Many years ago, when monsters still lived on the surface; humans were working on soul powered technology. More specifically, humanoids.

Although they possessed souls, they were nothing more than a power source. Even if the soul were to be removed, a synthoid could still function on another power source. (just not as efficiently) 

Now you might be wondering what sets them apart from other automatons? Nanomachines.

A synthoids spine can generate thousands apron thousands of nanomachines that carry soul energy throughout their bodies. Not only that, but they can manifest themselves outside the body to create thick layers of armor.

Depending on the situation, synthoids can adjust their appearance accordingly. 

Even change their structural appearance entirely.   

However, the true reason for why they were created remains a mystery. The human scientist that invented them died in the great war.

There have only been 4 synthoids ever created, Gaster included. But due to certain circumstances, the others died, leaving Gaster as the last living synthoid. 

But after creating his sons, he no longer feels lonely

Of course they aren’t pure synthoids. But are more advanced that most robots in the Cyberground.

So in the end what I’m trying to get at is…


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Can we have a little comic with the cybers dad (the three) when they first meet? How would they react between each other?

Hmm. I never really thought about it. To be honest whenever I draw them together it’s mostly a ‘what if’ scenario. Their dimensions prevent them from meeting. But if I had to take a guess, it would be like:

Three synthoids with conflicting ideologies in the same room. I’ve read enough Issac Isamov to know this would be a bad idea. 


“Old Snake” was the name of a terrorist-for-hire who operated in the year 2006. According to the Generation 1 Transformers episode “Only Human,” Old Snake was hired by mob boss Victor Drath to employ “synthoid technology” to transfer the minds of several Autobots into synthetically manufactured human bodies. This plan was ultimately foiled, Victor Drath was arrested, and Old Snake escaped. 

Old Snake wore a mirrored face mask similar to the one worn by the G.I. Joe antagonist Cobra Commander. His voice was also identical to that of the G.I. Joe villain. At the conclusion of “Only Human,” Old Snake lamented that “they just don’t make terrorists like they used to”. He shouted what appeared to be a Cobra battle cry but his exclamation was cut off by a fit of coughing. 

While the circumstantial evidence heavily suggests Old Snake is in fact Cobra Commander, this would seem to be at odds with the events of “G.I. Joe: The Movie” which appears to take place in 1987 and shows Cobra Commander as a non-human citizen of an ancient organic technology civilization based in the Himalayas called “Cobra-La”. In the film, Cobra Commander is exposed to mutagenic spores which cause him to devolve into a snake.

ADDENDUM: albinopterano said… 

“It’s actually not at odds at all, due to the events in Operation: Dragonfire, the 1989 miniseries which marked the beginning of the DiC run of the show. Cobra Commander was re-evolved into a humanoid and led a coup against Serpentor, effectively taking back Cobra by the end.”

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Vision & number 7, "I always listen to you"? Thank you <3

It had been a tough week at HQ for everyone. There wasn’t one person who hadn’t been overworked. The Avengers had been split into different departments or sent off as back up for field missions.

You weren’t dealing with some problems well and at the time you needed your friends the most, they had been pulled away. Not that they wouldn’t have dropped everything to come to you if you had asked them to, of course, but you didn’t want to burden them or seem precious. Surely your problems would just go away eventually.

The Friday saw you sitting on your own in the corner of the cafeteria sobbing into a mug of tea. You weren’t sure what was wrong, but you needed someone there with you. The problem was that you couldn’t conjure the strength to just ask for help.

“Excuse me.”

You raised your head and hastily wiped the tears from your eyes. “Oh… Vision, hey.” How awkward. The synthoid was watching you with an expression you couldn’t read. He had a habit of asking difficult questions at times. As horrible as it sounded, you were honestly too physically and emotionally tired to try and answer any of them if they were asked.

Vision observed you for a moment before speaking. “May I sit with you?”

You wiped a few more tears from your eyes. “Um… Sure. Was there something you needed?”

He gave you a smile, which looked a little sad. “Actually, I thought perhaps I could be of some assistance. I always listen to you; listen for you. I do not think you have asked, but I feel as though you might want some company.” It was enough to make you want to cry again, though it alarmed Vision some. “I did not mean to make you upset—”

“No, no. That’s not it. I’m happy, Vision.” You sniffled and gestured for him to sit next to you on the bench. “Please stay with me. I would appreciate the company.”

Dicking Around: Terry McGinnis and Dick Grayson

When it came to Terry’s training, he was far from perfect. He learned plenty from July and Charlie (and himself). After coming into training with Bruce, battle synthoids became his teacher on learning gimmicks, tricks and patterns of the old rogues. The last former teacher he had was Kairi Tanaga, an former student of Bruce who taught Terry his own weaknesses and more disciplined fighting. But it wasn’t complete by the time Kairi passed.

Terry wasn’t necessarily a bad fighter. He had learned plenty and the years as Batman were teaching him with the wonders of experience. Compared to the other Robins, Batgirls and especially Bruce, Terry didn’t have enough training. He didn’t study karate, escape arts, gymnastics from the best all around the world. He still had family, friends and plenty of obligations both in and out of costume.

On top of all of that, Bruce could only teach him so much hands on. From the day Terry met him, Bruce was clutching his cane and could only teach Terry so much. The closest they ever had to training was some sparring matches after the Lazarus Pit. But much like before, time caught up with Bruce and he eventually reverted back to the cane. The list of options were limited.

And then at long last, Terry had come into contact with the first Robin: Dick Grayson. Much like Tim and Barbara, Dick wasn’t on speaking terms with Bruce. When Terry met with Dick it had been business. That never diminished the fact he wanted to know more about Dick. He did in time and eventually Bruce decided Dick would be the best option for Terry.

Dick might have been as old as Barbara, Dick was somehow spry in his old years. The man ran running his own gym and could still flip around Terry, cartwheel in the air and kick someone’s ass in twenty different ways. He was Bruce’s first student, his longest lasting protege and above all else: he had been the second Batman. If anyone was capable of training Terry to be better, Dick Grayson was the best option.

With a lifetime membership in hand, a gym bag and his backpack in case of an emergency, Terry made his way to the gym. This wasn’t just going to be the occasional meeting if Bruce had anything to say with it. And for Terry, this was fine. He wanted to get better and having hands on experience from Dick would be a great way to do it. Plus, less synthoids would be destroyed and Bruce would be happy that his near infinite amount of cred would be saved a bit longer.

Entering the gym, he looked around trying to spot his teacher. “Mr. Grayson?” he called out. “I’m here.”

hot for teacher

for lindysampson to kind of make up for that fic i posted last night, this was going to be your fic swap fic, btut i concluded things too soon. there’s considerably less crack in this one, but still some cause scarlet vision + modern aus, does not work.

“I just think it’s weird.”

“You know there’s a reason I don’t ask about your sex life,” Wanda says pointedly, “so maybe you should try not passing judgement on mine.”

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