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  • Metric
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It’s too late in the day,

too late in the day to turn it around or change my mind.

It’s too late in the day to take you on all the rides.

It’s too late in the day to tell me I’m off the path,

we’re already in the aftermath.

Help I'm Alive
  • Help I'm Alive
  • Metric
  • Fantasies

Help I’m Alive  is a song by  Metric originally released as a single and included on their self-released Fantasies  album in 2009. Metric is a indie rock and alternative rock band with elements of new wave, post-punk revival, synthpop, and dance-rock. Synthesizers also are pretty prominent in their songs. Metric was formed in Toronto, Canada in 1998 originally as a musical duo named Mainstream.  Since their creation Metric has released an impressive five studio albums, seven EPs, and a string of singles. Their latest studio album Synthetica  was released in 2012. If you listen to their albums chronologically you’ll see a definite change in style and genre. They’ve also released anti-war songs such as Monster Hospital. Metric is also involved in numerous charitable events and organizations such as lead singer Emily Haines  involvement with the organization HearMe which aims to increase children’ access to music programs in public schools. 

If you want to check out more of Metric check out their website (Link)

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