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Also something about the Reapers always bothered me. They harvested organic and synthetic civilizations to preserve them lest they succumb to a war between each other. Ok.

But then why would the Reapers store the collective consciousnesses of those civilizations on their warships? On the thing that initiates the harvest? I mean, Reapers are tough but not indestructible. The Leviathin of Dis proves that even ancient civilizations could destroy a Reaper capital ship. That’s hundred of thousands of stored consciousnesses lost. Dozens of civilized species. The whole point of preservation is lost.

The Reaper cycles have been going on for a billion years. Thousands of cycles. How many Reapers were destroyed in the harvest? How many species they sought to conserve were lost forever?

Sorry Reapers but you guys had a shitty conservation strategy if your idea of protecting culture was strapping said culture to a giant space cephalopod that barfed lasers
Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms
E coli microbes have been modified to carry an expanded genetic code which researchers say will ultimately allow them to be programmed
By Ian Sample

Scientists in the US modified common E coli microbes to carry a beefed-up payload of genetic material which, they say, will ultimately allow them to program how the organisms operate and behave.

The work is aimed at making bugs that churn out new kinds of proteins which can be harvested and turned into drugs to treat a range of diseases. But the same technology could also lead to new kinds of materials, the researchers say.

In a report published on Monday, the scientists describe the modified microbes as a starting point for efforts to “create organisms with wholly unnatural attributes and traits not found elsewhere in nature.” The cells constitute a “stable form of semi-synthetic life” and “lay the foundation for achieving the central goal of synthetic biology: the creation of new life forms and functions,” they add.

Glowing Plants Controversial (Nature)

Among the many projects attracting crowd-sourced funding on the Kickstarter website this week are a premium Kobe beef jerky, a keyboard instrument called a wheelharp and a small leafy plant that will be made to glow in the dark using synthetic-biology techniques.

The Glowing Plant project, which ends its fund-raising campaign on 7 June, seeks to engineer the thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana to emit weak, green-blue light by endowing it with genetic circuitry from fireflies. If the non-commercial project succeeds, thousands of supporters will receive seeds to plant the hardy weed wherever they wish.

The US government has no problem with this prospect, yet some experts and industry watchers are jittery. They fear that distributing the plants could set a precedent for unsupervised releases of synthetic organisms, and might foster a negative public perception of synthetic biology — an emerging experimental discipline that involves genetically engineering organisms to do useful tasks.

A glow-in-the-dark tobacco plant was first engineered by scientists in the 1980s.

“What would happen if Lucio (whose music has reality-warping properties that can repair damage in both organic and synthetic systems) played a song and Symmetra (who creates physical objects out of light by dancing) danced to it” is a question Blizzard Entertainment doesn’t have good enough writers to answer

hey commander shepard so listen we know you basically got turned into human pudding when you fell from orbit and crashed into Alchera but we reinforced your skin and organs with synthetic weave (pls don’t tell thane) and have reconstructed your bones to be incredibly strong (pls don’t tell joker)

When the time comes, and civilization progresses too far, my children and I will arrive from the darkest reaches of the galaxy, and destroy organic life as we see fit. You cannot stop us, Shepard, for we are incomprehensible and perfect in our knowledge that synthetics and organics can never coexist–

Whenever I think of those winged aus and try to picture em w shiro I like to think he stills loses his arm but the Galra fucked with his wings enough so now it’s a weird combination of organic and synthetic

control is not an option because that just turns me into the illusive man. destroy means killing edi and the geth but saving everyone else including myself. synthesis means sacrificing myself but pushing evolution forward by combining organic and synthetic life which makes reapers obsolete but damn that’s a huge decision?? jesus this is too hard

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FANG (let's do this!)



      “Mr. Jensen, Mr.Jensen!” Dracula nearly shrieked his name as his unmoving body laid on the ground, broken by the Soulless assassin sent to destroy him when he could not be taken in. If they could not use his body alive, the former Grigori peons would simply use his dead one as a sacrifice to empower their new demon masters. The vampire had got their in time to fend off the theft of the barely alive aug, but he did not have long to live. His metallic heart was slowing when the vampire bent over to listen to it, and the rush of breath through lungs that fluidly slid back and forth in the sound only a Synthetic organ could was quieting into a wheeze. Another moment and the gold eyes behind the broken lenses would shut forever.

         “No,no, stay with me; you can’t leave me, too.” Dracula’s pleading whisper was accompanied with a trembling fist as she willed herself not to do the instinctive thing. The New Human Empire – the vampire’s governing body that kept the dwindling race in check alongside national governments–  would crucify her (perhaps not literally, but proverbially) for not only Siring a vampire that was not to be a part of her family, but one from a world were, if there was any kind of Mygcker, they were still safe behind the Masquerade. It did not matter that they were a world away; someone would tell when they returned, and when they knew, not even a Dracula clan heir would escape their justice.

      But Dracula did not want her friend to die before his time because of a problem that he had been dragged into by her foolishness. She would rather deal with the discipline, the judgement of Mygckers who did not know her well enough to know why she did it, and the responsibility of making sure the new Sired vampire was given the knowledge and skills needed not to become a target of hunters and the hate and fear (or in the case of Dracula’s sister, jealousy that another vampire had been brought into the clan ahead of Eve in power and rank thanks to being the heir’s Turned…) that comes from being a Turned with no self-control. Rather tied down to someone who was at least kind and gentle and deal with the consequences than lose the life of someone else who did not deserve to die. 

      Just like Jack’s unnecessary loss could have been prevented.

     “This is going to hurt, Adam… I’m sorry.”

      The vampire bent down to his face, biting her own lip so the dark crimson of her blood mixed with the bright red of life that barely remained in Adam’s as Dracula brought their mouths together to force her blood down his throat. If she had time to think about it, she might have been embarrassed by the way it looked from the outside; surely it must have looked like something else completely. Dracula, however, did not have time to care now, but could only wait. Pulling away and wiping the mixed stains on her face, the girlish creature watched the red in Adam’s veins turn to black as the poison and the curse that pulsed in it flooded his veins and forced his heart to beat faster than ever. She knew it was excruciatingly painful from accounts she had been told and the one other time she had seen this happen, and looked away before the writhing could begin. Should it happen this fast? Dracula did not know; perhaps it was because there was not much flesh left of Adam that the vampire’s cursed blood could easily cling to his and morph it.

       “Drac,” Gero’s voice came from behind. The concern and shock coloured his words, and Dracula heard him put his phone into his coat. He never put his phone away unless things were truly serious. “What did you do?”

      The Nephilim knew exactly what she did; he just could not believe it of Dracula. Dracula squeezed her eyes shut, waiting to be berated, but she felt his hand on her shoulder, cold  but gentle like his ghostly friends, and looked up to see a half-smile. He did not approve, of course not; Gero’s best buddy was now going to be in big trouble, and that was something he could not get her out of. She had done what she thought was right, though; whether it really was good or not would be seen in time, but for now, he could only trust that this would work out.

       “We can’t leave him to change out here in the open,” Dracula said, her voice trembling with tears that did not come to her face. “Either they’ll come back for him, someone will kill him, or he’ll….he’ll kill them.”

       Gero nodded his understanding, quipping off: “Well, the least ya could have done was give me time to clean up the old place before making yer cyborg buddy here all fangy, my gal.”

       Dracula’s lips twitched at that. Satisfied, Gero stood up straight, ghost swirling about. Both Dracula and Gero heard the pounding of feet closing in, someone coming to look. They would be given no time to stumble onto the scene; with a snap of fingers and a swirling of ghosts, the trio was gone, leaving behind only a trail of blood, mixed bright  red and deep crimson, pressed into the pavement.


        In Gero’s in-between, Dracula had seen to it Adam would be comfortably laid out in a bed Gero’s ghosty friends had….borrowed from Adam’s home itself. The gold light of the nothingness outside casts speckled light and shadow into the room, dimming at night, brightening in the daytime, always leaving the room in oranges,yellows and pale reds. Now that they were safe, at least for the moment, there was only to keep watch over Jensen now, waiting for the thrashing, bleeding and screaming to stop; waiting for Adam to awake as something else. Adam would not needlessly die now; he would find Dracula there; ready to help, ready to keep him safe.

     Ready to explain that Adam’s life was about to be very,very different.

Antimony and Grimble

Two very horrible, horrible people with one goal in common: to serve the Irken Empire. Doesn’t matter if they have to twist a few arms or debone some poor sobs in order to please the Tallests and further the progress of Impending Doom II. It’s all business and bloodshed, nothing more.

Antimony is the attack dog with the spider leg body mod provided to her by the scientist known as Wort, precisely hacking off limbs and committing all sorts of violent atrocities against organic and synthetic life forms with nary a twitch of an eyelid. The joke is that she only has two emotions: Calm and full of Rage. This has proven to be true about 100% of the time.

Grimble is the rather tall (but not quite tall enough to be a Tallest due to her somewhat abnormal spine curvature) head of Infiltrator operations and prefers to sit back and let Antimony and Ick do the dirty work and rarely gets involved in scuffles even though she is highly trained and would make short work of any worthy foe. She gets along decently with both Ick and Antimony, displaying a little more affinity to the latter rather than the former.

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 I believe the Synthesis ending to be the best one, because it brings harmony in a world full of discord. I get hated on for that belief, which just proves how warlike most of us are. We might not be separated into Organics and Synthetics, but we still fail to understand each other, and if we managed to eliminate that, we would all be much better people. If I could change the name of this ending, I would name it “Compassion”, because that is what this represents to me.
Why organism engineering could be a foodie’s dream come true

Thanks to recent advances in synthetic biology — a hybrid discipline of engineering and biology that makes possible the manipulation of DNA of microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, fungi and algae — a new generation of “organism engineers” has already started experimenting with the creation of new flavors and ingredients. In doing so, they have the potential to transform synthetic biology into a new creative platform to enable chefs, bakers or brewers to create new flavor profiles for food and drink.