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Nick Valentine X Mia, my (first) sole survivor. So I was on the middle of writing this fic when I saw someone post this prompt. Well, I decided it was the perfect way to go with it. In a way. 


 Sole Survivor x Nick Valentine, mid-main quest (after finding Kellogg), a few days after finishing Nick’s personal quest. So, some spoilers I guess. I know @zombies-apocalypse wanted to see any NickxMia fics I post so, here. ;P 


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Can you help with the specifics (timeline,details,order,etc) of Tony's chest implants - like I know first he had the chest plate, but I don't remember for how long, then he had an implant,but extremis healed him,but after he rebooted his brain he put in the RT. But I know I am missing some and I'm hoping you can clear that up

You are in luck, anon, because I literally wrote this out for someone yesterday!

Behold, the saga of Tony’s chest.

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A Bingaverage fanfic

Based off @markired’s headcanons (ilyyy ❤)


Bing grabs Chase and pulls him in for a hug, having been so worried for him after he had gone missing for days.

“The doctor saved me, Bing. You don’t have to worry anymore. He’s a good man.” Chase smiles though watery eyes. He was so, so afraid that he could never see Bing or his kids ever again after that encounter. Bing doesn’t say anything, wishing that he could cry to show some form of emotion, or find some way to tell Chase that ‘I was so scared to lose you for good’.

All these replica emotions make Bing self-conscious about simply being a search engine, but when he feels Chase shudder against him and feel the warm trickle of tears against his shirt, managing to push though all the coding in him and out into his synthetic heart is one, genuine emotion: love.

Bing manages to calm Chase down enough to ask him if he would like to see his kids again, and Chase nods, letting Bing wipe the tears away.

Chase looks much better after driving to Stacy’s house and playing with the kids only makes Bing grin as he watches the motor plane fly around the room with the kids and Chase giggling non-stop. Stacy props herself against the wall beside Bing and smiles slightly as well. Bing feels slightly uncomfortable, due to the fact that Stacy might feel that Bing was in the way of things, but after the both of them having small talk while watching Chase play with his kids, he finds out that she’s actually happy about Bing being there for Chase.

“But you’ve got to look out for him and don’t let him do stupid things or get himself into trouble. He’s not very good with pressure, as you can tell from the recent events.” She hints at Chase’s neck, the rushed stitching an obvious sign.

Bing nods.

When Stacy moves to help the kids get some clay out of their hair, Bing immediately fires up his search engines to look up 'the best date ideas to impress your significant other’ and 'lit memes for 2am texting’ just to add some flavor for later. He also texts the doctor, thanking him for what he did for Chase and asking him if he’d like some drinks; his treat. Schneeple gladly accepts within minutes and by the time Bing and Chase get home they’re already prepping to get to the bar on time.

Bing’s glasses fall off his face while pulling a clean shirt on and he scrambles to grab them, but Chase’s hand softly touches his and Bing stills, a blush forming on his cheeks. “Your eyes are so pretty, Bing. You should take your glasses off more often…” Chase offers Bing a shy smile and lifts Bing’s hand to his lips. “Will you be my date for tonight, darling?”

That suave muthah effer.

Bing only remembers the bit where they greet Schneeple at the bar, and everything’s a blur until they’re stumbling out the doors of the pub (not Bing, he can’t get drunk) with Chase and the doctor literally tripping over their feet, mumbling all sorts of bullshit like 'ToO mUcH aLcOhOL iS *hic* bAd FoR yOu’ and 'did I ever tell you that I luv you so much, darlin’?’

Bing drops Schneeple off at his place and ensures that he gets into bed safely without falling down too many times before driving back home, with Chase completely knocked out in the backseat.

He gets Chase tucked nicely into bed after changing and cleaning him before preparing for bed too, slipping on some of Chase’s merch that he got signed by the man himself.

“Heh, I look really good on you, don'cha think?” Chase drunkenly mutters, probably having woken up due to the lights from the adjacent bathroom. Despite being more drunk than a lord, Chase manages to realize how it actually sounds and tries to hide his red face by burying himself under the covers and whimpering. Bing can only barely keep his laughter in as he records all this with the secret camera he’d installed in his chest not too long ago.

Chase has fallen asleep again by the time Bing slides under the covers after a final check for anyone who wants to hurt his precious man and he wraps his arm around Chase’s waist, breathing in Chase’s natural scent. It’s clean and fresh, just like a spring morning. Like their blooming relationship.

ok ok i know it’s more rimworld but listen to this about the cybernetic ninja grandmother i have in my colony

her name is Penny Anderson. her childhood was basically that of a child idol, actor, that sort of deal

at the age of nine she was enslaved and used for pit fighting which she uh, actually loved. she is known for being a night owl, a brawler, but still rather lazy in temperament  

she came into my colony at the age of 67 and i immediately had a plan for her. here are all the alterations she has received to her body to make her the ultimate fighting machine:

  • constantly fed concentrated medical THC
  • a painstopper chip in her brain to remove all sense of pain
  • an artificial nose to make it harder to break
  • two bionic eyes
  • an elysium-style exoskeleton suit merged with her own bones 
  • two bionic arms
  • a synthetic heart and two synthetic lungs
  • an advanced bionic spine
  • a rib implant to pump adrenaline into her body
  • a rib implant to pump her full of metabolism-enhancing drugs
  • two insanely powerful advanced bionic legs

she is equipped with a plasteel katana of the highest of qualities, and a stun baton when she wants to take people alive - not that this is often. she has killed over 20 people and over 50 animals.

she moves 272% the speed of an average human. 

this means this mechanically enhanced pensioner can bear down on you with her blade at almost 42mph 


(nobody really asked for this but take it anyway, the red boy needs a little more stuff about him. also, I have to say this was high-key inspired by @asklakewooddarrell and I’m so in love with their idea??? check them out pls it’s way better than this indulgent junk.)

He was the unseen creation, the one who never could do enough to get noticed by his father, and the one who seemed to fail the most. Even when his other brothers and sisters lost, it wasn’t quite as big a deal because they at least had a couple victories under their bolts. He had no victories, absolutely zero. He consistently lost to heroes that were below his level, sometimes he even managed to lose to a little brat that wasn’t even level one yet! It led to him being melted down more times than he could count, vicious, biting words stuck on repeat in his CPU no matter how many times he tried wiping his system clean.

He hated it, hated the way his youngest brother got so much praise while he was constantly left in the shadows. Even his younger sister was given more opportunities to shine than he was, even if she nearly always messed it up. The one time he was in the spotlight, it was for such a brief moment that it did more harm than good. Now he knew what it felt like to have someone openly show love towards him, and all it did was make every day he didn’t get any even worse. He was so much more than a simple AI, he was one of the most complex robots in circulation! Just giving him a good restart once in a while wasn’t enough, he needed so much more than that!

He was starved. Starved of attention, of affection, of love… Starved of anything positive, and absolutely drowning in everything negative. Breathing wasn’t something a robot needed to do to survive. It was something a robot shouldn’t need to do to survive. Yet he still felt like his mechanical lungs couldn’t expand fully, couldn’t function properly with the massive weight pressing down on his metal chest. Why did Lord Boxman design him with such complicated emotions if he wasn’t going to express them in return? Why would anyone, villain or not, create something which could feel and desire love, only to show it disgust and hate instead?

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Infinity War Scarlet Vision Snippet Theories Thus far...

-Vision is imprisoned by the UN for losing control of his power, but keeping him in one place is making it easy for Thanos to get to him (I mean, it just sounds stupid saying it; why make it easier for the bad guy to get MOAR power to destroy the home you are trying to protect??? And Wanda is there, are they suddenly okay with her? And Vision can just phase away so….huh???).

-Wanda is imprisoned and Vision is impotent to help. (but she has her powers and I don’t think Vizh would do that again, so this theory is a hater fav, only.)

-Wanda is the last defense to protect Vision because he was already attacked in Europe, and Thanos is on his way. Vision is pretty sure (or has a vision; hah!) that he is going to die (most likely.)

-It’s actually a train station, and the stone has been taken; Wanda’s angry and unleashing her power, but she turns back to see that Vision is still alive. But he is powerless to help her without the gem. (This theory is inspired by the fact that the stone cannot be seen in the trailer shot; almost like it’s strategically hidden…and is the happiest of the theories.)

-Wanda has Vision imprisoned so she can turn him over to Thanos in exchange for her brother to be alive again. (I mean… really? Okay. Just reach on that one…)

-Wanda is looking back in teary shock, because Vision has picked up on the life readings in her womb. And he looks down because he’s not going to be around to witness the miracle in person. (I mean, we’ve barely had any babies in the Marvel Movie Verse; and it would be a great way to bring in Wiccan and Quicksilver 2.0)

-Wanda is standing guard, but turns to look back because Vision and her are having a moving convo about soul creation and being human, and Vision looks down because he can’t handle the feels. (I’m sure we’re in for some more heart-to-synthetic-heart talks between the two.)

-Wanda looks back because she’s horrified that Marvel is doing this to the scarlet vision fans. And Vision is all sadface and must look away; what sexiness have they unleashed upon the shippers? (Okay, not real, but it’s TORTURE how long we have to wait for the TRAILER, let alone the actual movie!)


“A girl full of wires.

It was as if someone had chopped her down the middle, dividing her front half from her back half, and then put her cartoonish image into a medical textbook. Her heart, her brain, her intestines, her muscles, her blue veins. Her control panel, her synthetic hand and leg, wires that trailed from the base of her skull all the way down her spine and out to her prosthetic limbs. The scar tissue where flesh met metal. A small dark square in her wrist—her ID chip.

But those things she had known. Those things she had expected.

She had not known about the metal vertebrae along her spine, or the four metal ribs, or the synthetic tissue around her heart, or the metal splints along the bones in her right leg.

The bottom of the screen was labeled: RATIO: 36.28% 

She was 36.28 percent not human.”

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So I was super offended when I found out romanced companions can break up with you in-game! Like, how dare Piper not like when I pickpocket, it pays the bills in that fancy Sanctuary I made for them haha. I also learned that if you get back in their good graces, they will ask for you back. I'm in a salty mood... so can you write a reaction from the romanced companions asking Sole to get back together after they broke-up... and Sole saying NO :o

Oh my God my face was literally like :O when I read that last sentence, holy crap! Okay I’ll do it! But what on Earth did you do to get Piper that mad at you man? That must be a lot of pickpocketing and stealing! XD

P.S. I got a bit carried away and somehow made this a lot longer than I intended….hope you don’t mind!

Cait – Sole was a special kind of person in many, many ways. Most of which revolved around the fact that they somehow managed to put up with Cait and all her baggage and of all people, had chosen her to take to their bed and promise themselves to every night in the future. It was for this reason and many more that Cait decided that perhaps she had been a little too harsh on Sole when she said to them that they needed a break, some space from each other for a while. So when she apologised to them for being such a bitch and asked to have them back, she was shocked when they turned around and said an outright no. She was left speechless, shocked, utterly devastated and hurt, and it’s because of all these conflicting emotions that Cait was forced into falling back on the one instinct that had kept her safe all these years. Anger.

She was mad at them because she was mad at herself, none of this would’ve happened if she had of just seen how much she needed Sole and just fucking grinned and beared the comparatively small issues that were arising in their relationship. Now she had to go and fuck this up, the one good thing in her life she has somehow managed to fuck up like everything else. Cait wouldn’t be able to handle it very well without breaking down and so she’d storm away, unconsciously hugging herself in an effort to keep herself from falling apart. Just as she’s about to drive the needle full of psycho into her arm, she stops herself and has a moment of clarity. Why should she give them the power to build her life back up and then simply destroy it again with just one word? No, she’s done with that. This time, Sole won’t be there to pick her up off the ground. So instead she needs to fend for herself again, like a constantly recurring headache, her life is in her own hands but this time and this time only, she wishes it were cradled safely in that of Sole’s.

Curie – There was no doubt that she loved Sole so very much, so much so, that to her it was almost painful but as of late there had arisen some very…troubling issues between them both. Curie felt claustrophobic, like she was trapped. That’s not to say Sole was the one doing it, or perhaps it might have been, but either way she needed her space and as much as it hurt her to even think of the prospect of being away from Sole for any amount of time, she just had to do it. It was like an experiment – remove one variable to see if perhaps that would have an effect on relieving the tension she felt – but if anything it made it worse. The flash of pain they couldn’t hide fast enough when she told them she was leaving them for a little while was an image that haunted her and had a fist of what others called guilt nestle itself within her chest, a constant reminder as to what she’s done.

It didn’t take long for her to return, barely a week in fact, but when she did and when she saw Sole again she could not contain her happiness. When she hugged them so very close, tears of joy in her eyes as she apologised again and again and promised to never do that to them ever, she knew immediately that something was so very wrong. “I can’t be with you anymore, Curie. I’m sorry, I just…don’t love you anymore.” Sole’s words sliced through her heart, leaving her quietly gasping as Sole pulled away and left her alone on the street of Sanctuary Hills. Her hands would clutch at her chest where the pain blossomed greatly, her tears streaking down her petite cheeks as her legs gave out from beneath her. How could she be so silly? How could she not see how much of an affect her actions would have had on Sole?She would weep until someone forced her indoors where she would continue to grieve for her lost love and aching heart until finally falling unconscious, dreaming of happier times where her heart didn’t hurt so painfully within a tight chest before waking up and realising that this were her reality now. That her passion for science and life was now gone and replaced with pain and misery. How was she to get past this?

Danse – He knew he could be hard on Sole, but lately they just seemed to get on every nerve he had. Danse loved them with all his synthetic heart of course, he’d take a bullet for them and go down smiling, but recently he just couldn’t stand to be near them. After what happened with the BOS, they seemed to change and instead being the pride and joy of the Brotherhood, they seemed to seek out ways in which they could bring it down.

Yes Danse was exiled, no he did not have a place with them at all anymore but God dammit it was his life and here Sole is undoing everything they sought to achieve together! How could he be okay with that? When he told Sole he needed space to figure things out, he failed to anticipate the hurt look that crossed their features and as such, his heart constricted painfully in his chest. Nevertheless, he had to stay strong but walking away wasn’t as easy as he made it seem. It had been two months, two long months where Danse returned to his bunker of solitude to ponder the future with the only other important person in his life. Can he live without the Brotherhood? Can he live with them turning their back to it? These questions swirled around in his head until he realised just how lonely and how self-absorbed he’d been. This was Sole for crying out loud. The same person who had given up everything in order to keep him alive, who had challenged Elder Maxson and his direct orders to keep the Paladin from being killed…what the hell was he doing? Sole loved him and he them, so why the hell was he out here?

When the Paladin returned to Sanctuary and hunted down Sole to tell them he had made the biggest mistake of his life, the last thing Paladin Danse expected was for them to look him in the eyes and say “No.” As he stood there, mouth open with all the blood draining from his face, his heart kicked into overdrive and all his pride as a Paladin went completely out the window. He damn near begged for them to forgive him, for one more chance to make it up to them, to make it right between them so they could live that life they had dreamt about together. But the damage was done and Sole had moved on, leaving Danse to face the hardest struggle he’s ever had to endure on his own. Once more he’d return to his bunker, never once allowing those tears that welled so close to the surface to spring forth until he was alone and clutching one of Sole’s shirts to his chest as he wept for what he had lost by his own foolish hand.

Deacon – Ironically it was no secret that Deacon was a hard man to live with, especially what with all his lying and elusive traits that could frustrate the hell out of anyone. Yet it came as a bit of a shock to Sole when this same man turned around and told them he couldn’t be around them anymore. Deacon had intended to mean ‘for just a little while’ but figured that maybe, when he tasted the freedom to be his own man again, he might not want to return and so why should he give Sole false hope? He had his reasons for wanting space, reasons he didn’t want anyone to know and so as soon as he told them he was gone, but not far away. He followed them for a little while out of curiosity, always while in disguise and never so close that they could actually identify the person watching them as being him. He hated the way their eyes never lit up, the way their smile was always so forced and the way they held themselves so…different. When he realised how much he hurt them, he stopped tailing them and instead went his own way all the while carrying around that heavy weight of guilt upon his shoulders. It wasn’t long after that he returned for good now…or so he thought.

With a mended heart and the warmest smile on his face that was admittedly missing from him for a while now, Deacon approached Sole with the hopes of making their day, a bouquet of flowers hidden behind his back and innumerable promises on his tongue when Sole said one word that may as well set it all on flames. No. They are not getting back together. They were done. If he were honest with himself, he should have seen this one coming. Being a joker at heart, there was no real surprise when it turned out the biggest joke of his life was that Sole would actually still want to be with him after what he put them through. He was the one who did this, just like he was the one responsible for what happened to Barbara and everyone else important in his life. He knew better than to let anyone get close. They only end up getting hurt in some way that Deacon can’t repair. After that he’d swear to himself that it would never happen again and that if his fate was simply one which didn’t involve the presence of other people, then fine. After losing Sole, there would literally be no one who he’d ever want to be with anyway.

Dogmeat - He left Sole for just a little while before faithfully returning a day later. After all, he’s his own man who likes to come and go as he pleases so it really shouldn’t have been much of a surprise for Sole to find him missing one day. The vast expanses of the Commonwealth were calling him and like a moth to a flame, the pup just couldn’t resist. He found a teddy bear, a ball to play with and some yummy snacks that kept his tail wagging for the short time he was out exploring, but it was that teddy bear that he decided to keep and take home with him. As he trotted up to Sole with a happy bark, showing off his new find to his master/mistress, he didn’t expect them to react in the way they did. They started yelling at him, calling him a bad dog and to get away, to leave. His ears flattened to his head as he dropped the teddy bear, his tail falling between his hind legs as he quickly turned away and slunk off. What did he do wrong? Did Sole not like the teddy? Was he a bad boy? He’d curl up in a corner somewhere in the settlement, those little brown eyes following Sole’s every movement as he wondered silently to himself what it was he’d done wrong. Only Mama Murphey gives him pats now and talks in those soothing tones that seem to ease only slightly this odd little pain in his chest. Still, he wonders why Sole doesn’t love him anymore. 

Gage – His patience for everyone, Sole included, was wearing thin when he turned around and told them that he needed time to be by himself. It was none too gentle, probably more heartless than he would’ve wanted to come across, but in the end he was just simply relieved that he could wonder out alone for a little while to set his head back on straight. He gets in those moods where everyone and anyone shits him to tears, which of course having Sole continuously doing what they’re doing that without fail gets on his nerves certainly not helping at all. He never told them he didn’t love them or that it was over over between them and so when he finally did return he expected to have to apologise before being forgiven but most certainly did not expect what came next.

He told them that he was sorry and proceeded to try to explain what went wrong, but Sole cut him off with a sharp shake of their head. “No Gage, we’re done. For good. You made your bed, now you lay in it.” For the first time in his life, his heart took a beating that he just couldn’t shoot his way out of. While a part of him was shocked and totally hammered by what they said to him, another part of him turned around and proceeded to rub salt in the wound. Told you so, you stupid fucking idiot. No one gets close without turning around and stabbing you in the back. You knew that, yet you still let this happen. Good on you shit-for-brain. He’d know that what he was feeling as he watches Sole walk away is definitely not the worst of it, so he’d pack his stuff and skip town, silently willing to himself that a Deathclaw or a pack of Radscorpions pop up to put him out of his misery. He’s been through this type of shit before but what hurt most about this instance was that he was the one to cause it. He was the one who drove them away and he was the one to blame for the painful pounding of his heart and the sharp and short breaths that wrecked through his chest.

Hancock – The Mayor was a pretty easy going guy, that much everyone with a brain knows, so it was a particular surprise to Sole when he came barrelling into their room one day demanding that they leave. He didn’t say it particularly harsh or anything, but he could tell it hurt them. They’ve changed recently, started doing things that got on his nerves and rubbed him the wrong way but instead of talking about it he simply tried to shrug it off and look the other way. But no more. This needed to end and he needed his bearings before more of his time is wasted and more of his energy is spent trying not to lash out because of their actions. He just needed a cooling off period and come a couple weeks later, Hancock had chilled out enough to track them down and apologise.

Looking back, if Sole had of done it to him he’d be livid and all kinds of worried, so the least he could do was apologise. He wasn’t even aware of his heart’s true intentions which was to get them back which is exactly what he found himself asking of them, but he was most certainly aware of what they said in return. “No. We are not getting back together, not ever.” Prior to that, Hancock thought that getting shock in the arse with a .44 Magnum was the worst pain he’s ever been in, but hearing Sole say that and seeing what it done to them…no. That was the most pain he’s ever been in by far. The rest – after Sole walked away and Hancock turned to his one true ally in this shit he calls a life – was a blur of colours and pictures and places he can’t quite place because he can’t bear to deal with it all sober. Not when he’s lost by his own stupid, idiotic, fucked up hand the most important person in his life who made everything that he’s been through all worth it in the end. How is anyone supposed to come back from that?

MacCready – It wasn’t meant to be permanent. It wasn’t meant to turn out this way. He only wanted time away, he only wanted to take a single step back and re-evaluate everything. After all, he was a father to not only his own child but to Shaun as well and how could he stay with someone and expect them to take care of his son when he wasn’t even sure that they were the right person for him? How could he stick through it all with Shaun if he himself wasn’t sure if he could stay around them any longer? It would’ve been cruel to pretend to always be there for him while having doubts, so that’s partially why Mac decided to step away for a while. Sole changed over the time they were together, so much so, that Mac wasn’t even sure they were the same person that he fell in love with. He knew they would because the Commonwealth changes everyone inevitably and they were still so new to it all, but he never expected them to change so much that he questioned if they were still the person he fell in love with. He hoped it was just a phase and in time, convinces himself of it, so it only takes about a month before he tracks them back down to make amends.

He was a dick, he shouldn’t have left like that, he shouldn’t have hurt them the way he did and he definitely shouldn’t have left Shaun without so much as a goodbye. He didn’t expect winning them over to be easy, but not once did it cross his mind that it would be impossible, which was only made so when they uttered a single word. “No.” As soon as he heard it, his heart shattered. “No? As in, no no? As in, never?” He’d stutter and reach for them, demanding to know what ‘no’ meant because he wasn’t willing to just let them go, but when they shoved his hand away and stared him dead in the eyes, he knew what they meant. It was over. Done. He had destroyed the one good thing in his life aside from his son and even then, he had destroyed Duncan’s own chances of having a normal, happy family again. He’d want to cry because yet again his life was in shambles, but this time it was different. This time he was angry at himself for being the one to actually run this ship into the ground. How could he be so fucking stupid? He’d spend a couple days trying to come to terms with it, trying to fix things with Sole but when he realised things weren’t going his way, he’d return to Duncan in D.C. His son is all the reason he’d need to keep on going…at least for a little while.

Nick Valentine – Sole was pressing his buttons a lot lately, not necessarily literally but enough for Nick to want his own space for a while. He tried to break it to them as gently as he could, but there never really is a nice way to tell someone who loves you that you just need to get away from them for a while. It was for their own good really, for the last thing he wanted to do to them was to snap and say something he’d regret, so the best bet was to just get away. He loved Sole still and the month’s time he spent away from them was probably the hardest month he’s endured yet, especially when he realised that there really wasn’t a point to anything without the one person he loved standing right there beside him.

So when he finally turned back and realised just what an arse of himself he’s made, he’d return to Sole all apologies and promises to make things right. He didn’t assume that by just doing that, Sole would forgive him, he most definitely did not realise just how much of a mistake he made nor just how much his actions hurt them. He’d only fully grasp this when Sole turns around to him, looks him dead in the eye with a steely gaze and tells him they are not going back to him because they are through. He’d never heard their tone take on that kind of pitch, he’d never been the recipient of such a cold gaze from them before and as they’re walking away without looking back once, the synth only watches on in muted agony. Did he really screw this up that badly? He didn’t mean to hurt Sole so much and subsequently he knew they’d never forgive him for it, but he had no idea how it is he’s supposed to get through this. If anything, he’d had preferred to not have been in a relationship with them in the first place. After all, you can’t miss what you never had and literally anything between getting a memory wipe and being chewed up and spat back out by a Deathclaw seemed more appealing to him rather than having to live with the knowledge that he’d hurt the one he cared the most about. This time, it wasn’t a memory from another man. This time, it was a fuckup on his own accord.

Piper Wright – She needed Sole back so much. She missed their laugh, their smile, their time together out in the wastes that wasn’t spent in awkward silence and half-hearted smiles. It didn’t take long for Piper to realise that she made a big mistake when she broke up with Sole. What was she even thinking? Her mind keeps replaying over and over again the hurt look in Sole’s eyes when she said she needed to end it between them and never in her life had she ever felt like such a piece of shit. She was mad at them yes, but now that she’s taken a step back, she can see that the problems they were having weren’t just Sole. It was her burden too and by doing what she did, not only did she hurt Sole but she also disallowed any chance for them to make things right together, to fix what went wrong.

So she came to a decision. She was going to ask for them back, but never did she expect them to say no. Piper stared at them, completely gobsmacked. No? They said no…they don’t want her back…She’d stutter an apology for bringing it up, all the while fighting the burn in her eyes and the tightness of her chest and throat. Sole said no. That was it. They were done. It was over. Well and truly over. The sharp jab of hurt in her heart would take her breath away and when she is left staring at Sole’s retreating back as they walked away, she finally realised she got what she deserved. This pain was what she caused Sole, someone who has already suffered so much at the hands of other people had to suffer through this very same pain that Piper herself caused them not too long ago. When she is finally alone, she’ll cry and curse herself for what she has done, not even thinking about whether or not she should be angry at Sole. It was all her fault, not Sole, and she had no idea how to deal with the pain in her heart.

Preston Garvey – Sole had changed since when they got together, they were cold and unempathetic to others sometimes, although never refusing to help those who asked, but still. Preston knew he was a very picky man, a man who is kind and generous but at the same time unforgiving if someone crossed the line. Sole knew this too, but neither of them could’ve predicted that Preston’s unusual demeanour would come out and be pointed directly at them. He had his reasons and he had voiced those reasons, but Sole either didn’t quite get it or they decided to ignore it and instead dug that hole deeper and deeper until it was time for Preston to pull the plug. He hated doing it, he hated seeing the pain in their eyes when he said he just couldn’t do it anymore, that he needed space away from them and even though he undoubtedly drove a knife through their heart, they nodded and let him have what he wanted despite the pain it would put them through.

It was a few weeks since then, since the time where Preston walked away from an uncharacteristically flat Sole and tried to ignore the tears burning at his eyes and the quiver in his lip. He loved them, he really did, but it was just one of those times where it’s better to take a step back and re-evaluate. Those three weeks were enough for him to come to the conclusion that he had a made a huge mistake, that living without Sole was not something he could do and no matter what the cost, it drove him to decide that he was going to make things right between them. He was going to fix this and stop being selfish, stop hurting Sole and driving that wedge further between them but as things happened it was already too late. When he asked for them back, Sole said no and damn near crushed the life out of him. Sole said no. Sole was done with him, Sole didn’t love him anymore and it was his own damn fault! Preston wouldn’t know what the hell to do. He’d be left staring at their retreating back, tears that refused to be held back running down his cheeks as he wonders just how much he’s fucked up. He pushed Sole away for good, for the rest of his life and for what? To protect himself from heartache? Well look at how that backfired…now he was back in that dark hole where he’s questioning the very essence of his own existence. What has he got to live for now when his whole world is walking away from him for good?

X6-88 – The Courser was significantly unhappy with what he had to do with Sole. Their relationship started out perfect, they were the closest of friends, the best lovers and absolutely amazing between the sheets, but somewhere along the way they grew apart and starting butting heads like a pair of radstags. It seemed like everything he did infuriated Sole and his apparent obliviousness to this seemed to irritate them further. So much so, that X6 knew it was best to simply give them time. If it were any different, he wouldn’t in a million years have even contemplated breaking up with Sole, but he knew when it was necessary and just hoped like hell that it was all that was needed to fix whatever went wrong between them. He gave Sole a month, a month where he stayed away from them entirely despite his ache to return to them and his incessant need to just…be near them. He didn’t mean to say the words, they just came out. “Sole, I have always loved you and I promise to try my hardest to fix everything between us. But the question is: will you take me back?”

“No.” The word cut through him like no bullet or knife could ever do. He recoiled visibly, surprised and to his confusion, hurting even more on the inside. He always knew this was a possibility, but he through they were strong enough together to push through this, to start anew and rebuild what they lost…but that was no longer an option. He couldn’t even utter a word before Sole started walking away, leaving the Courser with one final option. X6 knew that look in their eyes. It was final. Their word was the truth and no amount of courting or apologising would change that. In a blue flash, X6 would disappear from Sole’s life entirely for as soon as he rematerialized back it the Institute, he marched over to the SRB and requested a full memory wipe. The pain in his heart was simply too much to bear and it was either this or a bullet that would be his final salvation.

science and progress

Her name is Charlie. Spock armed her with the entirety of the ship’s datafiles on gender and societal norms, and asked where she would like to sit, then built her form to reflect it.

To all intents and purposes, she looks like what she is - a blend between two worlds. Flesh and wires, science and philosophy, Terran and Vulcan. Her synthetic heart beats rhythmically at an average of 68 beats per minute, and elevates as the complex pump works her internal coolant system in exercise. She has the possibility of a broad emotional range, but also the ability to school them behind a web of intricate muscle imitations.

She recognises humour, to a degree, and has her own interests based on what her algorithms deemed fascinating enough to store in databanks, and to put it simply, she is more of a perfect balance between the two species than he will ever be.

“Charlie,” Spock announces, activating her consciousness after booting up her system and checking her vitals. This is his first real run of the finished model, most of their discussions having taken place through computers. He hasn’t heard her, now really. These thoughts are her own, potentially. If he did the math right (which he always does). “How do you feel?”


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Hello! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog, and you hit the companions spot on! I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask for the companions react to SS singing Can't Help Falling In Love in the shower? Thank you! (Bonus maxson please?)

And I absolutely love my anons! Seriously, without you guys constantly giving me prompts I would not be where I am today so I humbly thank you love. I absolutely adore this song! I listened to it on loop while I wrote this react and got all the feels. It’s great because you know that it is totally the kind of song that should be on their radio. Here’s a link so everyone can listen too!

Cait: They were showering side by side in a large tub. When the song came on she snickered, thinking Sole was joking at first. They had been singing all the other songs when this one came on. But… for some reason their voice sounded different. Or maybe it was just her. A warmth bloomed in her chest as she turned her smiling face away not letting Sole see that their cheesy ass song was making her unable to stop her from “falling in love.” Eventually as Sole’s face crept closer to her ear (they knew she secretly liked it), Cait whipped around pinning the longest kiss she could muster on them.

Codsworth: *sniff* his eyes started watering up as he scrubbed Sole’s back. “You-you used to sing that to master Nate/Nora.” He was quickly reduced to a driveling mess unable to help Mum/Sir continue their bath. Oh what an emotional robot he was.

Curie: “Me? You are falling in love with me? Wait are you singing?” Curie had heard them humming behind the divider when suddenly Sole’s sweet voice started forming into words that sounded suspiciously directed at Curie. Sole just kept laughing and giving her a sly look. What did they mean? Why were they not telling her anything? She kept asking and scooting closer and closer trying her very best to remain outside the line Sole had designated as appropriate but she had to know the answer! She peaked her head around the wall curiously and Sole surprised her with a chaste kiss. Aha! She knew it! They were talking to her.

Danse: He promised to stand guard while they showered. He was almost getting bored when all of a sudden, Sole’s dulcet voice drifted through the cracks of the door. They were singing about love. No that was just a coincidence. They didn’t sing louder just for him. Did they? He cautiously opened the door to find Sole staring back at him, smiling as they sang. In that moment Danse was sure he had never seen anything more beautiful in his life as he leaned forward and they shared a watery kiss. He stripped down to join them, embracing them with strong arms.

Deacon: The song had come on. Sole had turned it up. They sang the first line remembering the good old days when BAM! “-Fools rush in.” Deacon was naked. “But I can’t help-” he twirls around so Sole can get a full 360 degree view of him. “-falling in love-” slides on the floor “-with youuuu.” Hand arcs dramatically as he waits for Sole to rate his performance. Sole laughs as they sing the rest of the song in a ridiculous duet, Deacon using the brush as a microphone. He made sure for the last line, he swept Sole’s feet off the sudsy floor planting a kiss filled with his feelings laid as bare as his naked ass.

Dogmeat: BARK!BARK!BARK!BARK! Dogmeat is not a good backup singer.

Hancock: “Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?” Hancock sang along in a gravely voice as he sauntered into the bathroom in his American flag towel. Sole giggled, tossing the soap at him to get out as they covered up. But wait… was he, blushing? Hancock? They’d been singing so pretty just for him it seems, that he was getting all into a tizzy. Figuring he should join them because why should they be professing their love to him by song while he was waiting outside? He needed to prove it right back. He tangled his hands through their hair and gave them one of his most infamous passionate kisses. Definitely a plus they were naked.

MacCready: There were two working shower heads in the gym showers they were in. Sole flipped on the radio. Song after song came on as Sole hummed. MacCready scrubbed his hair thinking nothing of it when suddenly they started singing a bit louder. He knew this song; it was about love. He fiddled nervously, embarrassed by what he was going to do. The next line he joined in, softly. Very softly. Sole’s voice broke for a moment, then continued singing. They were coming closer. MacCready’s voice slowly got louder and louder until they were singing in tandem. He turned around to meet their eyes as they sung out the course together, finishing with a wet kiss as the water pelted down on their heads.

Nick Valentine: Before Sole even got in, Nick checked the whole place for them to make sure it was safe. Then he stood guard outside, making sure nothing got into the house. After a while, Sole’s canary-like voice drifted to his ears. A small window high on the wall was open ajar. He looked around before reaching up and opening it up a little more. Their voice came out louder as Nick sat down against the bench once again with a wide grin forming on his face. Even if they were just singing for fun, a small part of his synthetic heart liked to pretend that they were really singing just for him.

Piper: Oh man this one was her favorite! Her eyes locked with Sole and they wiggled their eyebrows at each other getting ready for the infamous duet. This was their song! Sole decided to go low and Piper went high, creating a sonorous cadence that bounced around the walls of the shower they were in. They danced and wiggled to the music but Piper made sure that every time she sung the chorus, she looked deep into Sole’s eyes to let them know that she meant every little word of it.

Preston: He wasn’t paying attention at first, he was humming to his own song as he bathed in the tub while Sole was in the shower. Then all of a sudden the word “…love with you” caught his attention as he turned around and stopped singing. Sole’s voice was absolutely marvelous. Preston almost forgot to breathe as he watched their backside sway to the sultry melody, imprinting this memory into his mind. “You have got to let me get that on holotape.”

Strong: “HUMAN HAVE GOOD VOICE. STRONG LISTEN.” He barged into the room causing Sole to scream. Strong was very confused why human was throwing things at him. Strong was practicing compliments! Why no like?

X6-88: “I will guard the room, but nothing else.” Sole was trying to tease him, making him stay in the same room while they showered. He turned around. When he proved that he wasn’t going to budge, Sole sulkily flipped on the radio and showered in peace while X6 flipped through a nearby Boston Bugle. A song Sole knew must have come on because they started singing. They kept stressing the word ‘love’ so blatantly that X6 smirked to himself, but didn’t give them the satisfaction of giving in. After they were all finished Sole was pouting that he never showed them affection. X6 reached up and brushed a few stray wet strands of hair out of their face. “Some things were meant to be.” Then he walked off.


Maxson: It was late at night after a mission. Sole wanted to wash the grime off so they entered into the empty shower room. The silence was creepy so they flipped on the radio and one of their favorite songs came on. Sole was so much into singing that they didn’t even hear the door creak open. They had just moved onto soaping up their hear singing the line “and I can’t help-” when all of a sudden two gentle hands grabbed theirs. Sole spun around in surprise to find themselves pulled into Maxson’s broad chest as he finished “-falling in love with you” in a voice so sonorous that Sole couldn’t believe any Elder could have that set of vocals. Maxson helped rinse the soap out of their hair with gentle hands. Sole forgot that he liked to stay up late too. Although they didn’t mind.

Glory: “Well shucks, if you keep singing like that then I might just have to come on in and attack you.” Glory chuckled at her own joke as she leaned up against the entrance to the shower room. They were the only two around, there was no way that Sole didn’t NOT mean that for her. But hey, who was she to argue? If anything, she was going to hold them accountable for their actions for saying such things. When Sole gave her a devious smile and continued singing, Glory chuckled and removed all of her clothing, wrapping herself around Sole and kissing their melodious mouth with a wholesome kiss. “I told you so.”

House arrest


Tegan was risking getting removed from the hospital at this rate. Already a nurse had peaked into the room once, twice, three times; each appearance carrying some form of scolding. Don’t lean on the bed like that, don’t hover over him he’s trying to sleep, no you can’t sit on the berth.

He couldn’t blame her, she’d been mostly understanding, letting him stay. Still, the desire to lock the door and just fall asleep next to Typhon was overwhelming. A nervous glance, one last time, and he crawled onto the bed where he nestled himself between the safety guard and the shape of the titan’s broad body. 

It wasn’t like he was gonna hurt him! He knew his weight, his stature, he was aware of his surroundings. Tegan was very careful in his actions, paying special attention to where his legs were, mindful of his arms, and tactfully resting his head on the flat cushion of the medibed where it wouldn’t be on the bigger mech’s body.

He was smarter than that, wouldn’t lay on him and risk further injury like that…

Like this it was easy to doze off, and that’s exactly what he did, his eyes heavy and body slack. Tegan faded out of existence for a moment, relishing in the warmth and safety of the room. He could hear Typhon breathing, hear the beeping monitor that kept tabs on his synthetic heart. It lulled him out of consciousness, even when the creak of a door filled the room.

He was too far gone, it’d take more than that to stir him now.

strickenveteran  asked:

We've seen an Omnic being shot in the 'head' & thus it was lethal for it. Are there more vulnerable points for a synthetic (i.e. what a heart & head shot would do to a human) or less than an organic counter part? If so, where do you suppose these critical points are?

Gore warning conversation - Topic [Killing a human/Omnic]

Comparing lethal points of a human to an Omnic/robotic body is bound to be less than the biological counterpart.

As there is many, many ways to kill a human being - but can be summed up into four things [Each leading to death - which is cease of brain function];

 - Disconnect the brain.
 - Stop blood circulation
 - Stop air flow. 
 - Overwhelm the nervous system [which in turn effect the other three]

A head shot of course takes care of the first; Loss of heart takes care of the second. Slit the throat or block it, you take care of the third. Electrical attacks or an extreme shock will effect all, but is the fourth.

Other methods are often slower; cuts of the skin, disembowelment, flaying, loss of limb [Which for that, it is worse for you to lose your hand than from the joint of the shoulder - as the blood will continue all the way down your arm but have no where to go.] Disease, destruction of bone [Ribs often puncture internal organs more so heart/lungs/stomach]

Of course for death of the brain there is certain places/lobes that are required to cease function - it is possible for someone to live ‘without’ part/ at not highest function. Not live at full capacity mind you, but still alive.

The easiest way to kill someone with the list above, that is not the obvious already stated, Is; 

 - Separation of the spinal cord, at the least will cause paralyzation.
 - Opening carotid arteries [Across neck, From elbow to wrist, and from hip to knee inside the thigh]
 - Puncture of lungs, between center ribs or the solar plexus
 - Electrical pulses against skin will assist in debilitation of nerves to help in above actions. Go for neck or exposed skin ect.

Now, how does this information relate to Omnic bodies?

The body type of the Omnic ‘race’ is highly huminoid in design, so many factors of how their ‘bone structure’ is laid out can be easily seen in human anatomy.

One thing that they all appear to have in common is this layout above their chest. One thing that I can assume from this, is that is a part of their system that aids in movement.

Break the pistons around that, then the body would have a difficulty functioning.

Using Zenyatta’s model for another point; 

At that X is approximately the human body’s Solar Plexus - which, is by the way, a great deal of nerves bundled; it’s the cause of the feeling of ‘having the wind knocked out of you’ and is another way to disable the body if you have a single body shot.

The part encircled in purple however, is the most vital of this topic; Not for it’s location mind you, but for what it is.

Simply put, this cord is a longer more fragile version of our spinal nerves. Zenyatta himself has very little guard on this, as did Mondatta. [This may be due to the ‘model’ of their Omnic bodies though as other Omnics seem to have more protection against this;]

So, to sum up an answer to your question as I realize this has gotten way too long [Sorry!]

- They have less weaknesses than the human body
- Mostly due to the fragile state humans are always in.
- The ways to ‘kill’ and debilitate them are broad areas, and are often left undefended.
- Their system is quite easy to disable in function due to the main connection that runs through it.
- By the way Zenyatta reacts in game to going from full hp to almost dead, they do in fact feel pain [it breaks my heart to hear]
- It would be very easy for someone to strip an Omnic down as a method of torture without killing them.

- They are still able to function with loss of limbs, ‘oil’ or fluids do not drip out [though that could be a rating thing with cinematics.]

Other notes;

[This at the current date was updated to say ‘Oil’ instead of ‘Brandy’ I didn’t take a screenshot when I was playing though.]

- They can drink/ intoxication is perhaps possible.
- On the same map [Numbani] there are a few locations that are ‘Omnic’ clothing stores.
- Zenyatta quite loves that city, even though when he speaks on it, it seems like he’s never been there. Junkrat hates it.

So sorry for the long post! I hope I answered your question in all this rambling :<< ]]


Imagine Vision falling for you and getting anxious because he thinks you won’t love him back.

In his own way, Vision was terrified. Being around you made his synthetic heart race, made his hands tremble, destroyed his concentration. Wanda had suggested that maybe he had feelings for you. He had explored the possibility and had reached a conclusion regarding the matter.

“[f/n], may I speak with you?”

You jumped as Vision phased through the wall of your room, eyes widening in surprise. “Um, yeah, sure,” you stammered, casting an embarrassed glance around your room. “Sorry about the mess.”

Vision moved closer to you, not quite walking but not quite levitating either. He cast his gaze around, “There is no need to apologize,” he assured, turning his eyes back to you. Even as he looked at you now, his mind kept trying to scan your face, committing every aspect to memory.

You tilted your head to one side, “Why do you always look at me like that?”

Vision blinked, “What do you mean?”

You shrugged, “You always have this intensity to you. This curiosity, I guess.”

“I wish for people to see you, as I do. As who you really are. Do you wish for me to stop?”

You shook your head, flashing a smile that sent his heart racing, “No, it’s not a bad thing. It’s very… Vision.” You paused, pushing your hair back from your face, “What was it you wanted to talk about?”

“I am aware that many find my appearance… off putting.” He gestured to the stone in his forehead, flashing a rather awkward smile. “I am not exactly human.”

You grinned crookedly, “You don’t need to be human. You’re Vision, and you’re perfectly fine just the way you are.” You wrapped your arms around his midsection, giving him a brief squeeze. “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, okay?”

Vision blinked, his heart thudding against his synthetic ribs before he hesitantly wrapped his arms around you as well, relaxing into the embrace. “Thank you, [f/n].”

Gif Credit: Vision

anonymous asked:

i have this headcanon that maccready falls in love with the sole survivor even if he isn't romanced, because their stories are so similar and he sees himself in them and they saved him and his son. how would the other romanced companions react to finding out maccready had a major thing for their sole? how would maccready react to finding out sole has a partner?

I reckon your headcanon is spot on my friend, can totally see that happening. Now I feel a little bad because I haven’t ever romanced MacCready…poor bastard. Anyways, enjoy!

Sidenote – Magnolia’s ‘Baby it’s Just You’ seems like a very apt song here…

 MacCready – He loved Sole, there was not a single doubt in him. It was the most sure he has ever been in his entire life. After all they’ve been through, they just kept going, kept fighting and never stopped even after their son was taken and their spouse killed. MacCready wouldn’t know how he’d react if he lost Duncan and to say Sole was an inspiration was like saying the detonation of the atomic bombs was a small hiccup for humanity. Even so, as MacCready looked at himself in the cracked and foggy mirror he still couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling in his stomach. He’s never had to do this before. With Lucy, it just happened, but with Sole…he didn’t know what to think or do. The last thing he wanted from them was just to hook up like most couples do in the Commonwealth. No, he knew what he felt for Sole was real, they were both like two peas in pod. What he felt was more than just the need for a romp in the hay together. He had tried to see if they felt the same way for him, but he wasn’t sure if all they wanted was friendship or that they were oblivious to what he was trying to express, so he was left to do the only think he could. He had to just outright tell them. With a deep breath, MacCready straightened his tie of the only decent tuxedo he could find and stepped into the hallway of the house he shared with Danse. It was night-time in Sanctuary and there was a small celebration going on because of the Minutemen’s success in taking down the Brotherhood of Steel. Danse himself was nowhere to be found so no one could distract Macready as he retrieved a black fedora from his dresser and mentally prepared himself for what he was about to do. Upon walking out of his house, he took in a deep breath and began to walk over to the makeshift bar just across the street, a bouquet of flowers held behind his back. Curie and Hancock were already lost in the corner playing pool against Piper and Nick with the rest of the companions drinking, talking and laughing at the bar. MacCready’s heart began to hammer as he saw Sole leaning with a beer against the railing of the balcony, a large grin on their face from something Cait had said. He wiped the sweat from his brow and took in a deep breath as he was about to cross the road, but then he had stopped short, his breath frozen painfully in his lungs. Sole had casually wrapped their arms around Cait’s waist and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss. MacCready was too late. As he stood there with what felt like a knife twisting in his chest, the pain as bad as loosing Lucy all over again, MacCready dropped the flowers and broke down into tears. Sole was not his to love. He was not what they wanted, what they needed and that thought alone had him turn around fighting to hold in his sobs. He never would have thought something like this could hurt him so badly, but it damn well did. He never showed up to the party that night. In fact, come morning MacCready had disappeared and returned his life of being a mercenary for hire. He still loved Sole and didn’t blame anyone but himself for not manning up and telling them sooner, but he knew he couldn’t stay there. Not when what he desperately wanted, what he needed was given to someone else.

Cait – Despite Cait often coming across as aloof, domineering and little selfish from time to time, she was a very intuitive woman when it came to other people. Deciphering their motives and what made them tick was a habit that had kept her alive in a place like the Combat Zone for so long. So when she and Sole decided not to hide their relationship anymore, Cait couldn’t help but notice MacCready’s reaction. It was when Sole was just about to go to the Institute, the molecular relay powering up behind them when she grabbed Sole and pulled them in for a rough but passionate kiss. She had momentarily forgotten that pretty much the entire settlement had come to see Sole leave, including MacCready, and to be honest she didn’t really care. The person she loved was going to the most dangerous place in the Commonwealth alone, so damn right she was gonna kiss them goodbye. During the time they were gone, MacCready was all mopey and not his usual self. At first Cait didn’t give a damn, she was too busy worrying about Sole, but when they did finally come back, she recognised the longing in his gaze when he’d see Sole walk past him. She’d watch as the two of them talked, how MacCready’s face would blush and how his eyes would sparkle when Sole smiled. She didn’t like it, not in the least, but Cait knew how lucky she was to have Sole fall in love with her. Although one time, she caught MacCready staring at them from across the street, so she marched right on over. “Listen MacCready, I know ya’v got a thing for Sole but nothin’s gonna happen, ya hear? Move on with ya life, ya will find what ya lookin’ for. I promise.” She trusted Sole completely and she could understand MacCready’s feelings for them, but in case her words didn’t get through to him, she would let MacCready know in not so subtle actions that Sole was hers and hers alone.

Curie – She would never find out on her own that MacCready liked Sole, instead she’d have to be told by someone else who would point out the warning signs to her. Like whenever Sole walked past him, MacCready would blush and look away, or when talking to Sole, MacCready would stutter and avoid looking directly at them. Curie could most certainly understand why but what she couldn’t understand was the feelings that were provoked inside her upon knowing this. It felt similar to frustration but also something else she couldn’t quite but a finger on. It made her want to be near Sole all the time, to keep Sole away from MacCready and all to herself. She wouldn’t confront him about it, so she’d turn to the only person who could help her figure out what it was she feeling and how she could get these thoughts out of her head. Sole.

Danse – Danse was highly protective of Sole, he loved them with all his heart and synthetic soul and wouldn’t know what the hell to do with himself if he should ever lose them. So when he realised that all the sneaky looks and blushing MacCready was doing regarding Sole was because he had a very large crush on them, Danse was furious. Sole was his and Danse’s urge to make that known was verging on primal aggression. He’d take Sole by the waist and lead them back to their quarters, then proceeding to fuck them long and hard and good so that not only would Sole know how much he loved them, he would know within himself that he gave them no reason to look anywhere else but him for what they need and want. He trusted them beyond a doubt, but he just wanted to make sure.

Deacon – The agent quickly had MacCready’s number all figured out, like usual. Although he wasn’t worried at all. Sole was their own person who promised their heart and love to Deacon so who was he to doubt them? Besides, the mercenary had horrible teeth and compared to his inherited baldness, Deacon though he looked like a rock star. He would however let MacCready know he knew by joking about all that blushing and stuttering he was doing around Sole, much to the mercenary’s horror.

Hancock – He was the most insecure out of all the companions. After all, he knew he wasn’t a looker and already had doubts about how Sole could love someone like him. He’d never told them, but the doubt was there and when he heard from Magnolia that MacCready had a huge liking for Sole, his insecurities double-timed it. Hancock loved Sole so fucking much and he had no experience on how to deal with a situation like this, so short of killing the guy, he ordered that Fahrenheit keep an eye MacCready if he got too close to Sole when Hancock wasn’t there. He trusted Sole, but it was the mercenary he didn’t trust and Hancock just wanted to be safe rather than sorry. After all, Sole was one hell of a gal/guy and all he wanted was them now and forever. He’d hit up his close friends at the Third Rail for tips on how to deal with this.

Nick Valentine – Being in his profession, much like Piper, it was his job to figure out the stuff people didn’t want figured out so it wasn’t all that hard to piece together what was happening with that mercenary. Although he was a synth, Nick knew what the look of attraction was in a person. After all, Sole was as human as they come and they had been in a relationship with Nick for almost three months now. Blushing was a huge part of it, as was an increase in breathing and perspiration, a state MacCready was always left in when Sole started talking to him. Being the subtle gentlemen that he was, Nick would carefully let on that he knew where MacCready’s affections were placed and tried to delicately point out that they were misplaced. Entirely. Move on kid, Sole was his.

Piper – When Piper first heard about MacCready’s story, she immediately recognised how similar both he and Sole was. Both had their spouses killed in front of them, their son was in danger only to be saved by his loving parent – there was literally no one out there for either of them except each other who could really understand what they went through. So it was no surprise to the reporter when she found out MacCready had a crush on her Blue. At first she thought it was cute, but then Piper realised that MacCready would be thinking about her Blue the same way she does and Piper most certainly did not appreciate that at all. Blue was hers and hers alone to think about, to love, to cherish and she’d damn well make that known. Instead of taking the direct route, Piper would make sure to be close to Sole when she knew MacCready would be looking, her arm wrapped possessively around their waist which wouldn’t really be out of the ordinary anyway. Piper loved showering Sole with affection regardless of who might be looking – except Nat of course – but now that she knew MacCready had a thing for Sole, so she made doubly sure to let everyone know Sole was taken.

Preston – Preston loved Sole more than he loved the Minutemen and for them to rebuild it like they had made him love Sole even more. He was oblivious to anyone else’s intentions and affections but there was one time when it became crystal clear that perhaps he wasn’t the only one who had fallen so hard for the new General. The mercenary had gone out of his way for Sole when they found out their beloved Dogmeat had gone missing. Almost the entire settlement was out for hours looking for the pup but it was MacCready who had stayed out for three days hunting the little guy down just so he could bring him back to Sole. The elation on his face when he watched Sole embrace the dog with tears in their eyes was unmistakeable and Preston knew immediately what that look was about. He decided the best method around this was to grab the radstag by the horns, so that’s what he did. Ten minutes and a polite discussion later, Preston returned to Sole and hoped that MacCready would move on to find happiness from someone who wasn’t his General.

 X6-88 – X6 knew straight away when he met MacCready that he had a thing for Sole. The mercenary’s pupils dilated when talking to Sole, he would start sweating more than usually necessary for a human and his voice would shake every now and then. But with X6 being X6, he didn’t take the gentle route even if Sole was standing right next to him. “Sole and I are in a monogamous de facto relationship. I strongly suggest you suppress your attraction to them immediately.” To him his words were like a flag, Sole was his. Although he could understand why MacCready would become attracted to the Director, it was paramount to both his own interests and the interests of the Institute that Sole is not distracted by the likes of MacCready.

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