synthetic food dyes

conversations I’ve had with The Kid that I wasn’t planning to

-tampons, what they are for, why they’re necessarily and why it’s rude to call them gross just because you don’t need them (with a hefty side of TSS and organic vs cotton vs rayon with my dad)

-transgender, gender roles and expectations, reasons why it might happen

-female bodybuilders, why it’s not gross, why people might want to be body builders, discussions about safe exercise and weight lifting, learning to use your mouth filter about other ppl’s looks (hey he’s a kid but there are adults who can’t manage this basic courtesy)

-domestic abuse/ child abuse

-friends with benefits, motives and advantages and disadvantages

-herpes, how you gets them, how they’re treated, how they’re related to cold sores

-abusive friendships, why they’re not really friendships, what needs to change to make them positive, why that won’t happen (my brother helped with this one)

-diseases borne by mosquitoes and why they’re more likely to kill/harm you than a spider 

-mental disorders/mental illness

-synthetic dyes in foods, why they’re problematic and banned in most countries, what they do to the human body