synthetic fiber

Hair Confusion

Okay, I’m confused now.  I have been assuming that the curly disheveled hair we have been seeing in BTS pictures of Sam (as Jamie) have been–at least in terms of his bangs–his own curly hair reacting to the rainy weather in Edinburgh (with the hair in the back being a partial wig to add length). But now we see Sam driving away with his hair pinned back, suggesting he had a full wig on the entire time.

picture 1: outlanderamerica; picture 2: outlander-news

This makes me wonder if the make-up department created a curly, disheveled wig for Jamie/ Sam. And if they did so, why on earth did they think that was a good idea? 

They could have created a wig out of some sort of synthetic fiber that would not have gone haywire with humidity. Why create one that responds to humidity like real curly hair? In fact, I wonder if this wig is one made of real human curly hair, because it is certainly responding like real curly hair. If they were going to go the human hair route for a wig, they could have chosen a wig made of wavy human hair that didn’t react as much to humidity.

Also, if they were going to go with a full wig, why continue to dye Sam’s hair?

Having curly hair myself, I don’t get it. If you are going to have Sam wear a wig, why torture him with one that will become a mess when it is humid?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the bangs are Sam’s in the picture on the left and he just had his hair pinned back for some unknown reason in the picture on the right. But I have no idea why Sam would have his hair pinned back if that were the case.

Inquiring minds want to know. Anyone have any ideas?