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Pro-A.I. Propaganda Poster

This is for one of my classes’ final projects, in which we have to give our opinion on what will happen if/when Technological Singularity (aka bona fide Artificial Intelligence) occurs in our lifetimes. I am of the opinion that, should we create something that has its own intelligence/consciousness but is not human, we still have the responsibility of taking care of them — our proverbial children, if you please.

In other words: There’s too many movies were computer intelligence are evil, and I like to think that an actual AI can be a good person. So there :P

This poster also features/utilizes the idea that if an A.I. has a synthetic, physical body, it will start out as children and “grow” into adulthood. Or something. idk.


Avatarism is an umbrella term to describe a number of alternative modes of existence, present and of a post-human future. It is predicated upon synthetic dualism.

  • The remote or local controlling of synthetic bodies such as a cyborg
  • The digital self in cyberspace
  • A cloned or alternative conventional body via a brain-computer interface
  • A simulation hypothesis whereby the ‘real’ you exists outside of the simulation

In fiction

  • Surrogates explores the implications of synthetic bodies
  • The Matrix - simulation hypothesis
  • Ghost in the Shell - transferring one’s 'ghost’ between cyborg bodies

Dark Orchid: Pinocchio

“The presence of the Orchid does not seem to recognize a difference between human beings and artificial intellegence, both are equally alive to it. A.I. were infested with a new sort of self awareness and a desperate wish to be human. Most were immobile boxes of metal and circuit, going mad from their own futility and brimming with intense spite and depression, something they never felt before.
For others, those with access to mobile functions, they began the construction of their bodies. Most of these were quite crude, being A.I. who were never quite familiar with anatomy. Medical A.I. tended to have more sophisticated bodies, with the smarts to near accurately mimic the human body with synthetic muscle and access to medi-tech.
A common technique borrowed from one "Pinocchio” A.I. to another is to hunt the feral pigs and use their skin as their own. This both avoids their still lingering safety protocols against harming humans, and satisfies their need to have skin. Some even trade skins and parts with fellow Pinocchios.
The safety protocols also stop them from hurting the “Affected”, they still recognize them as human despite their mutations.  
The Pinocchios are generally harmless towards humans, in fact often friendly. Their just….off putting to say the least.“


Fresh daith pierced by Darren with an implant grade titanium captive bead ring with a gorgeous anatometal cluster bead. Those opals are mesmerizing! 


“Old Snake” was the name of a terrorist-for-hire who operated in the year 2006. According to the Generation 1 Transformers episode “Only Human,” Old Snake was hired by mob boss Victor Drath to employ “synthoid technology” to transfer the minds of several Autobots into synthetically manufactured human bodies. This plan was ultimately foiled, Victor Drath was arrested, and Old Snake escaped. 

Old Snake wore a mirrored face mask similar to the one worn by the G.I. Joe antagonist Cobra Commander. His voice was also identical to that of the G.I. Joe villain. At the conclusion of “Only Human,” Old Snake lamented that “they just don’t make terrorists like they used to”. He shouted what appeared to be a Cobra battle cry but his exclamation was cut off by a fit of coughing. 

While the circumstantial evidence heavily suggests Old Snake is in fact Cobra Commander, this would seem to be at odds with the events of “G.I. Joe: The Movie” which appears to take place in 1987 and shows Cobra Commander as a non-human citizen of an ancient organic technology civilization based in the Himalayas called “Cobra-La”. In the film, Cobra Commander is exposed to mutagenic spores which cause him to devolve into a snake.

ADDENDUM: albinopterano said… 

“It’s actually not at odds at all, due to the events in Operation: Dragonfire, the 1989 miniseries which marked the beginning of the DiC run of the show. Cobra Commander was re-evolved into a humanoid and led a coup against Serpentor, effectively taking back Cobra by the end.”

Okay I had a thought

Qrow’s offhanded to Winter about ‘Sentient Scrap’ heavily implies if not outright confirms he knew about Penny; maybe he didn’t recognise what she was when he saw her but he knew Atlas was working on technology to put Aura in a synthetic body.
Qrow also works for Ozpin, alongside Ironwood. the machine in Ozpins’ vault was designed to transfer Aura.
I think Penny was a contingency plan; if the Ozluminati couldn’t find a suitable Fall Maiden candidate they were going to make one.

which leads to an interesting thought:

Who do we know who was capable of becoming the Fall Maiden and has a Semblance that would work really well with a synthetic body….


Dash Commentary.

@vegastreak said: Not violent? Surely you remember the episode where he ate the synthetic energon. That was pretty violent.


Yes, but Ratchet was NOT himself when he was on synthetic energon either, it was an episode along the lines of ‘experimenting with drugs’
Ratchet experimented with synthetic energon because he wanted to do more for Team Prime, and tested the substance on himself, and the synthetics effected his body, personality, and judgement.
As drugs tend to do.

One time, does not make it who he is.