Japanese Mannequin Allows Users to Pose and Animate 3D Characters in Virtual Space:

Now called Qumarion, the model formerly known as QUMA uses 32 sensors across 16 body joints to translate the humanoid statue’s pose to the computer screen simply by bending limbs…

[A] 120 frames per second sample rate over USB means that poses are mirrored in your modeling tools almost instantly. You also won’t have much longer to wait to buy one for your fledgling anime production: the mannequin and custom modeling software from Celsys should be bundled together sometime within the summer for a comparatively frugal $750.

(via Qumarion 3D modeling mannequin coming soon for $750, still won’t play with your kid (video) – Engadget)

GOATBED’s album SYNTHESPIANS from 2006. Got it secondhand from the Closet Child store. When I found out about it, I got a bit hyper. So my collection of GOATBED music is getting bigger and bigger. Next goal: seeing GOATBED live. :)

On the one hand Peri mostly wore shorts so I shouldn’t be drawing her in dresses as much as I do, on the other hand 80s dresses are so fun to draw.

On a related note, Synthespians was a meh book and I’m not sure if I count it as canon (and I’m really sick of the go-to tragic backstory for all women), but I sort of want to draw scenes from it as an excuse to draw Peri in a series of 1980s party frocks.

Motion Graphics

 For the people that work in motion graphics, there are a few things that considered a great feat. One of those feats happened for the people that work on Terminator Genisys. They got to create a fully digital, photo-real younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Terminator 2 is always considered one of the greatest movies in motion graphic history, and for the latest Terminator movie to feature the first ever synthespian seems fitting. By going here  you can get the full story of how they spent 12 grueling months to create 35 minutes of amazing footage.

 Another amazing feat that can be done with motion graphics is making a movie seem like it was shot in one single take. While some movies and shows do have scenes that are shot in one take, the crew at Rodeo FX work very hard to make Birdman seem like it was shot in one take. It took 75 visual effect artists, project managers and technicians more than four months to pull off that feat. Going here will help you get the full story.

After reading these stories, I feel more intrigued by the possibilities in motion graphics. I knew that certain feats were possible with motion graphics, but the tasks described above are simply amazing. I was always amazed by the job done in Terminator 2, and for Terminator Genisys to have the first ever synthespian is something that I strived for. I also would love to have my name attached to a first in motion graphic job.
Cafe Neu Romance: The Robots are coming home to Prague: Week 26-29 November 2014 - CNR 2014: Exhibition: Scott Park (CAN): Synthespians

Discover the Synthespians poster by Canadian advertising creative director and illustrator Scot Park will be displayed during the Cafe Neu Romance festival (26-29 November 2014) at Galerie NTK.

I’m also a pretty big deal in Prague.

Synthespians will be on display this November at the Cafe Neu Romance exhibition in Prague, part of the European Robotics Week. Apparently,  there will be robots.

Maybe I’m just a shipper, but out of the whole human culture recreated from sixties to nineties reruns, replacing people with robots, and the rest of this incredibly silly book; the biggest suspension of disbelief I’ve had to pull through so far is that someone who already decided that the Doctor and Peri were a couple changing their mind upon seeing the pair fling themselves into each other’s arms and demand where the other had been. Based on all other couples in this book, my only guess is this character is not used to people actually liking their spouse.

(the colourful expansions to Peri’s backstory are high on the list, though..)