We have made some fresh Tee-designs that you might like. Place your non-binding, no strings attached pre order by sending a mail to preorder at analogsweden dot com

1. Envelope - Grey shirt with Dark Grey print
2. Waveforms Red or Blue shirt with White print
3. Voltage controlled - Black print on Black shirt

Please include model, size and how many you want.
Price approx 15-20 eur/model, discount pack for 3 and/or 4 models will be available.

Remember, you don’t pay or promise anything yet - you’re just showing your interest and giving us an idea of how many we should produce and which sizes.

Thanks! - and have a nice analog holiday with lots of jamming and knob noodling!

Specs: 100% high quality cotton, silk screen print, organic cotton if we find a good supplier, Euro-fit