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A photograph apparently taken by a friend of Richard David Jame’s (Aphex Twin) girlfriend in his studio of his modular set up & ginger cat. The photograph was then taken down.

A break down of the set up:
“Module list for above, Monster Case 2

Row 1

Tiptop Z3000 Mk2

Cwejman VCO6

Livewire AFG

Harvestman Double Andore

Cylonix Cyclebox

Schippmann VCF02

SnazzyFX Dreamboat

Doepfer A136 Distortion Waveshaper

Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO

Analogue Systems RS95 VCO

Row 2

Doepfer A135-1 VC Mixer

Doepfer A144 Morph Controller

Doepfer A138 Mixer (X3)

Synthesis Technology E340 Cloud Generator

Plan B Model 29 Dynamic Mult

Doepfer A182-1 Switched Mult

Harvestman Polivoks VCG

Doepfer A148 Dual Sample & Hold

Doepfer A131 Exponential VCA (X5)

Doepfer A140 ADSR Envelope (X3)

Doepfer A180 Mult

Row 3

Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium

Plan B Model 13 Dual Timbral Gate

Doepfer A107 Multitype Morphing Filter

Harvestman Bionic Lester

Harvestman Polivoks VCF

Doepfer A103 18db LPF

Cwejman Complex Transient Generator

Doepfer A140 ADSR Envelope

Cwejman Dual VC Transient Generator

Doepfer A180 Mult

Row 4

Malekko Wiard Joystick Axis Generator

Plan B Model 12 State Variable Vactrol Filter

Doepfer A124 Wasp Filter

Cwejman 3 Band VC Parametric EQ

Doepfer A152 Addressed T&H Switch

Doepfer A105 SSM 24dB LPF

Doepfer A102 Diode LPF

Cwejman AI2 Audio Interface”

During the Mass Effect 4 “presentation”, they said that you’d be exploring totally uncharted space because players wanted to go somewhere new.. And, while not 100% completely explored, the Milky Way galaxy was pretty much tapped out. The galaxy was neatly carved up into different zones of influence based on species or political affiliation (or lack thereof).

If they’re talking about 100% new space, I have an oddball theory. Months ago it was said (confirmed?) that the next ME is a sequel. naturally this made me laugh because that would mean they’d have to canonize an ending.

With that in mind, what if they canonized control, or, god forbid, synthesis? Because with the technology of the Reapers at the disposal, that would make travel to new galaxies entirely feasible. Look:

This is how far away the Reapers were from Earth Alliance Space at the end of ME2. I use Alliance space as a reference since it would appear their territory was attacked first, with the batarian homeworld (which is actually in Alliance Space according to the wiki) being practically wiped out in ME3.

Using the above as a reference, I tried to recreate the distance in a “game” called SpaceEngine, basing the distance mainly on the size of the galactic core. The crosshairs below are centered on Earth.

Plus or minus some parsecs, I guess. Apologies for the images, tumblr resizes them weirdly.

Anyway, that was their distance to Earth at the end of ME2. Six months later, in ME3, they arrive. They went almost 4000 parsecs in 6 months. 4000 parsecs is 7.66940463 × 1016 miles. That is 76,694,046,300,000,000 miles. In six months.

That is 12,782,341,000,000,000 miles per month.
That is 426,078,030,000,000 miles per day.
That is 17,753,251,000,000 miles per hour.

The closest galaxy to the Milky Way is the Canis Major dwarf galaxy, some 25,000 light years, or 146,742,840,000,000,000 miles from Earth. It would take just about 11.5 months to reach Canis Major.

Beyond that, the closest spiral galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy, and it is a hefty 1.469625 × 1019 miles away, give or take a bit according to google calculator (I hope you didn’t think I was doing this on my own). To reach the Andromeda Galaxy using Reaper Speed®, it would take just 95 years, roughly. More than doable for an Asari or Krogan, and easily done in just two generations by humans, since the first generation on a colony ship would be well past their prime but not yet dead.

What if Mass Effect 4 takes place during the exploratory boom in a brand new galaxy after the Reaper War ends in anything other than Destroy?

anonymous asked:

Are you aware that collagen scaffold synthesis and recellularisation technologies are rapidly advancing and that twenty years from now, when those transed kids you're talking about have grown up, they'll be available to fully reverse the physical damage? As much as I get that being volunteered as a guinea pig in a social experiment by imbecile parents who have nothing but scathing disdain for "little" things like social integration will have a battery of other consequences... take heart, y'know?

Oh, I have no doubt that plastic surgeons and endocrinologists are already busy at work on all sorts of methods for manipulating the human form even more. The trans media outlets (the same publications that used to be the “gay press”–now dead as a door nail) are already publishing frothy articles about uterus transplants for trans women and advances in penile prostheses. After all, the real answer to self hatred, profound body dysmorphia, and internalized homophobia and misogyny can no longer be therapy to help resolve those feelings of disconnection. No, we have to carve and mold and reconstruct all those “wrong bodies.”  And hey–maybe in a few decades, they will even do chromosome transplants, so the pesky TERFs won’t be able to talk about XX=female and XY=male anymore. And–think of the profits!

Of course, the way things are going with the ongoing destruction of planet earth and climate change, we’ll be lucky if we still have an electric grid (vs a few survivors cooking over open fires), so I’m not particularly hopeful that the sterilized regretters will have high-tech surgeries available to reverse the damage. But given how the genderists are now in the business of brainwashing 3-year-olds and their parents to believe they are the opposite sex, will there even be any regretters? The surgically and pharmaceutically constructed humans won’t have any concept of what it would be like to not have to do daily neovagina dilations or neophallus pumping; to not have to inject themselves with hormones every week. They will never know what it would have been like to have a fully functioning body and mind unaltered by human technological ingenuity. and greed. Happy campers, all!

We’re in a Brave New World now, where research “studies” of trans kids have no control groups (because it’s now “unethical” to help kids feel ok about their natal bodies), where it’s “normal” to be sterilized at 13.

But then, maybe it will also become “normal” to want to reverse all the damage when you’re 40. A whole new industry for detransitioners might spring up, so that flip-flopping back and forth between “presenting” as male or female will be as “normal” as can be… A detransition industry would open up a whole new field of practice profit. Surely, some intrepid research surgeon must already be writing grants!


The Story of The RCA Synthesizer. 


Lissajous curves for Milad and Robb by Peter Speer