synthesis spoilers

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Why did EDI and the Geth have to die in Mass Effect 3's Destroy ending? I understand the Crucible targets all synthetic life but the how and why is never explained. Presumably the Reapers have many distinguishing parts that serve to differentiate between other forms of synthetic life, and the Reapers are implied to be partially organic many times in the series. These markers could have been used by the Crucible to target the Reapers and only the Reapers. Furthermore, if you subscribe to the theory that Shepard is slightly indoctrinated at the ending, and given that the Catalyst itself says it is the collective consciousness of the Reapers, doesn't it make sense that it would lie about these things to give Shepard pause? It presumably wants to live just as much, and it would lie to continue living. It doesn't say much else concerning Destroy, but goes on and on about Control being a better ending and Synthesis being the best. And why would Anderson's choice be shown in Red, the color associated with a Renegade reputation, while the Illusive Man's choice is shown in Paragon blue? Could EDI have lived through the Destroy ending? We will probably never know

Every time I see a picture or art of Shepard jumping into the beam in the Synthesis ending my heart breaks a little.

Something about that ending and the complete sacrifice that Shepard makes gets to me. In Destroy they can potentially live, in Control their persona lives on, but in Synthesis, there is nothing left of Shepard in the aftermath.

The image of them leaping to their fate, in their last moment of freedom, marks Shepard’s greatest sacrifice.