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you know? moving from prog to synth pop might seem like a pretty strange transition because they are very different genres, but they have one thing in common, which is Synthfucking™. i encourage everyone who likes prog or synth pop to listen to the other genre because both are very good and wholesome. Only difference is that one of them use 2-3 synths per band and the other one uses 5 per synth player. At the same time.

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"Let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that Bastille was built off of lies, misunderstandings, and drunk invitations" can you explain this? i'm new to liking bastille

Well, funny story.

Woody was handing out flyers in a valiant but useless attempt to pick up students who want to learn the wonderful art of hitting stuff with sticks. Thankfully, one of the people to pick these flyers up was Dan.

Dan believed that Woody was a 50-year-old man, and wanted to ask him for any recommendations for his drumming students to join his new band. Little did he know, Woody was just around his age! Woody, after seeing how he’s probably going to fail at finding students, persuaded Dan to let him join this tiny band. Dan agreed, probably mostly relieved Woody’s not an old man.

That’s the misunderstanding.

Then, they needed to find a bassist. William had a friend that told him to go to this little gig with these guys called Dan and Woody, so he went. And he liked them! He wanted to join. Dan asked Will if he could sing. Will couldn’t. But he said he can. Dan then asked if he could play the keys. Will couldn’t. But he said he can. Finally, Dan asked Will if he likes jazz, since he absolutely despises it. Will loves it. But he said no. So, he was allowed to join.

Those are the lies.

Finally, they were missing someone to become a electronic-synch-rock band… a synth player! That’s where Kyle came in. Dan was at a party, and he was getting drunk. Very drunk. Dan has a peculiar way of asking anyone who can play an instrument to join his band when he’s not exactly thinking clearly. After meeting Kyle, he asked him to join, since Kyle told him he plays an instrument. After a moment of consideration, Kyle agreed.

That’s the drunk invitation.

And there you have it. The accidental band.

Welcome to Bastille.


Drum Corps: a Day in the Life of a Synth Player ™ DAY TWO

still no synth cart. but we’re making it happen. michael berry’s glad I’m back in rehearsal, I think, I’m not really sure what’s going on in these pics but it’s ok.

gabby brought me a flower from outside probably because she feels bad that I’m stuck in here, so that’s chillin on my synth

nina got here right after lights out! yay! can’t wait until we have a full pit. can’t wait until I have a synth cart.

technically I’m writing this on the morning of day three but oh well. ALSO…….. show announcement today (friday)……. don’t tell anyone I told you ;-)

see ya never,
Anna Eberhart

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what are 21 Pilots

20 pilates is a two-piece band made up of tyler joseph and josh dun (aka josh sun[shine])

this is tyler

the singer, songwriter, synth player, ukulele player, bass player, piano player, and most importantly, the tambourine player

this is josh

the drummer, backflipper and also the trumpet player

he also changes his hair color more times than you blink

sometimes they’re like this

but most of the time they’re more like this

they make songs about introspection and mental illness and suicidal thoughts and self-doubt and staying alive and loving their moms

tyler’s married to actual goddess jenna joseph

josh likes cats

they also have cute grandpas

that’s it that’s the band here’s your daily reminder to buy blurryface on itunes 


JANUARY 30, 2015

Hey, sorry for the hiatus, it’s me again. Been a bit stuck in the present. Today I woke up in a Brisbane hotel thinking about doing drugs and writing songs. I went to the same burger spot as last night and then came back to go to the hotel to go to a koala park. I had hella interviews scheduled that were supposed to be at 2 and got moved to 3, slightly throwing off my plans. It’s all about the details. No festival, no show today, solid day off. I don’t really like the days off so much though, there’s so much on my mind to accomplish it feels self defeating and like a waste of time. Raury was gonna come with us to the koala park but adjustments in the itinerary stripped us back to the core squad; me, trip & Oreo. I can’t wait until I put my band together though. Having live elements to the show will be so dope. I want a synth/guitar player & a drummer on an electric kit with sample pads & ableton etc. we left for the koala park around 12:30, it wasn’t too far from the hotel so the drive wasn’t bad. I like long drives anyway. They have a relaxing way of grounding me into the moment. I spend so much time in the past or the future that it’s nice to live by the second hand sometimes. The zoo was ill as fuck. We went and kicked it with the Kangaroos first, which was fun & kinda intimidating bcuz they were swoll as fuck LOL. We hovered around them taking pictures and selfies and filming with the go pro. It’s kinda funny how we focus so singularly on capturing the moment for snapchat/twitter/the gram that it almost feels like we’re not capturing it in reality. Anyway, we went through the whole zoo & learned about ozzies native wildlife, pretty fascinating. It was like a rap field trip. Did u know there are more kangaroos in Australia than people in America? What if they had a planet of the apes-esque transformation and gained human-like intelligence? Australians would be fucked 😂. The unlikely last man standing in a furry, pouch hopping apocalypse. I took a picture with a koala. I could feel it kinda shitting on me as I did though, which was gross. It was like a little protrusion pushing in and out of its ass onto my shirt lol, EW. The picture us epic. Oreos face later got photoshopped onto the koala making it legendary to say the least. After leaving the park we got dropped off at an audio store. I really needed a loud speaker to be writing to beats so we fucked around trying to find a good one for under $100, but they just weren’t doing it. I decided to bite the bullet & buy the $200 joint. I’ve been spending mad money this trip though, between the headphones, a replacement GoPro and other random shit. I can’t go home & not have made shit. Not an option. Im also rarely willing to compromise, so that throws a little wrench in the machine. Long story short I stuck the speaker in my pants & dipped like it was 7th grade. I really don’t steal anymore because it’s just stupid for me at this point, buuuut hey man shit happens. I like the edge of my seat. Keeps me imbalanced. Drugs & interviews. Dope smoke out the hotel window writing raps. Just trying to get my thoughts, my beliefs into it man. I daydream so much but sometimes it’s hard to spit it out in the right way. U know I make it happen though. Savemoney mufuckas from Chicago gon find a way. Belieeeee dat.

Years & Years: From feeling like the weird kid at school and studying architecture to the Ben Whishaw effect

Years & Years spent ages plugging away as unknowns before a dancing Bond star sent them viral, and to No 1.

Olly Alexander had an inkling that Ben Whishaw could dance. Perhaps he had more than an inkling; the lead singer of Years & Years was good friends with the actor (Q in the Bond films), and it’s entirely likely he had first-hand experience.

And so when he and his electro-pop bandmates – the bassist Mikey Goldsworthy and the synth player Emre Türkmen – had had enough of being a best-kept secret tucked away on an indie label, they asked Whishaw to appear in a video for their single “Real”. The band had no money, and the video would be largely funded by Türkmen himself, but it would be eye-catching nevertheless: Whishaw dancing alone in a club, limbs flailing, while Alexander watches mournfully on.

“He’s a very good dancer, isn’t he?” Alexander says now.

He’s right, Whishaw can move, and “Real”, a gossamer-light dancefloor filler with a keen hook, was well served by its accompanying promo. It became something of a minor viral sensation – eight-and-a-half million views – and got the band the attention they craved. 

(The Independent, 28 July 2015)

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Don't you really know about Coldplay? Let me remind you, they have sold over 70 million and won 7 Grammys. Do you want more? I think it's enough for you to stop talking about them.

years & years have an okay synths player so who’s really winning 

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i'm replaying fallout3 and im doing the runaway android quest. in the audio log that the android leaves he mentions that the commonwealth will have war between 'synths' and humans if they don't start being treated differently. do you think we might see something like that going on in the next game??

Considering that we see the player fighting synths, it’s very possible.