synth history

Described by the press as “alien” and like “a fox let loose in a chicken shack,” the sounds of the Moog synthesizer filled MoMA’s Sculpture Garden during the final event of the 1969 Jazz in the Garden concert series.  

[View of the concert performed by Robert Moog and the Moog Synthesizer, part of the Jazz in the Garden series, The Museum of Modern Art, August 28, 1969. Photographer: Peter Moore. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York]

weabooties  asked:

okay ive had this scenario in my head for awhile. companions react to meeting a synth and the person they were supposed to replace, but neither of them could kill the other so they've been traveling together as 'twins'.

Ah so like the random encounter with Art and his synth double but if they weren’t pointing shotguns at each other? Y’know I never really understood that whole plot line because I thought the Institute had to take people in order to ‘clone them’ or at least swipe their genetic material in order to make a synth then nix ‘em. But alas, I can dig it. I think that’d be a really cute side story actually! Thanks love <3

Ada: Didn’t make a comment. She didn’t feel like it was her place to question the people that Sole was dealing with. If Sole didn’t have a problem with them then neither did she.

Cait: “Riiiight, and I’m the queen of China. Do ya want me to tell you about my first super mutant lover?” She was so blatantly sarcastic, it rubbed the two the wrong way. They were also kind of scared that someone was able to tell so quickly. Cait is really good at spotting bullshit.

Codsworth: “Oh my! It is uncanny how similar those Institute fellows can make their androids nowadays ho ho. The craftsmanship is quite remarkable!” He proudly asserted to the two twins whom he’d just met in the middle of a bar. when people heard the word ‘Institute’ they started getting riled up and yelled at the two to get out. Sole, Codsworth, and the twins were all chased out of the bar. Good job Codsworth.

Curie: They had met them in Bunker Hill, amongst the traders and has struck up a chat. Sole and Curie were just talking with them nonchalantly when Curie suddenly stopped and leaned closer to inspect the face of one of the ‘twins.’ They looked awkwardly around but Curie went back to chatting. Later she approached Sole in their room and said “Mademoiselle/Monsieur, I believe one of those twins was in fact a synth! How phenomenal!”

Danse: Trained to be on alert for synths, he was instantly suspicious of the twins. “We will not be tricked by the Institute’s machinations. Make yourself known now synth or else you’ll have to answer to the Brotherhood!” Sole angrily forced him to put his gun down. He was jumping to conclusions. The ‘twins’ exchanged a look and decided that these would not be good people to reveal their secret to.

Deacon: He could tell they were lying. He’d spent the majority of his life lying so he could always tell. He let Sole know off to the side so when the twins and they were out of earshot, Deacon leaned in and whispered, “We’re with the Railroad and we protect synths. We get them to a safe place where they won’t be bothered by the Institute again. There’s no need to hide around us.”

Dogmeat: Instantly started growling at the synth twin. Can’t fool dogs. When the two took off Sole was left confused and had to hold Dogmeat back from chasing them.

Hancock: He didn’t believe them. The Institute was always trying to pull new kinds of shit to fuck with their minds on the surface. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t see how this was a trick, which made him more suspicious. He was uncharacteristically quiet when Sole was conversing with them (which concerned them). But all he saw was two people trying to get by and look for a safe haven. Dammit who was he to refuse? He’d protect them but they better watch it!

MacCready: Didn’t even suspect a thing. Actually they had all met in the Third Rail after a few drinks in. He was completely oblivious. They were two very attractive twins too and it kind of pissed Sole of when he sat down in between the two of them and started to flirt, right in front of their face. The two ended up laughing to themselves and walking away with a hi5 about how they successfully fooled someone. MacCready still didn’t get it.

Nick Valentine: He had a suspicion that one was a synth but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. He made sure to pay attention very carefully to their interactions. They didn’t seem like any twins he’d ever seen. When Sole went off to get another drink at the bar Nick leaned in to the twins and said “It’s hard to be candid in a place where everyone wants to kill you for being who you are. Sometimes it’s better to be wise than to be honest.” The tender gleam in the ‘twins’ eyes confirmed his suspicion. Nothing more needed to be said.

Piper: They’d met them in the Dugout Inn. Twin sisters that seemed oblivious to the dubious stares that others were shooting them. Diamond City was suspicious of synths. They had never seen twins before. Sole seemed to really get along with them. They always gave people the time of day which is why Piper loved them but she herself was still dubious. She pulled Sole off to the side. “Hey Blue, I know twins are a thing and all but I just want you to be careful okay? We’ve had a history of synths replacing their human counterparts and this just seems like a mighty shifty situation.”

Preston: “I understand how prejudiced people can be out here. I bet people accuse you of being a synth double all the time! If people could just listen to one another more, the world would be a better place.” Had absolutely no idea they actually were a human-synth pair but his honestly was so genuine they couldn’t help but laugh and tell him the truth.


X6-88: Sole met them first, got to enjoy talking with them and thought they were twins. However that all changed when X6 stepped in the room. He instantly recognized the face the second the ‘twins’ came into view. They were on his reclamation list. Sole didn’t even have time to get a word out of introduction when X6 got out his gun and firmly stated the reset code. Instantly one the twin dropped. X6 didn’t waste a second. He didn’t even blink.


Maxson: *pulls out apparatus to test whether they are synths or not.* He always carried it with him. It was why his coat was so bulky. He sat the twins down who looked at each other nervously and Maxson folded his hands suspiciously. “If neither of you are synths then this test should prove harmless. Let’s begin”

Glory: Strangest part was, she couldn’t tell one was a synth. She fully believed them when they said they were twins. Why not? It could happen! Who was she to question every little thing people told her? It didn’t matter though because they eventually revealed themselves to her after finding out what her job was. If anyone could protect them, it was a badass synth with a minigun.