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I give you... Claquesous

What they smell like: cinnamon and turpentine
How they sleep: very lightly and constantly moving, always just for a few hours at a time, mostly in the middle of the day
What music they enjoy: some classical, but also isn’t against stuff with heavy synth
How much time they spend getting ready: although he seems elaborate he usually takes about 20 minutes if he’s in a rush he’ll throw on whatever and a mask and be out in 3
Their favorite thing to collect: masks, some are stolen, some were gifts from the rest of patron minette also probably stolen, some hand painted and hand made
Left or right handed: left
Religion: none
Favorite sport: secretly has an interest in archery
Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: get “lost” in back alleys
Favorite kind of weather: night time thunder storms where it’s dark as all hell but with brief flashes of lightning
A weird/obscure fear they have: birds and bats he hates things that can fly they’re usually frightened if you get too close and are too unpredictable while in his opinion serving little purpose
An arcade/carnival game they always win: I doubt this counts but it’s important to say Claq forever has and forever will win every single poker game he plays

this gonna sound like the most “only 90s kids” bullshit ever, but hear me out: I feel like the same thing that happened to how people perceive the general look of the 80s is now happening to the 90s. people who weren’t alive during it just kind of assuming what things must’ve looked like. 

much like how the 80s consisted of all neon colors and heavy synth, everything in the 90s had a fuzzy VHS static dust filter over it and people would just be walkin’ around and get fuckin slime dumped on them by nickelodeon at random.

UBgaming’s Top 10 Games of 2016!
(in no particular order)

  • The Witness: a first-person exploration game with challenging and mind-bending puzzles.
  • SUPERHOT: an FPS where time only moves when you move.
  • Thumper: a “rhythm-violence” game that takes high levels of skill and reflexes to master.
  • INSIDE: a mysterious platformer about a boy’s journey to discover a huge secret.
  • Furi: a fast-paced, hack-n-slash boss rush with bright neon visuals and a heavy synth soundtrack.
  • Overwatch: an online multiplayer FPS with a diverse, fun roster of characters and infinite replay value.
  • Oxenfree: a choose-your-own-adventure game about a group of teens and their trip to an abandoned island.
  • Rez Infinite: a remake of the classic 2001 rhythm rail-shooter, repurposed with VR in mind.
  • Stephen’s Sausage Roll: a simple 3D puzzle game. I promise.
Blackpink Is First K-Pop Girl Group to Debut on Canadian Hot 100

The excitement over Blackpink’s new single “Playing With Fire” is being felt everywhere as it charts on the Canadian Hot 100 this week.

The girl group’s synth-heavy dance track debuts at No. 92 on the Canadian Hot 100 chart dated Nov. 26, 2016. The Canadian Hot 100 tracks the most popular songs in Canada across all genres, ranked by radio airplay audience impressions, sales data and streaming activity data. It is one of nine new tracks to hit the Canadian Hot 100 this week including new entries from Future, The Chainsmokers, Big Sean and Marshmello.

The feat makes them the first K-pop girl group to chart on the Canadian Hot 100. While female stars like CL have scored entries on the tally, Blackpink is K-pop’s first girl band to do so.

So far, BTS is the only other K-pop act to chart a song on the Canadian Hot 100 this year when “Blood, Sweat & Tears” debuted at No. 86 earlier this month. Only an elite group of K-pop acts have charted on the ranking so far including PSY, EXO, BTS and CL.

“Playing With Fire” is one of two lead singles from the quartet’s Square Two EP, that rose to a new peak of No. 2 on World Albums for the chart dated Nov. 26, 2016. Meanwhile, “Playing With Fire” relinquished its No. 1 slot on World Digital Songs and currently sits at No. 2 on the list.

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I think we can all agree that one good thing that came out of the political chaos of the past month is the proliferation of some magnificently resolute music. Well loved NYC indie pop darlings MisterWives make their contribution to the growing list of adamant anthems with Machine. Heavy synth whirs are joined by brassy soulful plumage on the reverberating single in a very MS MR meets Rudimental like manner. Mandy Lee turns in some of her fiercest lead vocals yet on the rallying ballad, out now on Republic.

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As mentioned in the patch notes, Xur will have a stack of 10 heavy synths now! However, people weren’t sure a stack of 10 would cost.

3 Strange Coins for 10 Heavy Synth is amazing.

Fell in love with the synthwave music scene years ago and it’s starting to influence my art. Essentially, the genre is inspired by 1980’s film and synth heavy music. Been wanting to break into the synthwave music scene to develop artwork and merchandise for musicians.

Available for freelance work now.
Find me on instagram, @nickimagined

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Unpopular Opinion: 1989 was the weakest album both musically and emotionally. Guitars and pianos > heavy synths And the emotion, for the most part, was scrubbed off to make it sound perfect. Style, OOTW, AYHTDWS, and IWYW. All of them were REALLY emotional, but they wanted to make them fun and happy and it just made them not as good imo. Like I love them, but I think they would've been better with different instrumentals. Red and Speak Now era instrumentals.

i disagree with you 100% i think 1989 is her 2nd best album after RED but honestly i would almost even say that 1989 and RED are tied because they’re just so different but so amazing in their own ways

and idk maybe you just dont like the style of music on 1989 because i think that the songs are really good, it’s just a different sound from her other albums

send me unpopular opinions!

As of late The Weeknd has blown up with his song Earned It charting all around the globe. Now he’s joined up with Canadian rapper Belly for his song Might Not which will feature on Belly’s mixtape Up For Days. The Weeknd kicks off the track with his seductive singing followed by Belly rapping later on in the track with heavy synths being ever present within this track - Jakk

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63 Songs You Need In Your Life This Month

1. British singer-songwriter ROMANS’ soulful, euphoric “Uh Huh.”
2. Little Mix’s unapologetically bubblegum “Black Magic.”
3. Hit-Boy’s woozy twilight anthem “Go All Night (ft. Travis Scott).”
4. Reggae meets pop-punk on Twenty One Pilots’ genre-bending “Ride.”
5. Country singer Kelsea Ballerini picks up where Taylor Swift left off on the twangy “Xo.”
6. Years & Years continue to rule the dance floor with the effervescent “Shine.”
7. French-Canadian singer Cœur de pirate gets an assist from Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling on “Carry On.”
8. Synthpop trio Wet’s breathy, delicate “Deadwater.”
9. Bebe Rexha’s bittersweet EDM ballad “Sweet Beginnings.”
10. Major Lazer’s latest synth-heavy dance-hall banger, “Too Original (ft. Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell).”
11. Willow Smith continues her alt-R&B experimentations on “WEEPINGWILOUGH/LETSGOTOMECCA (ft. Mecca Kalani).”
12. Grunge queen Courtney Love returns to her roots on the snarling “Miss Narcissist.”
13. Ascendant grime star Jammz’s hard-hitting “Final Warning.”
14. ASAP Rocky’s wobbly, intoxicating ode to psychedelics, “L$D.”
15. Tori Kelly’s good-girl sass is front and center on the ’90s-esque “Unbreakable Smile.”
16. Long Beach native Vince Staples’ sparse, ominous “Señorita.”
17. Sage the Gemini’s sultry, pulsating “Good Thing (ft. Nick Jonas).”
18. Tink pays homage to R&B goddess Aaliyah on “Million.”
19. London-based rapper Tinie Tempah’s joyful Jess Glynne collab, “Not Letting Go.”
20. Albert Hammond Jr.’s breezy, guitar-driven “Born Slippy.”
21. British electro outfit’s Hot Chip sneaker-inspired meditation on the passage of time, “Huarache Lights.”
22. Luke Bryan makes a bid for pop radio with his latest tailgate anthem, “Kick the Dust Up.”
23. Paul Thomas Zito’s spacey, NASA-sampling “Cosmonaut (ft. Phil Jacoby).”
24. Rita Ora’s “Poison” is a deceptively sweet track about the appeals of toxic relationships.
25. U.K. producer Hudson Mohawke’s relentlessly bright party-starter, “Scud Books.”
26. Country star Jake Owen’s quirky, Sugar Ray–inspired “Real Life.”
27. “Cerulean,” a slow, seductive bit of alt-R&B from U.K. producer Maths Time Joy.
28. The rollicking, stream-of-consciousness ramblings of Courtney Barnett’s “Dead Fox.”
29. EDM wunderkind Zedd teams up with YouTuber turned pop star Troye Sivan on this ambitious, seven-minute epic “Papercut.”
30. Alex Winston’s charging pop anthem “Careless.”
31. Jamie xx’s “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) [ft. Young Thug and Popcaan]” sounds like its inspiration: a summer drive over the Williamsburg bridge soundtracked by New York hip-hop station Hot 97.
32. Swedish pop rapper Elliphant’s glossy, genre-defying single “Love Me Badder.”
33. Kopecky’s dance floor-ready “Talk to Me.”
34. Singer Grace combines classic, Adele-style vocals with Rihanna’s bad-girl swagger on the swooning “Feel Your Love.”
35. Hitmaker Ester Dean finally has a smash of her own with the irresistibly catchy “Crazy Youngsters.”
36. “All I Need,” a soaring devotional from über-producer The-Dream.
37. Icona Pop’s shout-sing over a trumpet sample on the feverish “Emergency.”
38. Twenty-three-year-old Hunter Hayes gets nostalgic for the recent past on the summery “21.”
39. Rationale’s lush, unpredictable “Re.Up.”
40. Disclosure’s soulful, house-inspired “Holding On (ft. Gregory Porter).”
41. Romantic uncertainty has never sounded more appealing than on Flor’s “Unsaid.”
42. The dreamy, lo-fi “I Can’t Explain” from West Palm Beach–based rockersSurfer Blood.
43. Rudimental’s subdued drum-and-bass single “Never Let You Go.”
44. Waterbed’s warped, bubblegum-y “Do2Me.”
45. Montreal-based quartet No Joy’s genuinely sad shoe-gazer “Moon in My Mouth.”
46. Fight Like Apes’ arch take on the everyday, “Pop Itch.”
47. Moresounds’ skittering “Dead and Bury (ft. Fracture).”
48. The distorted funk rock of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Ur Life One Night.”
49. “Darker,” a mournful ballad from the electric, genre-defying Shamir.
50. Destroyer’s bombastic, saxophone-heavy “Dream Lover.”
51. Multihyphenate Lane Moore falls head over heels on It Was Romance’s boisterous “Philadelphia.”
52. Norwegian singer-songwriter Jenny Hval’s fragile, incisive “That Battle Is Over.”
53. New Jersey punk rockers Titus Andronicus’ howling comeback single, “Dimed Out.”
54. The Mynabirds’ melancholy synthpop stunner, “Semantics.”
55. Danish singer-songwriter Kwamie Liv’s fiery, slow-burning “Higher.”
56. Indie rockers PHASES’ infectiously upbeat “I’m in Love With My Life.”
57. Patrick Watson’s shimmery, spaced out “Places You Will Go.”
58. R&B godess Lianne La Havas’ gravity-defying love song, “Unstoppable.”
59. Allen Stone’s funky, irresistible “Upside.”
60. Anti-Flag’s riotous “Brandenburg Gate (ft. Tim Armstrong).”
61. The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams wrestles with regret on the plaintive “What a Good Woman Does.”
62. The Weeknd continues to make the most out of his menacing midnight confessions on “The Hills.”
63. Alessia Cara defiant anti-party anthem, “Here.”


so, sunday is my birthday!!! Turning Thirty-si–*ahem* 26…. Yeahhhh….. Lol older musician/music producers/artist guys are hot to girls of legal consent age+ right?. If so I’m turning 36 on January 17th. If not… I’m twenty something lol XD so unless i miraculously put together  megamix 81 by thursday, this is going to be my b-day megamix!  kinda cool miegamix 80, and i was born in 1980!!! :D sooo rad if you feel inclined to gift me go buy something off my bandcamp instead lol ;)


At the beginning and end of every week(mondays and thursdays) i share synth and all bass heavy or brutal music i feel build a dark cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic musical landscape.

a big thanks to those of you making awesome music!! remember support the musicians guys!

also add your neo retro cyberpunk tracks to Synthtropolis!

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Aw ye, my half of an art trade with tumblr buddy @cruxia!   She wanted a little mix of classical sophistication and heavy synth to go along to her character, who prefers the finer things in life… and trading for your soul, standard demon affairs, ya know? And mix in some chip sounds for that old fashioned RPG Boss vibe, and you got dis song.

Please check her art out at and her webcomic at !

Soundcloud won’t change the link url from original title for some reason.  :V

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[INFO] Drip Drop

Taemin’s “Drip Drop” is said to be of future bass genre. It is a new electronic music genre originated from 2006 in the UK. This genre is said to be a mix of garage (another electronic genre), 90s RnB, and ambient/heavy synth music usually with steady bass beats.(Since electronica is vast, it’s hard to identify FBass, but usually it has synth that “drops” a little off beat + heavy focus on bass).

The lyrics are comparing love that seeps into one’s heart to water drops, water dripping-like sound makes the song more absorbing.

Perfrormance video is reported to have been filmed in Vasquez Rocks Park using high-tech drone cameras to capture the breathtaking nature scenes of Los Angeles.

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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: As well-known for their bizarrely teased haircuts as their hit single "I Ran (So Far Away)," A Flock of Seagulls were one of the infamous one-hit wonders of the new wave era. Growing out of the synth-heavy and ruthlessly stylish new romantic movement, A Flock of Seagulls were a little too robotic and arrived a little too late to be true new romantics, but their sleek dance-pop was forever indebted to the short-lived movement. The group benefitted considerably from MTV's heavy rotation of the "I Ran" video in the summer of 1982, but they were unable to capitalize on their sudden success and disappeared nearly as quickly as they rocketed up the charts.