synth hair

@toddhoward was talking about baby synth shaun and i wanted to draw him and his baby bro duncan being cute. this was gonna have another part where duncan still calls him big brother after growing up and being a full head taller than shaun but i got lazy.

Sweet Tooth
Blue Hawaii
Sweet Tooth

#55. Blue Hawaii - Sweet Tooth (3:31)

Wishing you had some new Grimes songs to obsess over? Worn out your copy of Purity Ring’s Shrines? Maybe it’s time to give “Sweet Tooth" a try. Blue Hawaii is the side project for Braids vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston and she has a gift for assembling hair-raising synth-based creep outs. "Sweet Tooth” begins with just a few repeated notes on a keyboard, but eventually the beat begins to match pace with our heartbeat and Raphaelle’s voice is chopped up and cast towards us from quite a few shadowy directions. The end result is a song well suited to soundtrack a long winter’s night. Lucky for us.

Best Moment: From 2:40 to 2:56, when the second half of the song peaks out after a slow build and we’re assaulted with multiple instances of Raphaelle and her demands of love.

The Album [Untogether]: 6/10