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    The pre-war synth sat atop the dead drop box after being told to stay and wait for another agent. They didn’t disclose who it was exactly because he is ‘always changing’ which Luna found hard to understand. She played around with her rifle, checking her surroundings for any sign of.. anyone really. Normally she’d have to clear out the area before she could even get to the drop. She wasn’t even sure what the dead drop was, part of her thought it was her but they surely would have said something, right? 

    She looked around again and almost flinched at the sight of a figure walking. Luna brought her legs up, propping her head up with her hands. If they were dangerous they would have fired a shot right about now. The synth attempted to part hair from her eyes and focus more on the figure approaching, dropping her legs in case it was someone dangerous, swinging her legs almost innocently. He was supposed to be here near the crack of dawn and it was a little over as the morning sun peaked over.

Sweet Tooth
Blue Hawaii
Sweet Tooth

#55. Blue Hawaii - Sweet Tooth (3:31)

Wishing you had some new Grimes songs to obsess over? Worn out your copy of Purity Ring’s Shrines? Maybe it’s time to give “Sweet Tooth" a try. Blue Hawaii is the side project for Braids vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston and she has a gift for assembling hair-raising synth-based creep outs. "Sweet Tooth” begins with just a few repeated notes on a keyboard, but eventually the beat begins to match pace with our heartbeat and Raphaelle’s voice is chopped up and cast towards us from quite a few shadowy directions. The end result is a song well suited to soundtrack a long winter’s night. Lucky for us.

Best Moment: From 2:40 to 2:56, when the second half of the song peaks out after a slow build and we’re assaulted with multiple instances of Raphaelle and her demands of love.

The Album [Untogether]: 6/10