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hey so this is a post with the full playlists (minimum length at 8 songs, largest at 66 (oops)) that i have up right now on spotify and a brief description of each! it’s noted if they should be listened in order, otherwise shuffle is fine

what i like about you - bokuroo; sappy and happy love songs from the 60s-90sish, super upbeat and good for dancing and good vibes regardless

crank it - bokuroo; songs that they’d dance to, starting from club hype songs to grinding songs to sappy, laughing in the kitchen dancing

summer drum - bokuroo; alternative songs about loving and growing up

ride or die - kagehina; listen in order; punchy drums and taking on the world together

the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart - bokuaka; listen in order; alt -> synth pop flow that’s about being made to fill in each other’s gaps

emotionally charged banter - kurotsuki; primarily acoustic songs that kuroo would play on his guitar but general soft listening

playing + getting played - ennofuta; older-influenced garage alternative that’s definitely a soundtrack to a burn-quick teen movie

nohebi - what the name says, a nohebi playlist full of electronic music that’s gritty and perfect for screwing the world over to

jamz - bokuroo; literally a shithole of random meme music i think they’d start losing it over if they heard in public

anonymous asked:

What are you going to do when the Prydwen runs out of toilet roll?

The Prydwen was built to be hygienic and efficient. That’s why every toilet you see is actually a bidet.

We’ve even started recycling captured synths into new low flow models. Every morning I get to literally piss all over the institute.

It’s the little things in life…